Islamic Terror Attack in Vienna

News has been trickling in all day about last night’s Islamic terrorist attack in Vienna. The original four to six gunmen have now collapsed into one — as so often happens in incidents like this, once the fog of war has lifted — who was shot dead by police. He is said to have been an Albanian who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The death toll, as I understand it, has risen to four, but it’s not clear if that number includes the deceased perpetrator.

Below are two video reports about the attack. Many thanks to Nash Montana and Hellequin GB for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video is a fairly detailed report on last night’s events in Vienna from the German state TV news magazine Tagesthemen:

The second video is a brief Austrian report that was removed from YouTube for reasons that are unclear. In it Chancellor Sebastian Kurz declares war on “Islamism”, which hardly seems grounds for deletion, even by YouTube’s austere standards:

Video transcript #1:

0:00   Austria’s capital city
0:03   was the target of a terror attack today.
0:06   The police assume there are six different crime scenes.
0:09   Multiple people were killed,
0:12   and just a few minutes ago the chief mayor of Vienna said:
0:15   “There is one dead assassin,
0:18   who is now being checked into.
0:21   We have the forensic team on location,
0:24   since it is assumed that he was wearing
0:27   a suicide belt, and we will know more
0:30   within the next 45 minutes or so
0:33   whether that was the case.
0:36   Right now we are pretty much just waiting for more insight
0:39   and information about said person.
0:43   Unfortunately, one civilian person is also dead.
0:46   S total of 15 people have been admitted
0:49   to various hospitals throughout the city, seven of them badly injured.”
0:52   So, one apprehended assassin,
0:55   possibly with a suicide belt. Christian Limpert in Vienna,
0:58   what new information do you have besides this for us?
1:03   The police in Vienna has just asked the public via Twitter
1:06   that all people who are currently on the streets
1:09   in District #1 in the inner city,
1:12   should leave that District immediately,
1:15   and other than what the mayor just said, it has been confirmed
1:18   that two people died, that there are multiple injured people,
1:21   and that from 8pm on there were six different
1:24   locations at which gunfire was exchanged
1:27   with the police. There’s talk of multiple attackers who
1:30   shot at people indiscriminately with long guns,
1:34   and since then, District # 1 has been closed off
1:37   and locked down, and the interior minister,
1:40   [Karl] Nehammer, has meanwhile spoken of this as a terror attack.
1:43   It is said that the attack began near the central synagogue.
1:46   What do we know about the city temple?
1:52   “This city temple is in fact basically the main synagogue
1:55   in Vienna; however, the synagogue
1:58   has security around the clock.
2:01   It is located in the middle of a very busy party mile,
2:04   the so-called “Bermuda Triangle”, and the president of the
2:07   Israeli religious (cultural) community — who use the synagogue as their headquarters —
2:10   reported that there were no believers in the synagogue
2:13   when all this took place.
2:16   Therefore it’s not clear
2:19   whether the synagogue was a target
2:22   of the attack, or if it was just coincidence
2:25   because of its proximity to the Bermuda Triangle
2:28   party mile, and the security that’s protecting
2:31   this location just got drawn
2:34   into the shooting incidentally.
2:37   You said it, Christian, and the large scale operation
2:40   is still going on, and you are a mere 500 meters away from the scene.
2:43   So what are you observing? What is happening there right now?
2:47   So we really have observed that the police
2:50   have indeed been operating in every direction.
2:53   The situation has calmed down a little bit now.
2:56   We’ve also gotten several reports too that here
2:59   in District #7, allegedly hostages were taken, but that’s been confirmed
3:02   in the meantime as not true, and we have to assume that a lot
3:05   of police action, similar to the amok situation in Munich [in 2016],
3:08   that some of these police actions were caused due to false reports
3:11   on social media. It has gotten significantly more calm here,
3:14   and one possible reason for that is
3:17   the beginning of the lockdown today at midnight,
3:20   which means therefore a curfew will be in effect,
3:23   and all restaurants and bars are going to be closed.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   After the apparently Islamist-motivated attack in Vienna, the Austrian police
00:05   carried out 18 searches and arrested 14 people.
00:09   According to the current status, there were no further indications of a second perpetrator,
00:14   declared Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, which resulted from the analysis of video material.
00:20   According to the investigation so far, on Monday evening a 20-year-old shot up downtown Vienna,
00:26   killed four people, and injured numerous others.
00:30   The attacker was shot dead by the police.
00:33   He is said to be an ISIS supporter who had a relevant criminal record.
00:38   Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz declared war on Islamism.
00:43   It is clear that these Terrorists
00:47   will not intimidate us. The flags on public buildings in Austria were set at half-mast.

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  1. For every lone wolf Muslim terrorist there are a dozen or dozens cheering him on. The military refers to this as tooth to tail – and for each tooth there is a tail filled in by 10.

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