Coronavirus Research Bears Fruit

Researchers in Italy performed a PCR test for COVID-19 on a kiwi fruit. Can you guess what the result was?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   We take the swab… —Sealed… —Sealed.
00:11   Without touching any surface we pass along the fruit in this manner,
00:16   as if it were a nose, right? Five or six times in rotation.
00:24   We dip it deep into the test tube.
00:29   We rotate it five to six times.
00:36   We pull it out… like this.
00:44   We close the test tube. We shake …
00:49   We wait…about one minute
00:55   and in the meantime, we prepare the strip.
01:04   This is the test strip. Written on it is, “Covid 2”, “SARS Covid 2”.
01:08   [unintelligible] we place…
01:19   We will stick a label on these tests.
01:23   We will write, “Test #1” on it.
01:32   “Kiwi”. Now the one minute has already passed.
01:43   We put three drops…
01:53   If you can come closer.
01:56   This is the kiwi… positive.
02:01   Kiwi has come out positive? Yes?
02:04   This shows the kiwi tested positive. —Insane!
02:08   You see very well, the second… you see very well, the second strip.
02:12   [unintelligible] in the first reading, came out positive.

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus Research Bears Fruit

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  2. Diese Tagtreumer völlig unberührt, was da draussen wirklich los ist es ist denen Egal, ob der PCR-Test Richtige Werte angibt oder nicht, es ist egal das auf grund einer Lüge Gesetze durgewunken wurde und jetzt geht das Demo Recht auch unter den Messer, das Letzte lied wurde bereits gesungen….da bleibt nicht mehr viel. Aber solange der “Bürge” die Zeitung auf den Locus lesen darf wird Biden ins Weisse Haus abgeseielt.
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    [This is an English-language blog. In future, please comment in English, or provide a translation. –BB

    Machine translation:

    These daydreamers completely unaffected, what is really going on out there, it doesn’t matter whether the PCR test gives correct values or not, it doesn’t matter that laws were waved because of a lie and now the demo right goes under the knife, that The last song has already been sung … there is not much left. But as long as the “guarantor” is allowed to read the newspaper on the Locus, Biden will be thrown into the White House.
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  3. Elon Musk took four tests, same nurse, same room everything, two came back negative and two came back positive. With all the other fruit and beverages coming back positive, can we assume that maybe a human who ends with a positive result might have ingested a kiwi, or drank Coca Cola, before the test? Is it possible that certain foods who already test positive, when they are ingested before a test, that they might leave lingering positive traces on the mucous membranes, or whatever it’s called that they take samples of?

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