Down and Out in Cologne and Mainz

Life is tough for homeless people in Modern Multicultural Germany. Below are two articles from PolitikStube about tragic incidents involving homeless Germans.

Hellequin GB, who translated both articles, includes this note:

Billions upon billions have been spent on “Refugees Welcome”, but not even the proverbial drop of water on a hot-plate for homeless natives. This is another stark reality of Multicultural Merkelstan.

Article #1:

Cologne: Fire attack on the homeless

Another homeless man has apparently been set on fire. As Der Spiegel reported, a homeless man in Cologne had to be admitted to a clinic with life-threatening burn injuries. The police assume a crime.

One can only shake one’s head at so much cruelty. How can it be explained that people set fire to others? Social brutalization? How can it be explained that in a country like Germany an estimated 678,000 people have to live on the streets?

Uwe Witt, chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Labor and Social Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag: “For the homeless, the corona crisis is developing into a catastrophic threat to life and limb. General protective measures such as a safe distance and the obvious hand-washing cannot be implemented on the street. Many emergency shelters are already closed or are working on the lowest possible flame. And what do the authorities think of? Homeless people are fined for violating hygiene regulations.

“What is needed is an immediate emergency program — as has long been required by the AfD, which gets the homeless off the street. If you have a roof over your head, you won’t be set on fire. Unfortunately, it is not even definite that Minister Hubertus Heil’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will take care of the situation of the homeless in the near future.

“In any case, the attack in Cologne could probably have been prevented if the government had followed the demands of the AfD parliamentary group.”

Article #2:

Mainz: 72 year old Homeless Woman frozen to Death inside her Tent.

The icy cold not only triggers diseases, it can also kill every now and then, especially when people are exposed to it without protection. Now a homeless person has been found dead in a tent in Mainz, the 72-year-old has frozen to death. reports:

A homeless woman froze to death in a tent in Mainz. A spokesman for the police announced on Monday that the autopsy of the body revealed that there is no evidence of violence or a crime.

According to the police, a passer-by discovered the woman in a tent in a park on Friday morning and notified officers. Rescue workers could only determine the death of the homeless woman. The police could not say how long the woman had been camping in the park. As the SWR reports, the dead woman was a 72-year-old. Homeless Dr. Gerhard Trabert from the association “Armut und Gesundheit” [Poverty and Health] is said to have helped with the identification. He had known the elderly lady for a long time.

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  1. They keep pushing the natives further right by the day by every atrocity committed against them by the vermin of the 3rd world with the encouragement of the Marxist left. Yeah, this is going to end really well. LOL

    So my European friends, are you armed up yet? Because if you are not, you are going to get slaughtered like the sheep you have become, instead of the Wolf you should have prepared to be.

    • The more savagery the less resistance. A Paki nuke should get the show on the road. To watch the arrogant Muslim mites infest and inflict at will is truly terrifying – for some.

    • Planning and preparation is the key to success. These savages are very emotional and of course living a lie.

    • To a determined man anything can be made into a weapon. Once our minds are armed we’ll be on the way to freedom.

    • but I don’t trust anything the United Nations stand for. furthermore, i am sick and tired of the constant whine about the poor starving Africans when we in America we have starving White people in the Appalachian Mountains. Even the US government forgets about the Appalachians. And they are dirt poor, It is the one charity I personally support.

  2. This doesn’t neccessarily have to with migrants. We had cases like that in Czechia too, done by bored youths.

  3. The economist is another toilet rag lieing outfit!

    Right now there’s millions starving across Europe USA, can’t pay bills, can’t get medical treatment, no food, savings depleted,

    This is not even mentioned or covered in MSM!

    Yet these invaders are being given everything why we starve and will die!

    Its time to rise up, people, or we’re all dead here.

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