Stéphane Ravier: “Anarchic Immigration Has Killed Once Again”

Stéphane Ravier is a senator for the party National Rally (Rassemblement National, formerly Front National) in France. In the following video Mr. Ravier talks about the jihad terror attack in Nice on October 29, when three people were killed at a church by an illegal immigrant from Tunisia.

Many thanks to WillowPear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You can see behind me the Senate. I just left a session, during which
00:04   it was mostly a question of locking down the French people, because for Macron
00:09   and his gang, of course, it sure is easier to lock up French people than to lock up the Islamists.
00:12   So I heard my colleagues, from the Right in particular,
00:16   express their thoughts about what happened this morning in Nice and suggest strong, strong measures
00:20   and to teach a lesson. I wanted to tell them: But shut up, shut up, because
00:24   YOU are the responsible ones! I’m reminding you that it was Nicolas Sarkozy who abolished
00:30   the double sentence [= prison+deportation]. He was the one who had the best relations with Qatar.
00:33   It was he, it was during his presidency that the immigration numbers in our country peaked!
00:37   It was he who abolished the double sentence! So, if we are in this situation
00:41   today, it’s because of the policy of massive immigration which has been
00:45   supported as much by the Left as by the Right. And then it was supported
00:49   locally: [people like] Boyer, Vassal, but also
00:53   Ghali, Preziosi, [leftist politicians], in Marseille all had
00:58   supported gladly immigration policy, but also the representatives
01:02   of certain Islamist mosques with certain imams, whose speeches are far,
01:06   very far from our Republican values and so on, of course, [all that] with electoral purpose.
01:10   This morning in Nice it was a Tunisian, an illegal alien,
01:14   who was the source of that abomination. He passed through Lampedusa,
01:18   and then he came to France, because he was released, and in France, of course,
01:23   he wasn’t arrested. And that’s where we are: anarchic immigration has killed once again
01:27   in France. That is the reality. So if we want to end this situation,
01:31   first, we have to get rid of THEM. First we have to cast out the political class
01:35   from the town halls, from the regional councils, from the Parliament, and from the Elysée,
01:39   in order to put a new team in place. With Marine Le Pen we aren’t going to cower.
01:43   We are going to end the immigration policy. We are going to deport all the imams,
01:47   all the S-filed ones [terrorist files], all the radicalized ones. And we are going
01:51   to protect the French people. And then all the associations,
01:56   the Marseille Spring [a group of left-wing political parties], the Islamists
02:00   the Islamo-leftists of Mélenchon and some media are welcome to come and whine and give us lessons,
02:04   but for my part I won’t be affected
02:08   I will hunt down the Islamists right up to the crapper.
02:12   Because it’s urgent. French blood has been spilled for long enough.

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  1. Bravo ! for Stéphane Ravier.

    Please read my comment on the Philippe de Villiers item of this blog (above).

    It boils down to fight the virus (by house arrest of the population) and not fighting the violence by the Islamists.

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