Rule-Breakers Against the Wall!

The following video shows a spontaneous act of street theater by Coronadissidents in Germany. I don’t know anything else about it, except that it was posted at Politikstube.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:07   Disinfections [?] in public spaces
00:12   Letting loved ones die alone is charity
00:15   True freedom lies in isolation
00:18   Thinking for yourself endangers the general welfare
00:22   Vaccination is neighbourly love — Social distancing forever
00:26   Sacrifice everything for the (bereaved [?]) — Separate yourselves from threats
00:30   Protect the unborn — Renounce procreation
00:36   Betray your neighbourhood
00:39   [March of the Zombies]
00:48   Rule breakers against the wall
00:58   Threats of solitary confinement
01:10   Lifelong mask requirement
01:21   Disenfranchisement of anti-vaxxers
01:33   Succumb to “normality”
01:44   Outlaw mask-deniers
01:55   This is solidarity
02:08   Avoid contamination
02:20   Absolute sterility
02:32   Bodily contact creates suffering
02:43   Safety lies only in loneliness
02:47   Mask-requirement for newborns
02:50   Our breath kills — Safety lies only in isolation
02:55   Always be obedient — Vaccination is neighbourly love
02:59   Social distancing forever — Sacrifice everything for the (bereaved[?])
03:03   Protect your loved ones — Leave them alone
03:06   Separate yourself from threats
03:09   Protect the unborn — Renounce procreation

One thought on “Rule-Breakers Against the Wall!

  1. I’ve seen several videos of these perfomances, but this is the creepiest. Maybe it makes some people wake up.

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