Kiddies, Your Mayor Needs You to Snitch on the Mask-Skeptics

Erik Lierenfeld, the mayor of the German town of Dormagen in North Rhine-Westphalia, is asking for help from the children in his municipality: he wants them to rat out anyone who doesn’t think masks are useful or effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. He recorded the following public service announcement to encourage schoolchildren to snitch.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the CoPo Mayor from Politically Incorrect, also translated by Nash:

The Mayor of Dormagen Calls on Students to Denounce “Corona Liars”

Erik Lierenfeld, the mayor of Dormagen (SPD [Socialists]) has published a video in which he talks to the youngest members of his community. They are warned that they may be approached by evil people. They should dial 110 when that happens.

It sounds like it’s about kidnappers or sex offenders who drew attention in the community. But that’s not what this is about. According to Lierenfeld’s view, there are more dangerous things that necessitate dialing the emergency service: people who question the effectiveness of masks.

Lierenfeld: “Hello, dear students. This is your mayor, Erik Lierenfeld, with an important message: Wearing a mask is clever! By doing that you protect yourselves and others. Since there are people you will meet that will say you won’t have to wear it, that’s complete nonsense, so please keep an eye out for people like that, call the police at 1 1 0, call the public order office, 2 5 7 5 5 5, and the public order office will also be on the streets. Don’t let these corona liars and other crazies tell you stories. Please take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remain solidly united.”

Skepticism is not allowed in these lands anymore, opines Lierenfeld. One should listen to the politicians, such as himself, for example, and do what he says. Everything else is — criminal.

There have been two other occasions in the not so distant past that featured these types of sentiments, in Germany. They both led to the point that “criminals” were jailed, harassed, tormented and tortured, and even murdered. Right-wing fascism as well as left-wing fascism. Do people like Lierenfeld not understand this? Criticism is not “evil” or even “criminal”. The right to criticize is not just a right in a democratic state; it is an advantage, a benefit for our political system. Criticism is what makes it possible for wrong decisions to be questioned and even corrected.

For instance on Monday, the labor welfare association (AWO Arbeiterwohlfahrt) published a warning about ineffective masks. Should all students in Dormagen now dial 1 1 0 and the police and sic the rabid public order office on the AWO? Just as Lierenfeld demands of students?

The mayor allegedly received “death threats” for his call to denounce. That shouldn’t happen, not even against freedom-hostile fantasists. If Lierenfeld had any kind of courage, he would present his crude beliefs here on PI-NEWS, and then hang around long enough to engage in discussion. But based on past experience, all those to whom we offer this possibility get cold feet. The ability to deliver valid arguments for their beliefs is obviously not their strong suit.

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello, dear students. This is your mayor, Erik Lierenfeld,
00:03   with an important message: Wearing a mask is clever!
00:06   By doing that you protect yourselves and others.
00:09   Since there are people you will meet that will say you won’t have to
00:12   wear it, that’s complete nonsense, so please keep an eye out
00:15   for people like that, call the police at 1 1 0, call the public order office,
00:18   2 5 7 5 5 5, and the public order office will also be on the streets.
00:21   Don’t let these corona liars and other crazies
00:24   tell you stories. Please take care of yourselves,
00:27   stay healthy and remain solidly united.

12 thoughts on “Kiddies, Your Mayor Needs You to Snitch on the Mask-Skeptics

  1. I’m not so much concerned that such a sleazy rat allegedly received death threats. When one acts like a petty fascist tyrant one shouldn’t be shocked when those whom are put upon respond in the manner of patriots dealing with a Mussolini or a Ceausescu. I would be more concerned if he didn’t receive any death threats to such a provocation. It means there are still real patriots left in Germanistan.

  2. Wait a second, this seems familiar; wasn’t snitching greatly encouraged in the Third Reich as well as the GDR?

  3. It’s the gdr all over again,

    I was visited east Berlin in September 1989, with my Australian friend from Sydney,
    We met up at check point Charlie, then showed our I’d, got some East German marks, and a Day pass stamp, to go into east Berlin.

    We had strange but cool time, so many people bought us beers, we were a novelty,
    We had to be back by midnight to Cross back to West Berlin,

    My Aussie mate had met gorgeous German frauline, had fallen in love, but had to kiss her goodbye at checkpoint Charlie, heart broken.

