The News From Spain

Spain is in the midst of multiple crises, including a major “second wave” of the Wuhan Coronavirus and the resulting severe restrictions. The two videos below, however, concern the crisis of mass immigration and the concomitant increase in terrorism.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Islamic terrorists making explosive belts

The translator includes this explanatory note on the video:

Here you see three terrorists making bombs in Barcelona. Two of them were killed in an explosion in their residence, and the third is on trial for a car attack in Barcelona in 2017. Note: They are speaking in a mix of Arabic and Spanish, probably with a little Catalan thrown in. I have timed the subtitles to synchronize with the Spanish sub-titles. There are a couple of points where the Spanish doesn’t sync with the sound, and also there is Arabic in some of the sentences.

More background on the Barcelona terrorists

Video #2: Rubén Pulido on the migrant situation in the Canary Islands

Rubén Pulido is the Secretary for Press and Communication for the populist party VOX in Andalusia. In the following video Mr. Pulido talks about the crisis in the Canary Islands, where unprecedented numbers of illegal African migrants have arrived in recent weeks:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Warning: These images may hurt your sensitivities
00:03   [Unintelligible]
00:09   This is directed to the enemies of Allah, God willing.
00:15   We will wait for you here.
00:18   Are you recording?
00:22   That they will look at what we have done.
00:26   That they will see how much they are going to suffer.
00:29   To give them a little displeasure. Don’t say you didn’t want to cheat.
00:36   This is to show you that the Muslim has dignity and the power is with him.
00:42   The power of Allah.
00:45   Allah has chosen us out of millions of men
00:49   to make you cry blood.
00:53   Allah has promised us Paradise, and to you, Hell.
00:58   Come, come, we have prepared everything; you are going to repent
01:07   being born,
01:10   especially, you Catalan police, bastard,
01:16   a mess awaits you.
01:21   With the help of Allah, we are going to protect our religion.
01:28   This is an improvised hand grenade that does its work.
01:33   The cost of each, I don’t know how much because
01:38   everything that we have, I have brought from my job.
01:43   I have worked in front of your allies, who saw me, that I
01:46   made them and with your money. Allah is preparing us to kill you.
01:52   The problem is yours, not ours. Each gram
01:57   of this iron that is going into your heads or
02:02   those of your sons or your women… [Unintelligible]
02:11   What does this do?
02:15   This goes “boom”!

Video transcript #2:

00:00   …and if we focus also on monthly numbers, we are talking about more than 7,000
00:05   in the last four weeks, in the Canary Islands alone, just counting the Canaries,
00:09   and if we look nationally, more than 8,000. And what they are trying to do
00:13   right now is… the government… is to make it possible
00:18   that these images don’t reach the media. Already, this weekend,
00:23   [Interior Minister Fernando Grande-]Marlaska is trying every form of prohibiting access to the port
00:27   of Arguineguin to the various communication media…
00:31   …Arguineguin has more than 2,300 illegal immigrants, and if we
00:35   compare… the illegal immigrants that are at this moment at the port
00:40   of Arguineguin with the [number of] local inhabitants, it is almost equal,
00:44   because Arguineguin has 2,500 residents. They tell me
00:48   that at this moment, the police are unable to control it because
00:52   it is so crowded, because there is insufficient space at the port of Arguineguin to guarantee
00:56   sanitary conditions [unintelligible] — and also
01:00   the really tense moment is coming, because many illegal immigrants
01:04   are trying to escape from the port, and already at least
01:08   five to ten persons have escaped, and they are trying to locate them.

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