The State-Sponsored Torture of Our Children

The following article describes a protest by school students in Germany against the collective madness that has supplanted any vestige of rationality in the measures taken to mitigate the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Freezing and starving students, mask terror: Entire high school goes on Corona strike

At last, there are student demos in Germany that have a specific and very immediate purpose and are absolutely justified, in contrast to ideological climate FFF [Fridays for Future] or “anti-racism” BLM protests: In Bremerhaven, a large part of the high school students went on strike, because of the insane decrees bordering on child abuse that force them to be taught at 0° [32°F] with open windows.

The youth rebelled. With this clientele of demonstrators, even die-hard Coronazis and agitators of the left-green mainstream press will now find it difficult to lump all of them into the camp of conspiracy theorists, “covidiots”, right-wing extremists or Querdenker [lateral thinkers] — because this is where the very immediate victims of this collective psychosis demonstrate.

“We are cold, hungry and have a headache,” the students chant.

709 high school students from the Carl von Ossietzky school center in Bremerhaven went on a Corona strike. The students are furious, and complain that many children and adolescents are now depressed. In the classroom they freeze as a result of the ventilation, many get sick (and can then be suspected of being potential Corona cases), and almost nobody can still write by hand because of stiff fingers. Concentrating on the subject matter is practically impossible.

As Bild reports, the headmaster has bought his students 30 blankets out of pity, which he gives to those that suffer heavily from the cold. He, too, says resignedly: “The conditions are unbearable.”

People who wear glasses with masks constantly fog up their glasses; many students complain of headaches from wearing masks for long periods of time, and they feel tired and dull.

Child abuse and lunatic measures

In addition, the cafeteria is closed to high school students, which means that at lunchtime and in the free hours, many students huddle together in the nearby supermarket, accompanied by the risk of infection.

Also at the bus stops and in the school buses there can be no question of keeping your “social distance” — the Bremerhaven school center is visited by 4,000 pupils every day, according to Bild.

These symptoms of the lockdown in schools, which the demonstrators put forward on banners and in angry slogans and which the student council also carried to the local press, are the same everywhere in Germany, even if the Bremerhaven residents are still the exception with their resistance. Elsewhere, the level of suffering is either not high enough, or the authoritarian pressure from above prevents solidarity among the students. However, it cannot be long before the protests in northern Germany spread to the rest of the republic and a conflagration breaks out.

In Bremerhaven alone, four more schools now want to join the protests. However, whether they will succeed in stopping what can only be called criminal and demonstrably completely pointless policy of torture, is more than questionable.

The Corona craze is already too far advanced for that.

An afterword from the translator:

There is a old German proverb: Der Krug geht so lange zum Brunnen, bis er bricht — “The jug goes to the well until it breaks.”

I can see already the first cracks and a sliver of hope shining through.

5 thoughts on “The State-Sponsored Torture of Our Children

  1. Do these unfortunate children have parents? If so, where are they? Why are they so passive? Do they not love their children? Or have they given them up to the state to be raised?

  2. Typical Bild over-sensational reporting. The low on Tuesday was around 4 °C so it might have been 10° inside. I guess the school will have try something else, as it gets colder, and probably have already started to.

    To their credit, they recognize the coronavirus is more spread by aerosols than droplets, given how they are airing with wild abandon.

  3. Does anyone see occupation everywhere by millions of Muslims whose sole purpose is to destroy us. Dominate and rape everything that moves during an interim period. Eventually destroy completely. It’s all set out in their “Mien Kamp”. Still we invite and welcome especially the fighting age who say they are school children. Are we mad or just bracing?

    • Seems to me the Muslims have nothing to do with the crazy, power-hungry control freaks of the school boards making conditions intolerable for the students. As the Muslim Brotherhood document so presciently stated, they will let us destroy ourselves with our own hands. They simply have to sit back and wait.

  4. and you wonder why people, especially Germans, braved the rigors of moving to a land where they were complete strangers just so that the would be protected by the rule of law that mandated care for your fellow person, neighbor, and person in authority. Sadly, it ain’t much different here as it is there, only worse there. Personally, I would leave all of the school’s administrators tied to a post in their shirt sleeves overnight for a week and then see how quickly changes were made to assure the students’ basic comfort while in class and being forced to salute the latest oh-wellian doctrine.

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