    A few weeks later the protests started, people opened up the Berlin Wall.
    In November of that year 1989, i drove from England up to Finland, on the way I remember passing old lady cars on the German autobahn s, East Germans fleeing into the west, for freedom from the tyranny of communism.

    But soon they probably found out the grass is not really greener in the next field.

    This was in 1989; I was 29, now I just turned 61, I cannot believe how quickly this time has past, and realise that this life we have, looks very short.

    Today now, I cannot believe what I’m seeing, and after just 31 years, after the Berlin Wall was smashed open, and Germany also later became reunited, for what looked like then was going to be a new start, a fresh chapter, of freedom from tyrants, and totalitarian, a new fresh better Europe, free from communism,, we are back! Gone full circle!

    Now I sit here in Portugal, old, fragile, on a mountain, watching what’s unfolded all around, I look at klaus Schwab, from ravensburg, where I also spent lot time,
    Schwab, born in hitlers Germany, I wonder, he looks like someone who from the stasi era,
    This man looks like a clown, he’s spouting the same rhetoric as all other aspiring dictator tyrants, and proposing the same murderous propositions, but wrapped up in different packaging, “the great reset” build back better!

    This man Schwab appears to be the frontman for the shadowy gang of billionaire preachers of one world AI globalism, a Nazi police state, where you cannot sh** without a licence, or travel anymore without a digital nano chip nano bot passport.
    A world where u can’t buy a coffee, with the approval of a faceless banker or AI robot.

    It seems to me, that the new younger generations from past 20 years, know o about the past, nothing about the story of the Berlin Wall I told here,
    Nothing about ww2, nothing about thalidomide, and other vaccine tragedies, these young generations, have been indoctrinated in schools by communist left wing extremists,
    With the poison of cultural Marxism, and lies of equality, and poisoned with anti white man racist ideology’s like feminism.

    Like in 1989, I prey that the majority of people are awake now, or awakening, and like in Berlin in September 1989, when I was there, that in a few days or weeks I will awaken and see cars and people freely out and about without the oppression of masks and lockdowns,
    And the tyrants who have pulled and enforced this genocide mass murder upon us,
    Running for their lives from the mob that is surely going to go after them.

    There should be no trials for the instigators of this scam hoax virus pandemic,
    There are enough lamp posts in our city’s to handle the logistics of what must be done.

    I prey the day will come soon.

  4. If this thing stands, someone will have to send him a Pavlik Morozov medal to award to whoever does rat out his or her parents.

  5. Any snitching regime collaborators can always be punished by free citizens. Collaborators’ names can be circulated on online bulletin boards, or any of numerous creative means of dissemination.

      • Sooner or later the hammer falls, and when it does, those politicians will face the angry crowd or flee in terror, only to find there is no place to flee too any longer. Then they find themselves and their families put in rooms where there is someone waiting with a loaded pistol to do what must be done.

        • Fully agree! I hope trump brings now in marshal law, brings us army to take control and make new controlled election us8ngbthe us military.

          It has to be prey god, if these communists get power, by fraud, it be civil war anyway.

          Trump must enact now the sedition law, and bring in us military to for a re run of the election!

          Then we got deal with the eussr commies, merkel, uk traitors
          , they need to be put in the room, with the loaded pistol.

          I think of romania in December 1989, ceacescu, the mob outside his palace,

          These commies who attempting this totalitarian takeover again of the human rAce, i wAnt them off of this planet, all of them ASAP!

  6. Meanwhile back in the UK Preti Patel seems still rooted in the unpopular old East African colonial Indian middle class. “Britons snitch on your neighbour if you see any rule breaking.”

  7. Multicult is turning out to be a still born monster as far as freedom and democracy goes. Pure unadulterated racism and dim dumb might be a better description.

  8. A European para military resistance,

    like the French resistance is urgently
    needed in Europe,
    To gather info, and locate and take care of the political, and Marxist bureaucrats traitors destroying us, and replacing us.

    In ww2 French resistance, did lot good jobs, put fear into the traitors.

    Those bastards in eussr like verhofstadt, need to to have real fear running throughout their veins, as the mob gets louder, and gets closer to them.

    All we have to is [redacted]

    The days Is drawing near I feel it, to pay back these communist tyrants.

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