Have Yourself a Very SAFE Christmas

Merry Socially Distanced Christmas!

All citizens are strongly advised to keep themselves safe by following approved COVID-19 preventive practices as recommended by the CDC:

  • Greet your guests at a distance using a hand salute. Avoid all personal contact.
  • Sit at least six feet apart from each other when opening presents around the tree.
  • Sanitize each gift and its packaging, and wear gloves and a face mask when opening it.
  • No candy or other treats should be passed back and forth — each stocking item should be individually packaged in a sterilized, sealed container, to be consumed only by the intended recipient.
  • Wear your masks between sips of eggnog.
  • Christmas carols may be played using Spotify, but should not be sung, hummed, or whistled by participants.

You may enjoy recordings of some of your favorite traditional seasonal music:

  • I’ll be Locked Down For Christmas
  • I Saw Mommy Fist-Bumping Santa Claus
  • While Shepherds Washed Their Hands by Night
  • Deck the Halls With Plexiglas Barriers
  • Police Drones We Have Heard on High
  • Fauci the Snowman

…and many others.

Or, if you want to listen to some real Christmas music…

…Here’s the opening chorus (“Jauchzet, frohlocket”) of the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach, as performed by the Amsterdam Baroque Choir and Orchestra and conducted by the immortal Ton Koopman (who is also a virtuoso organist; I have a boxed set of his complete organ works of J.S. Bach):

Bach’s music is a window into the parlors of heaven. It reminds us that all the conflict, suffering, strife, and slaughter of this world are but ephemera. It focuses our minds on the eternal.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Very SAFE Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Ned, and thank you for Gates of Vienna.
    I agree, by the way, about Bach. This music has a way of clearing the mind and relaxing the muscles of the head and shoulders.

  2. My favorite: “I Saw Mommy Fist-Bumping Santa Claus”

    To hell with Fauci, the CDC, and gruesome Newsome; I drove 360 miles on Christmas Eve to spend the time with my 89 YO mom.

    There’s enough food in this house to feed and army and I’ve already started on the latest edition of mom’s Honey Do list. Home Depot tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas everyone! And good riddance to 2020 – though things will be just as weird on January 1 symbolically it will still feel good.

  3. As always…clever, witty and true.
    Merry Christmas all.
    Thanks GoV for tireless work for freedom.
    from the land of O

  4. I have the “One Year Book of Hymns” and today’s hymn is Isaac Watt’s “Joy to the World.”
    Joy to the world! The Lord is come;
    Let earth receive her King;
    Let ev’ry heart prepare Him room,
    and heaven and nature sing
    and heaven and nature sing,
    and heav’n, and heav’n and nature sing!

    God bless us, one and all!

  5. SAFE: Sanitized, Antiseptic, Feral, Exogenic
    WHO would want such a Christmas,
    but I don’t know if the residents of Whoville would.

  6. Merry Christmas Baron, and thanks for all your amazing work during the year.

    Like many of us I am praying for a miracle and Divine Intervention in the hope that President Trump will be inaugurated again on January 20th.

    The next few weeks will be crucial for Western Civilization or what’s left of it.

    God is good.

  7. A very merry Christmas to you, Ned, and a happy New Year. Thank you for your tireless efforts. You are a warrior !

  8. Wonderful! Some academic wrote a book called “Bach and the Dance of God”; haven’t read it, but here’s a perfect illustration.

    We Brits are supposed to prefer our own adopted Geman, Handel, but even “Messiah” ain’t (quite) in the same class.

  9. Merry Christmas. Lockdowns do work especially on an island but very painful. History will decide what the best strategy was. Australia is ok as China,the wuhan virus maker, is pump priming it’s economy and buying iron ore like there is no tomorrow and despite their spiteful trade blocks on coal they are having to pay through the nose for that through other sources. Will they shoot themselves in the foot? Let’s hope so.

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