“I’ll Send ISIS to You”

The following interview was recorded in Paris during a rally of teachers in honor and memory of Samuel Paty, the schoolteacher who was beheaded after showing the famous Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoon to his pupils.

WillowPear, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes this background:

The female teacher describes her experience in similar circumstances to those of Mr. Paty. It’s not clear exactly when she was threatened, but she underwent at least three months of counseling after the incident, so it was more than three months ago.

French teachers at the rally were wondering whether the freedom to teach is under threat in France.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And are you living a little bit in fear today?
00:04   I think we can use this word?
00:07   Well, to begin with, it’s a history class, in 5th grade, on Islam, and in fact,
00:12   at a point, it’s a historical fact, Mohammed, in fact, arrives in Jewish communities.
00:16   And, in fact, I didn’t even think that this simple historical fact would start
00:20   a wave of hatred, and a student, in fact, at the end of the class told me:
00:24   “I’ll send ISIS to you,” and the next day he came back with a knife. I was incredibly lucky
00:28   because I also had next to me students who supported me, who prevented
00:32   anything serious from happening [to me]. And for us, for me,
00:37   it was extremely important to be here today.
00:40   Am I still scared? No! But it’s because I got over it.
00:44   I saw a psychologist who was supportive of me for three months.
00:48   I had fantastic doctors. My family circle is incredible as well.
00:52   I also have colleagues who supported me,
00:56   and that’s the way I was able to get over it, but at that moment you also feel
00:59   extremely guilty , because you ask yourself: what have I done wrong?
01:03   Because it’s an extremely strange feeling, it takes time
01:09   to get over it. In fact, you never forget what happened.

5 thoughts on ““I’ll Send ISIS to You”

  1. In Islam non-muslims are not permitted to teach about Islam. This is why the teacher in London, whose job included teaching about different religions, was ambushed by three Pakistani muslim men and bludgeoned in the head with a brick. He was very nearly killed. This aspect of Sharia is why this French teacher’s pupil brought a knife to school – so that he could fulfil his Islamic duty by killing her.
    Islam is dangerous. Muslims are instructed to bear “enmity and hatred forever” against the Kuffar (Koran 60:4). School teachers, and their pupils, are in the front line of this enmity. They are right to be concerned.

  2. I’m not sure about her “historical fact”. There’s litle evidence for Mohammed’s existence, unlike Christ, who’s mentioned by a Roman historian.

    • Exist or not – now for the western world -there is another super spreader concoction every bit as threatening as a COVID 19.

  3. She doesn’t get it. She lives in ignorance. Given a chance, the long knives of Islam will be at her throat.

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