A Culture-Enriching Rapist on a Bicycle

As you may recall, the German city of Regensburg is where local politicians proposed that ladies-only sections be established on city buses.

Well, it seems they neglected to establish ladies-only bike paths in city parks.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politikstube:

Regensburg: dark-skinned man raped 27-year-old

On Monday, November 2nd, 2020, shortly before 9pm, a 27-year-old cyclist rode through the Danube Park in the west of Regensburg. Another cyclist stopped her near the barbecue area, engaged her in a conversation, and eventually threatened her with a gun. As a result, the woman was raped. After the crime, the perpetrator fled in an unknown direction. The young woman went home, from where the police were called.

The police started a manhunt for the unknown cyclist with all available forces. The responsible specialist commissioner of the Regensburg Criminal Police Inspectorate immediately took over the investigation with the close involvement of the Regensburg public prosecutor’s office. The investigation team “West” was set up to investigate the crime.

Description of the unknown perpetrator

Police have the following description of the person:

  • male
  • black hair (possibly dreadlocks)
  • dark-skinned
  • dark clothing
  • age: early 20s to mid-30s
  • 165-175 cm [5’5”-5’9”] tall
  • slim
  • spoke German with a foreign accent
  • dark bicycle
  • according to witnesses, carried a firearm

Calling for witnesses

After the investigations that were carried out in the meantime, the police have now turned to the public with an appeal for witnesses:

  • Who can provide information on the act described?
  • Who can give a description of the cyclist? He may have been seen in other places in or around Regensburg. He could also have been in the area of the Danube Cycle Path before the crime.
  • Who else can provide relevant information?

The Regensburg criminal investigation department accepts all information around the clock on 0941 / 506-2888. Any clue can be important for the investigators!

14 thoughts on “A Culture-Enriching Rapist on a Bicycle

  1. Why don’t they just pass a law banning rapists?

    It seems so simple; just let the rapists know that raping isn’t allowed there and they will go somewhere else to rape instead. Also, they need to pass a law banning guns since the rapist had one. If only he had known that guns aren’t allowed in Regensburg he would have had to leave it home and use a knife instead.

  2. Refugees are not dangerous; They are in danger of not being se—–ly satisfied.

    Is she going to recover in 2 weeks? I wonder.

    Is this one of the many who prefers to be raped by a bearded jihadi firece hunk, preferred by many women.

    Was he a lone wolf?

    Will the authorities seriously look for him or if he is upstairs they will look for him downstairs. ?

    Suppose they find him How many hours will he be obliged to clean the local Grand Mosque. ?

    Will he be given a signal to rape again?

    How many are left in Europe whose sister, daughter, brother, mom, father … has not been raped, stabbed, insulted, dragged, snatched, forced to dye their hair black, celebrate hijab day, kicked while burning the Devil’s book ?

    For centuries Christian Europe resisted falling in love with Islam. Now it’s the best opportunity to compensate for that loss.

    Does it say in the Bible that after wwII, and instead of Europeans repent and get some common sense and wisdom, they would turn into zombies and zebras driven by Muslims like cattle through their fraud democracy?

  3. One of Merkel favourite pet , she have blood on Her hands , justice will come , she will be rotten in prison, betrayal own people, special section in the buses for women!!!, it’s getting better and better, like in Afghanistan, Iraq , Iran !! Unbelievable, only in Germany..

    • Germany has blood in her hands not only Merkel.
      Since the time of Alarichus(4th century) the Germans plunder my country,and this time according to
      the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,(1948 U.N)Article II,Germany genocides the Greeks with the help of their puppet,our government.
      You must know that we do not live in a democratic state.It looks more like living under Soviet.

      • If Alaric is supposed to be Alaric the Goth, your allegation that he is a German in the 2020 sense of the word is fake. Even if he were a German, why would the actions of a man 1600 years ago 1. be attributable to the entire people at that time 2. be a cause for resentment and revenge on modern Germans by an apparent Greek like you in 2020.

        Fact is that the indigenous Europeans from Cape Narvik to Cape Sounion had better realise what they have in common compared to a Senegalese or Afghan country-shopper with no job market skills but eagerness for consumerism incl. mortgages and consumer credits to the benefit of the oligarchs after Covid1984 who Build Back Better.

        Like Mandela said, resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemy.

        • Mandela turned a once prosperous 1st world country into a typical black 4rd world craphole, SA screwed up by not [redacted].

        • Good comment, Reconquista. The anonymous Greek should let us know the body count of german genocide on the greek people. Some study of history should lead him to the more recent genocide of Greeks by the Turks, but he does not dare, because they would retaliate hard. And I would be grateful if he could call back home the welfare spongers among his countrymen here.I know one who runs a restaurant.BTW, I like them as persons, very kind people.

