Coronamadness in Bavaria and Carinthia

Hellequin GB has translated two articles from PolitikStube concerning the absurd measures imposed in Germany and Austria to enforce COVID-19 restrictions.

The first piece is from Bavaria. It refers to Markus Söder, the Minister President of Bavaria for the CSU, which is the Bavarian sister party of Angela Merkel’s CDU:

In Söder’s Fiefdom of Bavaria: 62-year-old drove grandchildren home too late — €500 fine

In Söder’s Fiefdom of Bavaria, the virus is particularly insidious in the evenings and at night, so King Markus the First is pulling on the reins more and more and has ordered his subjects to observe a curfew from 9pm to 5am to reduce the risk of infection. Serfs who refuse to obey and ignore the strict orders of the regent are threatened with heavy fines — i.e. rip-offs.

Such a fine will arrive at the home of the 62-year old soon; the grandfather did not simply disobey [Söder’s orders], but also dared to drive his grandchildren home. An attentive police patrol stopped the car, the citizens in uniform showed no mercy and sentenced the grandfather to a fine of €500.

Epoch Times:

The way to the Freising hinterland costs a 62-year-old grandfather dearly. On Tuesday evening [December 22] he wanted to drive his grandchildren home around 11pm — to the annoyance of the police. They complained about a violation of the Bavarian Infection Measure Ordinance. The driver must pay a fine of €500 for not complying with the curfew. The officers did not see an exceptional situation here.

The second article describes COVID lunacies in Carinthia, a state in southern Austria in the Eastern Alps:

Austria: Now there is even a Corona punishment for living together with your partner

No joke: some citizens are currently punished by hefty fines. Their crime: They live with a corona-positive partner!

As ORF reports, several Kärntner [Carinthians] received post from regional authorities. According to the report, it states that they have violated the ban on contact and are now to pay a fine of €300 or go into detention for six days.

Those affected are now flabbergasted for several reasons. They have been living together at their main residence for years and apparently were not even checked for violations. In addition, the authorities are likely to have gotten wind of the life partners of the Corona positives via contact tracing.

And last but not least, the penalties are apparently issued for a time when the partners have not even tested positive for the coronavirus.

7 thoughts on “Coronamadness in Bavaria and Carinthia

  1. The officers involved in enforcing this evil need to be doxxed. The officials responsible for creating these laws should have even worse happen to them and their families.

    Austrians and Bavarians have only themselves to blame if they allow this madness to go unopposed and unpunished.

  2. Terminal Madness brought on by the Marxist materialism.
    Dreams of utopia will be crushed by the iron fist as the mommygov velvet glove falls to the floor.
    The day of great Wrath is coming, and who shall be able to stand.

  3. Completely daft but very seriously concerning. The late President of the USA Dwight Eisenhower stated in his farewell address in 1961- ‘Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.’ Sound familiar?
    The irony of all that has happened here in the UK and nodoubt elsewhere this year is that, in our apparent attempt to eliminate risk, we have given up our lives. That is, we have placed apparent safety so high up on the list of priorities that it has become a god, governing how we are to live, breathe and have our being, and it so dominates our everyday lives that it makes normal life impossible, sucking out joy, meaning and purpose. Sadly it is not that the state is powerful, the problem is that the people are weak. They would rather have lollipops and fancy pants than freedom.. and, very soon, the state will tell them they must give up the lollipops and fancy pants, too.

  4. I think there are simply too many dolts running loose nowadays. Mankind has had it too good and for too long, so now we’ve got a surplus of milquetoast man-children. When things get that bad, nature must run her course and thin the herd. Globalist communism has infected the west too severely, I’m afraid. If the people are too sick with it to fight back, then their countries are already lost.

  5. While law-abiding citizens of European countries are categorically harassed by the government and its henchmen for “not complying” to irrational, illegitimate and counter-productive “corona” measures, barbarians from the desert and the Sub-Saharan forests, who may be carrying really dangerous diseases like ebola and tuberculosis, still can roam free in Europe and enter our continent without being medically checked or even required to show a passport. The most shocking of all is that most people in Europe seem aware of this grave injustice, but very few dare to speak up, let alone stand up against this. Most people also seem to interpret it as “errors” committed by well-meaning rulers, while in reality it’s part of an evil plan by the elite circles who run the world and who are planning the NWO, and the governments are nothing else but their slaves or partners in crime.
    Especially Germany and Austria are in a hard lockdown now, and one doesn’t need much fantasy to think that these lockdowns are installed by these evil governments, because these countries currently form the centre of resistance in Europe, led by the Querdenker (lateral thinkers or thinkers outside the box). Every one should support the Querdenker in their fight for restoring everyones liberty and dignity.
    With only a small percentage of the population being aware and willing to stand up, we’re not going to be able to initiate the change that’s needed, and even run the risk of endangering ourselves during demonstrations.
    Hundreds of millions should rise simultaneously worldwide against this. That’s our only chance, and we need to act now. Time is running out for all of Mankind.

  6. “The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law.
    It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison.
    They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.”

    >Barbara Marciniak<

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