Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner: “You Are Leading Our Country Into Ruin!”

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a former member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) as well as a hematologist and oncologist. He currently serves in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament (Landtag), which is where this video was recorded. In his remarks Dr. Fiechtner calls out the German government for its relentless propagandizing about the Wuhan Coronavirus, not only through exaggeration and overstatement, but also by out-and-out lying.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Madame President, ladies and gentlemen: yesterday evening at 10pm, prime-time TV,
00:06   on the Anne Will talk show, there was an illustrious group discussion about the coming lockdown,
00:12   which included Professor Dr. Uwe Janssens, President of the German Interdisciplinary
00:17   Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. He made an emotional and lengthy plea
00:23   about the importance these grave and drastic measures being implemented
00:29   upon the German population. He explained how the ICU stations were being overwhelmed and
00:34   overflowing with patients, causing a situation that was barely manageable.
00:39   Around 10:13pm I called his hospital’s ICU and requested to speak with the chief physician
00:47   on duty, with whom I spoke. I asked him, “How many COVID patients have been admitted to your
00:52   Intensive Care Unit?” This ICU has 19 beds, and as of yesterday
00:58   there WASN’T A SINGLE PATIENT!
01:02   With such half-truths and complete lies, the wool is being pulled over our eyes.
01:09   These propagandists that are invited on these shows for the sole purpose
01:14   of creating panic and fear among the population.
01:18   And then there’s the whole “infection” narrative and the test. This test isn’t even capable
01:23   of making the distinction between an active virus and an inactive virus.
01:26   Just as the Senate in Berlin had to admit.
01:29   Regardless, it is being registered as an infection.
01:33   So if a patient tests positive three times in one week,
01:37   this increases the statistic of infection by exactly three.
01:42   This test that is absolutely incapable of diagnosis is being used to implement drastic measures.
01:48   And now the vaccine is coming. What nonsense. I’ve said it before: it’s a killer vaccine.
01:53   It’s a pharmaceutical product for which there isn’t even a toxicology report.
01:57   It’s just going to be given to people.
02:00   There’s a possibility that it may cause infertility in women, severe allergic reactions,
02:06   and you want to inflict this unreasonable imposition upon citizens. That’s right, and you will,
02:11   because you made them afraid beforehand.
02:15   You are putting the lives of citizens at risk. You putting existences at risk.
02:20   You are destroying an entire country. You are leading people into suffering,
02:25   panic, ruin and death!
02:28   At this point, at this point, no, you can’t even justify these measures, the masks,
02:36   social distancing, quarantine, and the lockdowns.
02:40   Following an enquiry, the answer I received was, “A review of non-pharmacological measures
02:46   has not been documented. Accordingly, there are no administrative procedures or files
02:53   pertaining to such results in existence.” The absolute capitulation! What nerve!
02:59   You demand people endure quarantine, but can’t even give evidence why they should!
03:05   You are leading our country into ruin! At this point, it is high time… Yes, please. —[?]
03:12   Do you have a question? At this point, it is high time… —Dr. Fiechtner, it’s high time.
03:19   At this point, it is high time, in light of the fact that it is no longer possible for citizens
03:25   to exercise their rights, the civic duty for citizens to obey the rule of law is now broken.
03:33   In Article 20 paragraph 4 [German constitution] citizens have the right of resistance
03:38   in defense against an illegally exercised state power… —Dr. Fiechtner, it is high time
03:43   that you stop because your speaking time expired a long time ago.
03:47   A legislative branch which acts accordingly is needed.

11 thoughts on “Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner: “You Are Leading Our Country Into Ruin!”

    • Well yes, but with an estimated fifty million deaths worldwide, a quarter of a million here in the UK, so nearly four times our coronavirus deaths, even after a century of advances in medical science.

  1. It’s always been BS, but I have lately begun to suspect that a more radical agenda is in play with this vaccine. Leftists have been howling for population reduction for the past 30 years, at least, but they can’t wipe out millions or billions of people without becoming the villains of the world. So here we are.

    Covid is just a coronavirus, of which there are tens of thousands. Together, they are all mRNA viruses, which are virtually impossible to inoculate against. So how does this covid vaccine work, then? Well, it convinces your cells to produce a protein that looks like the proteins on the outside of a coronavirus shell. Your immune system will interpret these as “misfolded proteins” or simply viruses, and attack them.

    The risk is that your body may continue to produce these misfolded proteins long-term, which will prompt a persistent immune response. This is called an autoimmune disorder, and it can easily kill you. Multiple sclerosis is probably the best-known autoimmune disorder, but there are many variations of it out there, many of which can kill or at least make your life crappy. Quite a few (including MS) can also render you sterile.

    So that’s my thinking here. If the communists can convince the world to take this vaccine, they can spark enough autoimmune reactions to wipe out millions, possibly billions, of excess humans. We could speculate further about the political ramifications of all this, but you don’t need me for that. Just know that this vaccine is a very bad idea and it is going to hurt or kill more people than that BS virus ever did. Avoid it if you can, especially if you’re young and thinking of starting a family some day.

    • I agree with you. The same folks rushing in to get the vaccine may be the first to kick the bucket. Decisions made in fear may not be one of the best decisions you ever made.

  2. Now they are, spreading more fear, they claiming there’s a new virus strain, and it starts all over again!

    They are again increasing more more more,

    We must overthrow immediately all of theese communist goverments in eussr and USA, Brazil, Australia, nz,

    We are doomed, if this is not stopped now!

    Everyone fight back, refuse to obey. Get armed as well

  3. Merkel&CO, Soros, Gates and whole mafia in EU. It’s crime against humanity, so disgrace, makes me physically sick in my stomach, this traitors destroyed Germany and Europe in the same time …

  4. And now they working on the different project : they are already bring ISIS brides to Germany either kids !! How good is that !! “ humanitarian reason “ it’s just unbelievable what is happening over there , they doing whatever they like, people don’t have voice anymore,, it’s getting very very dangerous, thanks Merkel&CO, You did good job ..

  5. 恭喜习近平同志!你的全球政变非常成功了!希望此全球政变呛司你。
    Congratulations Xi Jinping! Your worldwide coup has succeeded! May you choke on it.


  6. And so it goes on and on and round and round. Lust for power and greed for money. This utter contempt for liberty, freedom and the rights of humanity has been a part of our history for thousands of years. We’ve been dancing this dance for a long time. The only thing that changes is the lead dancers. Only they now insist, not only that you dance, but that you dance exactly as they demand, with no thought for the consequences for you or any other hapless human being. This is monstrously evil. They are monsters. I’ve decided to call them the “Inhumanatti “, creatures without a conscience.

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