The Rockets’ Red Glare Over Champigny-sur-Marne

Champigny-sur-Marne is a suburb of Paris about eight miles southeast of the center of the city. Last Saturday night a group of rambunctious culture-enriching “youths” got a little frisky and attacked the police station in Champigny with iron bars and major fireworks. I saw a couple of startling videos of the night’s events, but neglected to hold on to the links.

The following account describes what happened in Champigny on Saturday night. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Résistance Républicaine:

Attack on Champigny police station: The jihad is on the rise in France

October 11, 2020

True scenes of jihad in France in the territories conquered by Islam

Here is what happened to the police station of Champigny:

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val de Marne) was targeted on Saturday night and early Sunday morning by some 40 individuals.

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne was attacked late at night on Saturday 11 October by some 40 individuals, who struck it with iron bars, according to information from BFMTV. No police officer was injured, but property was damaged.

No injuries

The events occurred shortly before midnight. While two police officers were smoking outside, some 40 individuals attempted to penetrate the station, hitting the glass of the front door with iron bars.

The officers just had time to lock themselves in a secure space [airlock] at the entrance of the building.

These are, indeed, scenes of jihad of Islam, however, still very much a minority on our soil.

Pick-pocketing, harassment of unbelievers, church fires, slaughter of priests, mass murder of unbelievers: All this an Islamic continuum which only the beautiful souls refuse to see.

They shout, these beautiful souls:

“No amalgams!” [“Amalgamate” means to stigmatize Muslims unjustly by associating them with terrorism.]

These collaborators of the Plenel school, who occupy almost the totality of media, and who have created this fantasy of “racist police violence” or “systematic state racism”.

(A state where an enormous part of social assistance goes not only to descendants of immigrants, but to foreigners.)

To the great joy of Muslim invaders.

And judges who roundly condemn those who dare to speak the truth, while showing total complicity with Muslim perversion.

I am not even speaking of the arch-traitor Macron, who persists in obstinately following the policy followed for 40 years, and who is leading us to this catastrophe.

Each day that passes brings France a little closer to enslavement, to a collapse in the face of Islam.

The weekend’s violence in Champigny prompted a nationwide protest by French police on Monday. Below is an excerpt from an RT article about the demonstration in Paris:

Paris Police Protest Violence in France

French law enforcement officers have picketed outside their stations around Paris after cops were ambushed by an armed mob. The demonstration comes amid longstanding tensions between the police and the French government.

The police station in Champigny-sur-Marne, a Paris suburb, was targeted by a mob of around 40 people armed with metal bars and firecrackers on Saturday night. Two officers standing outside the building during the attack managed to quickly run inside and barricade the doors before the armed group was able to assault them. The mob attacked the station’s entrance and damaged five police vehicles. The station was also subjected to a barrage of powerful fireworks.

Hat tip for the RT article: JM.

10 thoughts on “The Rockets’ Red Glare Over Champigny-sur-Marne

  1. There was a guy named Napoleon who knew how to deal with uppity savages who rioted, it’s called a whiff of grapeshot and stopped rioting in its tracks. We have gotten away from the old ways at our own peril.

    • To put it mildly. Napoleon was also quoted as saying something like “ Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself.” France and the rest of western EU need to interfere soon.

  2. fireworks-attack

    Is that a rehearsal for a real thing in 5 years or 2.

    Is democracy in France as successful as that in Sweden?

    • The real thing I imagine will be preceded by “nothing seems to be working for the Muslim anymore”. Breathing difficulties.

    • Democracy as we know it is dead, we cannot vote our way out of this mess any longer, that time has come and is long gone. Too many 3rd worlders who can sway a vote against our best interest now. It is now just a question of when and where the bloodshed begins. So prepare yourself, now you are either a sheep, or Wolf.

      • The feminists idiots see themselves as she-wolves. Initial losses will be substantial. I imagine.

  3. The real thing I imagine will be preceded by “nothing seems to be working for the Muslim anymore”. Breathing difficulties.

  4. Today, Friday, a history teacher in Yvelines a suburb north west of central Paris has been decapitated by a Muslim, further proof, if any were needed, that Islam is utterly incompatible with the West, no matter the posturing and claims of the political classes of the West; we have to make a decision and quickly or the light of the West will be snuffed out and her people erased or enslaved, in thrall to a theocratic form of fascism…

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