All in the Family

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

SPD politicians for more family reunification

Oh boy, oh boy: At any cost they want to repeat all the mistakes made in the past when it comes to migration. It is unbelievable!

The Turkish sociologist Necla Kelek has been warning for years that family reunification from patriarchal organized Islamic societies does not strengthen integration, but rather prevents it. Ultimately, that is what ensures that the strict corset of one’s own community is maintained in Germany and that parallel structures are set up or expanded.

The best example of this is the Kurdish Mhallami clans (often referred to as the Arab/Lebanese clans). They are by no means just called Abou-Chaker, Al-Zein and Miri. There are now 100 of these family clans in Lower Saxony alone. The numbers are similar in other federal states.

When parties like the SPD and the Green Left demand an expansion of family reunification, it is a frontal attack on our social, free basic order. Do you want it to look like the banlieues in France? Like in the migrant ghettos in Sweden?

How can one choose such naïve failures who ruin this country with their ignorance and ideological trimmings?

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  1. Because I venture to repeat:

    1. currently, small and medium business is being destroyed worldwide but Bezos has hired 500,000 new employees this year. To my knowledge, there are no delegates from small and medium non-virtual ie face to face, business in any Covid government advisory body.

    2. like EU Whites, patriarchal Muslims are consumers but with a much younger age profile and much higher birthrate, so they are future online customers of Bezos, Page, Brin, Dorsey, etc. They are the future of big transnational banks as mortgagees and consumer loan debtors and tenants, and of transnational retailers as consumers of e.g. baby articles and white goods. Increase in gross GDP favours big business, increase in per capita GDP does not. Hence open all borders.

    3. It is useful for Western aggression against Russia and China (compare the media hatred of Putin in 2020 to the adulation of the Russian traitor Yeltsin in the 90s) to breed up future Islamic soldiers in Germany or Sweden who in a few years can be told to liberate their allegedly suffering co-religionists among the Muslim Chechens or the Uighurs. Whereas nothing born as a white German is ever going to render the supreme sacrifice for Luther, Bach or Goethe, assuming he/she/they/it (choose your pronoun) knows who they were.

    4. Patriarchal Muslims, trending to be failures in the West, will vote for Gimmedat parties, of which the “Left” is the plausible variant (the Left does not realise that the ethnic Turk political parties in e.g. Vienna and Belgium are a taste of what is to come.) So the “Left” wants more country-invaders.

    • The Western European’s seem so confused and mixed up and maxed out.
      I mean seriously. P Patel Ho Sec from Idi Ami’s Africa and Mr Posh Anglo Turkey stew. The once-powerful free country that has made itself weak. Some very sick financials going on here. Hiding money from taxpayers local and overseas.

  2. 20 per applicant is the AVERAGE number of “family reunification” applied for in Ireland.

    • Big business. Will grow and grow. Now the pandemic is in process of
      changing everything there will be a lot less local desertion via super spreader streams. Is there a chance that the mental illness that should be called something more akin to “Muslim express replacement” will be under review. Brain cells and fingers crossed. Crucifixion by other means.

  3. German government is full of naive idiots , with out of touch of reality, !! They never integrate, they just want the money, not working from hard working Germans , they already bring them in millions, and nothing is good happening with this 7th. Century people, stop this immediately!! Doesn’t work, help them in the own countries, send them back ..

    • I am not sure that us naivete. More likely, it is malice. The leaders in many countries are seeking to destroy nationalism. This will pave the way for one world government.

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