Michael Stürzenberger Mobbed by Antifa and Muslims in Kassel

The German activist Michael Stürzenberger is as doughty a Counterjihad warrior as can be found in Europe. He is best known for the weekly presentations about Islam that he stages in downtown Munich, but the two video clips below are from Kassel. Mr. Stürzenberger was attacked by both Antifa goons and Muslims during the course of his talk.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

The following article from Politikstube (also translated by Hellequin GB) discusses the incident in Kassel:

Michael Stürzenberger in Kassel: Attacks on the rally

Henryk Stöckl: After the series of Islamist terrorist attacks in France, in which a teacher in Paris was beheaded for showing cartoons of Mohammed, and three Christians were slaughtered by devout Muslims in a church in Nice, “the extermination of Islamism should no longer be an option, but an obligation,” said France’s leading opposition politician Marine Le Pen.

Michael Stürzenberger and his team found out on Saturday evening in Kassel how dangerous it is to criticize political Islam in Germany. During the rally, several left-wing extremists stormed the square (not secured by the police), tried to snatch the microphone and attacked the “PAX Europa” team.

It took almost half a minute for the police to intervene. Only a little later the second attack: Two young Muslims, who were specifically waiting for an opportunity, grabbed the microphone cable and tried to cut it. When several stewards managed to prevent this, the Muslims beat and kicked them.

Several passers-by had to rush to help. How can that be?

Why did the police not take any protective measures for a rally critical of Islam, even though there was a series of Islamist terrorist attacks in a neighboring country just a few days ago?

Why did it take so long for police officers to stop a left-wing extremist attack?

And why was it possible for two Muslims to hit and kick several stewards at the rally for almost half a minute after the first attack had taken place shortly before?

While police officers brutally drag young girls across the pavement during demonstrations against the Corona measures and arbitrarily arrest lawyers and GDR civil rights activists, the German police seem reluctant to intervene or even allow themselves to intervene in left-wing extremist and Islamist attacks.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   …bothered by men. Conversely, it means that
00:03   in the view of political Islam, scantily-clad women
00:07   are considered FAIR GAME because they do NOT
00:10   cover themselves up. Then they may be molested, then they may be groped,
00:13   up to rape in the worst case.
00:16   They have already experienced a thousand times over, in Cologne alone, on New Year’s Eve,
00:19   1,000 rapes and harassments and gropings.
00:23   Pardon me? There has been rape as long as humanity has existed, of course.
00:28   Yes, because there are men who have no self-control,
00:31   and who exercise their violence, they exist, yes.
00:34   Just ask yourself: “Where does that come from?”
00:38   Where does the motive come from? And if it is religious as well,
00:42   we have to consider it, and then this part has to be deleted.
00:45   Firstly, women should no longer have to cover themselves up.
00:48   Secondly; it shouldn’t…
00:51   …in the meantime there is the infantile Baby Bobble Bossanova of the ANTIFA thugs,
00:55   through the courtesy of the Merkelstani Government and German taxes…
01:27   So, since we get attacked again,
01:30   then it clearly shows
01:33   that there are two groups of people in this country
01:38   who are aggressive, Left-wing extremists, clearly seen here,
01:42   It was an attack on our rally.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   For Muslims only, be merciful to one another, but HARD to unbelievers,
00:05   to the unbelievers goes aggressive hostility. And do you know what?
00:09   We’d be stupid if we let it happen,
00:13   that this ideology, which is hostile towards us,
00:16   which calls us the worst creatures,
00:19   worse than cattle, less worthy than animals,
00:22   this ideology that MUST subdue us
00:26   according to the ideology of political Islam, who MUST install the Sharia law here,
00:30   who WANT to make an Islamic State out of Germany,
00:33   according to their ideology; we’d be stupid if we just watched this happen.
00:36   And I can tell you one thing: “Germans are not stupid.”
00:40   We may have some stupid politicians who are naïve right now,
00:44   drunk on tolerance and the “Welcoming Culture”,
00:47   and let everything in here … hey, you…
00:51   …careful…
00:54   [unintelligible]
00:57   …(call the police)…
01:01   [unintelligible]
01:05   [unintelligible]
01:11   That was an attack by these two, they tried to cut our cable.
01:15   It was an deadly assault… we’ve been watching those guys the whole time,
01:18   the whole time, highly aggressive. People, people, people…
01:22   [unintelligible]
01:26   …and the police just watch…
01:30   [unintelligible]
01:39   “What is wrong with you?” (Yes, fine, I’m OK, I’m on your side)
01:42   [unintelligible]
01:45   Woman: I make you jointly responsible here if…
01:48   Calm down, just calm down,
01:51   calm down… [Woman:] You need to have a barricade, otherwise they’ll stab us to death.
01:55   …at least nobody has been hurt…

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  1. I made a screen cap from the new video “Antifa: Black Flag Rising.” It goes into the history of Antifa, which was literally founded by Stalin’s NKVD in 1932 to promote Communism in Germany through violent street actions. The more things change…

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