      • Then you should urgently call home your greek countrymen living here by 100 ks because their life is in jeopardy. Problem is that Greece does not need any more greengrocers , gyros and salad restaurants.

      • I have never ever met a jewish holocaust survivor so antigermanic as you. The ardour of hate you show could lead me to think you were a muslim.
        BTW, Greeks here in Getmany do enjoy the efficient health care system. Go tell them about going to hospital in Greece.

        • You all have the advantage of knowing better English than i do,So i will answer to you in my language where i have the advantage and try to understand using Google translation.
          ὅταν ἀναφέρω τόν Ἀλάριχο,τόν ἀναφέρω γιά νά δείξω ἀπό πόσο παλιά οἱ Γερμανοί λεηλατοῦν τήν χώρα μου.
          Ἔκανα χρονικό προσδιορισμό.
          Στήν Γενοκτονία πού ἔκαναν οἱ Τοῦρκοι τό 1922,ὅπου ἐξωντώθηκαν 1.500.000 Ἕλληνες ἔπαιξε πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο ἕνας Γερμανός ὁ Φόν Σάντερς πού ἀργότερα ἔγινε καί Πασᾶς.
          Πάντοτε οἱ Γερμανοί ἦταν ἐναντίον τῆς χώρας μου καί τώρα μέ τά Μνημόνια καί τήν βοήθεια τῆς φιλογερμανικῆς κυβερνήσεως μας,γενοκτονεῖ τόν Ἑλληνικό λαό.
          Ἄν εἶστε Γερμανοί λυποῦμαι πού αὐτό δέν σᾶς ἀρέσει ἀλλά ἔτσι εἶναι.
          Ἄς πᾶμε ὅμως καί στήν πρόσφατη ἱστορία.Στήν διάρκεια τῆς Γερμανικῆς κατοχῆς ἐξαφάνησαν οἱ Γερμανοί 1700 χωριά σκοτώνοντας τούς κατοίκους καί καίγοντά τα, πῆραν δάνειο στό ὄνομα τῆς Ἑλλάδος καί ἔδιναν τήν Μακεδονία στούς Βούλγαρους.Γιά νά μή γράψω γιά τό ὅτι τά τρόφιμα πήγαιναν στούς στρατιῶτες τῆς Γερμανίας καί πέθαιναν τά παιδιά στούς δρόμους τῆς Ἀθῆνας.
          Αὐτά τά λίγα διότι γράφοντας λεπτομέρειες θά σᾶς ἔστελνα βιβλίο.
          Δέν εἶμαι Ἑβραία,εἶμαι Ἑλληνίδα Ὀρθόδοξη,νομίζεται ὅτι θά πρέπει νά συμπαθῶ τούς Γερμανούς;
          Ἡ οἰκογένειά μου καί κάθε οἰκογένεια ἔχει νεκρούς,καί τώρα πού ἡ Γερμανία μᾶς ὁδηγεῖ σέ ἐξαθλίωσι δέν γνωρίζω πόσα θύματα θά ἔχουμε.
          Ὅπως φαίνεται σύντομα θά ἔχουμε πόλεμο μέ τήν Τουρκία·Θυμηθῆτε πόσο ἡ Γερμανία θά βοηθήση αὐτήν τήν βάρβαρη χώρα ἐναντίον τῆς Ἑλλάδος.

          [Machine translation:
          When I mention Hilarichos, I mention him to show how old the Germans have been plundering my country.
          I made a timeline.
          In the Genocide committed by the Turks in 1922, where 1,500,000 Greeks were exterminated, a German ὁ Von Saunders played a leading role, who later became Pasᾶ.
          The Germans have always been against my country and now, with the Memoranda and the help of our pro-German government, they are genocide against the Greek people.
          Ἄν εἶστε Γερμανια λυποῦμαι που αὐτό δέν σᾶς ἀρέσει ἀλλά ἔτσι εἶναι.
          During the German occupation, 1700 villages disappeared, killing the inhabitants and burning them, they took a loan in the name of Greece and gave Macedonia to the Bulgarians. of Germany and children died on the streets of Athens.
          These few because writing details I will send you a book.
          I’m not a Jew, I’m a Greek Orthodox, do you think I should like the Germans?
          My family and every family is dead, and now that Germany is leading us into poverty I do not know how many victims we will have.
          It looks like we will soon have a war with Turkey; remember how much Germany will help this barbaric country against Greece.]

          • Two things to clarify.

            The children died from hunger because all the food went to the German soldiers.

            Every Greek family had at least one dead.
            We were lucky we had only two!

  4. I forgot to mention that all these thousand illegal immigrants who flooded the islands and then the mainland were helped to cross the sea only by German NGO’s,not one or two many of them,and they accuse Greece of trying to push them back..When the war starts what all this Djihadjists will do to the natives?Imagine.
    They said they are 32.ooo.
    Do i have to like Germany?

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