Infidel Statues Must be Beheaded!

On Wednesday night a Palestinian culture-enricher damaged and decapitated a statue of the Virgin Mary near Venice. No motive for the desecration has yet been determined, but it is thought that the misguided “youth” may be mentally ill.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this Italian news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the incident from ANSA:

Statue of Madonna Decapitated Near Venice

Palestinian, 31, charged with offending religion

(ANSA) — VENICE, 26 NOV — A statue of the Madonna at Marghera near Venice had its head and hands lopped off overnight, police aid Thursday.

A 31-year-old Palestinian has been arrested on charges of defacing the statue after being caught on CCTV.

He has been charged with “offending a religious faith via damaging property”.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro issued a firm condemnation of a “cowardly act, aimed at wounding our sensibilities”.

The Palestinian is a regular immigrant with a refugee travel document issued by Belgium, police said.

Video transcript:

00:00   A grim and shocking show, for those who believe in that symbol
00:04   and the sense of community of belonging that was deeply wounded by an act of vandalism.
00:08   Without head and without hands, almost playing out the violence of an execution,
00:13   the rage poured out on a mutilated statue,
00:16   that of the Madonna [Virgin Mary] in Giovannacci Square, historical for Marghera.
00:19   On the one hand, the “slaughter”, on the other the perpetrator. That would be a 31-year-old
00:24   Palestinian, legally in Italy, with a travel document
00:28   for refugees, issued in Belgium, who has been charged with
00:32   the crime of “offense against a religion by material damage.”
00:37   The motive is as yet unclear why he threw himself with such brutality against a statue,
00:42   a symbol of faith, whether it is a case of mental imbalance,
00:45   or he acted by virtue of a religious milieu. All hypotheses are still being examined,
00:49   but the perpetrator has been identified, thanks to information from a citizen who
00:54   was present at the scene, and confirmation by a video surveillance camera.
00:58   The condemnation was strong on the part of the municipal administration for a “vile act,”
01:02   Mayor Luigi Brugnaro commented, “which wounds our sensibilities.”
01:07   The sensibility of the community of Marghera is outraged by such a “slaughter”.
01:12   It is really an ignoble act, a violent act, an act that for us, is intolerable
01:17   because of what the Virgin Mary obviously represents in our locale for Christianity,
01:21   and also what that statue represents for the community of Marghera,
01:25   something that Marghera is very attached to. The mayor
01:28   immediately became involved, and we will move quickly
01:32   to see that it is installed and repaired. In the meantime, however,
01:35   we hope there will be a suitable punishment for this person.
01:38   The administration immediately sent public works technicians
01:42   to see that the statue is repaired and restored to its original splendor.
01:45   But it will take time to heal the wounds of those who from time to time went there to pray.

7 thoughts on “Infidel Statues Must be Beheaded!

  1. Muslims do not belong in Christian-majority countries, period. What has always struck me is that Christians don’t persecute Muslims, but Muslims are all too eager to insult, persecute, or wreak mayhem on Christianity and its symbols.

    I do hope he does jail time for an appropriate period of time.

    • Jail!??? How many incidents? How many atrocities does it take to get people like you to understand we are at war!? The muslims have been at war since Mo crawled out of the desert and [engaged in carnal relations with] his first 9 year old, slaughtered his first tribe and coveted someone else’s wife? This comes down to the very simple equation of them? Or Us? There is no compromise with evil people.

  2. Borders and a sort out of the millions of those Muslims and their sympathisers who have already pushed punched slashed lied raped diseased and mentally drilled past the weak feminised western defences. The more sick women are tolerated the more our children die at the glands of the Muslim savages. Major man control with a Churchill determination as always is the only workable survive and thrive model.

  3. It was evil to behead those statues however, Mary cannot intervene because she was not divine and had no power to do so. She is a dead woman and would be entirely disgusted by the fact that people pray to her instead of to Jesus.

    “For there is only one mediator between man and God and that is Jesus Christ: I Timothy 2:5

    • I’m no Catholic, theresa, but Mary has a strong appeal because she embodies the traditional feminine attributes of empathy and compassion which are somewhat lacking in patriarchal faiths such as Christianity.

      • Hrmphhh. We have way too much bloody sympathy, compassion and empathy, it is why we are where we are now, with a 3rd world infestation that is going to tear us apart.

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