One for Good Luck

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the founding of Gates of Vienna.

I’m not doing anything special for the occasion. We had planned a big hoopla for the fifteenth anniversary last year, but when Dymphna died it kind of took the stuffing out of me, so I didn’t do much last year, either.

This year I simply note that another twelve leaves have dropped from the calendar. Time flies when you’re having fun!

The graphic at the top of this post features a photo of the cake that Dymphna and I created for the first anniversary on October 9, 2005. It was a real cake — I vaguely remember eating a little piece of it.

Looking at it reminds me of the day I put the tableau together and took the photo. It was pleasantly warm, like today. If you look closely, you’ll see a reflection of the candle flame just below the red star portion of the cake. The entire assemblage was mounted on a glass pane from the storm door of the front porch, under which I placed the printout with the Arabic script.

That was a vintage storm door, and the pane was actual glass, not Plexiglas. During the disassembling of the photo shoot — which took place on the front porch — I managed to break the glass. The replacement that is now in the door is a standard-issue Plexiglas pane from Lowes.

Tempus fugit.

9 thoughts on “One for Good Luck

  1. have a ham and cheese croissant with a tall cappuccino on me to celebrate your site’s anniversary; it’s what the Viennese did the morning after the Muslims were routed with the help of the Rohirrim, I mean Polish Cavalry.

    • Haha, yes, ditto on the ham. I had some prosciutto to celebrate along with a little alcohol in my coffee.

      Wishing the Baron at least another sixteen years or until the orcs are routed and Western Civilization is saved, whichever one comes first!

  2. Happy Birthday to the site. I’ll say the pork ribs I had for supper today were in honor of this momentous occasion (since I can’t get my hands on a ham & cheese croissant at the moment). All the best to you, Herr Baron!

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