Stranger Than Fiction

The public service announcement in the video below is fictional. The clip is from a science fiction television series called Counterpart, and aired in 2018 — two years before the Coronahysteria descended on Germany and the world.

The reader who sent me the link had this to say about it:

Since my mask aversion probably rivals yours, I thought you’d appreciate this. The wife and I just started watching a Starz series on Amazon called Counterpart. It’s from 2018 and set in Berlin, and there’s a scene where a woman is in a movie theater and this fictional PSA rolls before the movie. Doesn’t seem quite so fictional now.

The translation and subtitling were done elsewhere, so I don’t have a transcript for it.

3 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction

  1. Pure DDR . Propaganda, !!, Germany became communist state , very dangerous and sad for our kids..

  2. Softening up of any remaining national man defences before the main assault. “interesting times”.

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