Bringing It All Back Home

The German government has chartered a private jet to fly German refugees home from Syria. And these are no ordinary refugees: the returnees are ISIS brides and their offspring. And some of them are actual Germans — converts to Islam, i.e. Islamic State groupies — and not just “Germans”. Check out the names.

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Secret operation by private jet: government takes ISIS prisoners back from northern Syria

For the first time, this weekend the federal government is bringing captured German ISIS members from northern Syria back to Germany.

The Federal Foreign Office chartered a plane for the long-planned return transport of three women and their children as well as several orphans from Kurdish camps. According to information from BILD, the three adults are Leonora M. (21) from Sangerhausen, Merve A. (24) from Hamburg and Yasmin A. from Bonn.

The federal government had previously refused to repatriate captured Germans with reference to the political situation in Syria, having only repatriated three orphans and one seriously ill toddler in the summer of 2019. A few weeks later, through American mediation, a German citizen and her children were handed over to the Foreign Office and brought back.

The current repatriation was actively pursued by the federal government and had been planned for a long time, but had been delayed due to the Corona pandemic and negotiations with the Kurdish side. According to information from BILD, there are still around seventy adult Germans in Kurdish captivity, plus 150 children of German parents.

Almost two dozen Germans have fled captivity in northern Syria since last year, and ten of them returned to Germany.

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23 thoughts on “Bringing It All Back Home

  1. If the decision makers tasked with bringing this about had an actual conscience, they would feel the pain of the hypocrisy that it’s the culture of lies on our own soil which has given cause to the terrible misguidance of these people. Stupid as they are, what makes us think they are an exception? It takes an equally stupid environment to send them on such a path without an inkling of the dangers ahead. This is not the same as the type of adventurer that embarks on a risky journey with intent and awareness. This period of cultural obfuscation is far from over and a lot more bad things will happen. Yeah, we have to bring them home. And this adds risk if they’re allowed to roam free again. However, we the knowing have an advantage. We can take precautions against the madness surrounding us and shift probabilities a little bit in our favour. There is a chance if one of them turns out a lose cannon, it hits the superspreaders of stupidity more than innocents. That collateral damage is always tremendous and tragic is a fact of life.

    • Truthfully, I have no idea what you’re saying. Are you for repatriating the German ISIS members or not? Are you saying the Germans have a responsibility for the stupidity of the ISIS fighters because the Germans somehow allowed a toxic environment? Who knows? I don’t see any reason why these people should be readmitted. They submitted themselves, against German law, to the jurisdiction of a radical Islamic state. Now, let them enjoy the results of their loyalty.

  2. Notice that the circle on this ISIS flag bears the slogan “alll Jews Dog”. It is a sign of the providence of Allah (peace of Muhammad be upon him) that a right-to-left Arabic-language slogan has such an appropriate left-to-right English-language counterpart.

    • the only thing i notice about arabic writing is that it always appears to be written by a runny bowel movement.

  3. Suicidal and don’t the Muslims know it. If only they can somehow hang in there the west will be their slaughter-
    house. The feminists “sharia”
    has already softened up the enemy. The fools who believe nations are no more and that Muslims have a religion of peace. Ignorance is not bliss. Yes I know. “Veteran Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed that the state pay money to pregnant women to prevent them having abortions, an idea which he claims could solve the country’s demograph-
    if crisis.” Unfortunately it may take something more natural.

  4. The west has nuclear weapons. The savages have the demographic time bomb. Multi screwing lower leverage versus Muslim completely open seasoning.

  5. I am against it.
    They are infected (I like that line from the book Caliphate!).

    We should bring them to an empty island, give them some food and guns with one bullet.
    But they should never been allowed to return to Europe.

    • What a waste of a perfectly good island. And guns. And food. The bullets, not so much.

      • Alex did not think of Hawaii, rather more of Spitzbergen or the french owned Kerguelen in the middle of the antarctic ocean. And there are more islands….

  6. Universal egalitarianism. The comrades of the Frankfurt School are amazed at the success of their burn Western Civilization down by any means necessary crusade.
    Who knows why the descendants of the builders of civilization would commit suicide.
    So that they won’t be called racist? Fear of mommgov’s double digit IQ enforcers?
    Dumbed down by the synthetic Frankenfood diet?
    Stuck on the wheel of materialism and too selfish and distracted to care?
    Deluded by comfort and entertainment?

    • So true. A bunch of numb skulls looking good. Brainwashed and breathing the poisoned Muslim air. In Ireland the Sharia petroleum stench is everywhere. Consumers
      fake world easy and cheap. The west is fast
      asleep. On drugs apparently.

      • So why aren’t you and a few of the lads doing something about it? You Irish were very keen on throwing the damn Brits out but won’t do a damn thing against the 3rd world invasion taking place? Where is the IRA? Where are the Irish Nationalist? Me thinks that swamp water you Micks call whiskey has preserved your brain housing group to do nothing? You might try some good Bourbon to wake you up instead.

        • Agreed. However this time round compared to the neighbouring island the Micks are at this time very underwhel-med. As an American I imagine an ever increasing number of the Irish are planning and moving in the directions you mention. The UK may be stretched right now. There are however many other ways the UK and Ireland can unite.

          • I noticed that 3rd worlders don’t settle in Northern Ireland, for both the Catholics and Prods deal with them in the language they always understand, respect and fear. They seem to disappear all the time.

  7. Excellent! Keep letting these savages of destruction in to wreak havoc and bloodshed, the sooner they kick in the tribal response in the natives, the sooner we can wipe out this plague and pestilence and those that have wrought this upon us! The looks on these commie traitors faces are going to give as they are dragged out of their homes really does give me the warm and fuzzies. Let it rain!

  8. Imagine Jewish people flying off to repatriate lowlife criminal vermin to a more comfortable lifestyle. Where they can enjoy hero worship by young and old Muslims alike. Or if they prefer just go out with a bang in some peaceful Israeli place of true peace and worship? Are too many of our so called elite cavorting with every prostitution imaginable. Devil worship in the Allah Gaydarlands. I guess time will soon tell. Right now the stench is close to overwhelming. Stand up straight. Stop grovelling. Our children need a free country and not a long and spineless road to persecuted minorityhood. No wait….

      • Only the superwealthy ones do that, and only to the rest of the civilized world. You would never catch Soros bringing in hordes of feral orcs and releasing them on the grounds of his manicured palaces.

        • a propos Soros hordes: we all have heard about Davos and Bilderberg gatherings.
          As of yesterday I have to add the Sun Valley Conference.Check it out! No politicians involved, just ordinary billionaires whose names are often unknown to the public.
          Will they release documents, say ” the protocols of the elders of Sun Valley”?
          And yes , Soros joined the party.

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