No Vaccine, No Work

The time of mandatory COVID vaccines is rapidly approaching in most Western countries; you can smell it in the air.

The video below is a precursor of what lies ahead. The process begins with intensive shunning and shaming of vax-skeptics as propagated by the media and the chattering classes. By the time the legislation is written and the mandate finally becomes official, it’s almost an afterthought — by then all the compliant drones know that anyone who doesn’t wear a mask or get the vaccine is a heartless doubleplus ungood person who doesn’t care if people die.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What if people who work in key positions, in important positions
00:05   in the health sector — what if they don’t want to get vaccinated?
00:12   Well, there won’t be a mandatory vaccination requirement, but if there are people
00:19   who care for especially vulnerable patients, it would be quite
00:24   unusual if they were to say they aren’t interested in providing additional
00:28   protection for their patients, or “I won’t do that.”
00:32   If that were to be the case, then perhaps it would be better
00:35   for them to change to another line of work.

4 thoughts on “No Vaccine, No Work

  1. The medical establishment has been wanting to make vaccination compulsory for over 200 years now. With people being groomed for several decades now to be more accepting of authoritarianism, creeping nanny laws, and now the “greatest health crisis of our generation”, we have the perfect storm for it to happen.

  2. It now becomes a race to see if the vaccine can come out while the fear factor is still high, and before the skeptics are able to grow their numbers enough to make compulsion politically untennable.
    My money is on the vaccine.

  3. What if these not fully tested vaccines have horrible side effects? Will the experimental failures just be buried and the self proclaimed civilized Western governments import a new population?

    • What terrible side effects?

      It will be all explained as accidents, allergy or till today undiscovered illness. Tragic indeed but has nothing to do with the vaccine. Go on citizen, nothing to see here.

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