Gerald Grosz: “The Silence of the Stupid Lambs”

In recent months I’ve posted a number of video rants by Gerald Grosz, an Austrian politician for the BZÖ (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, Alliance for the Future of Austria) and the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). In his latest rant, Mr. Grosz compares the lack of reaction to the beheading of the French schoolteacher Samuel Paty to the worldwide media frenzy over the death of George Floyd.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Where are the demonstrations in all European capitals?
00:04   Where are the hundreds of thousands of people hiding
00:08   who months ago — screeching “black lives matter” loudly —
00:12   roamed the streets of our cities?
00:17   Where are the mourning profile pictures
00:20   of the hundreds of thousands of celebrities, and those who believe they are?
00:25   So, is the life of a French history teacher
00:29   who, for our freedom of expression, our democracy
00:32   on our continent, lost his head,
00:35   is worth less than the life of a posthumously canonized
00:39   victim in the distant USA?
00:42   When will the thousands of panel discussions from Anne Will
00:46   broadcast into our hearts about this creeping war
00:49   against our values?
00:52   I don’t hear any words of warning. I don’t read columns
00:56   that are miles long in the daily newspapers.
00:59   I don’t see millions of young people on the street
01:04   who stand up for our culture, our democracy,
01:08   our freedom of expression, or the security of our fellow citizens.
01:12   Or is it already too cold for you?
01:15   Have your “grandmothers against the Right” not yet made a bobble hat for you?
01:18   Do the balaclavas from the last time have spit on them, and are unusable now?
01:22   Did you run out of money for those painted cardboard signs?
01:26   Do the socialists and the Greens of the world
01:29   no longer pay for mourning rallies on the occasion of the murder of an innocent,
01:33   righteous person?
01:36   A few thousand in France on the street,
01:39   the rest of the vain Sunday democrats in Berlin, Vienna, London,
01:43   sleep and remain silent, are hidden.
01:47   Does the anti-fascist struggle make a distinction between the victims
01:51   and the perpetrators? I don’t get it.
01:54   Are demos only allowed against Mr. Climate Change and Mrs. Holle,
01:57   only for George Floyd and against the police?
02:00   Are your ideals actually divisible?
02:04   Was the life of Samuel Paty really worth so little
02:07   that no one wants to defend any longer European values such as democracy, freedom of expression,
02:11   the separation of state and religion?
02:15   Is the religious madness that is directed against us NOT fascism?
02:20   Are you all blind in one eye? Doesn’t it require the furious protest of all upright democrats
02:27   when violence is committed against us, against our way of life,
02:31   against our values? The silence of the stupid lambs alone shows
02:36   how hypocritical the world has become. it no longer matters what is said, but only who says it.
02:42   Obviously it no longer matters who dies,
02:46   but only why one dies. The name of the victim of the police violence
02:51   dragged across the globe like a monstrance,
02:54   the victim of Islamist terror will be forgotten again tomorrow.
02:57   It makes me sick, this weariness, this cowardice,
03:01   this arrogance of those who believe themselves to be above others in morality and decency.

11 thoughts on “Gerald Grosz: “The Silence of the Stupid Lambs”

  1. Exactly, Where is Merkel&CO???, the best friend Macon !!, Germany is cowardly silent about this barbaric act by radical Muslim, she is silent beacuse she bring this trash to Germany and Europe in millions!!, and now quietly setting like lame duck , it’s just awful what this young people will became, scary to even think about , Shame on You Merkel the traitor uh ..

    • Oh shush “Save Europe”, a man who had been there for over 12 years? I like how everything retroactively is now Germany’s fault. We take blame for our million invaders…France takes blame for their 10 million Africans and the like.

      • Yes, I agree with you. As bad as Angela may be, hardly everything concerning mass immigration in Europe is her doing. This process started long before her time.

        Has noone here read Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints?

    • The question I have is? Why the heck are you not armed up yet? Spare me the because it is illegal nonsense, what is illegal of not is now irrelevant and immaterial, your very survival is going to depend upon it, sheep or Wolf? Which are you?

  2. Just a language comment, Baron: I notice that you seemingly regularly refer to disquisitions by anti-SJW and hence non-Woke people with whom one can assume you agree as “rants.”

    This noun is negatively connoted for me at least, as it has meant to talk foolishly or rave these last 400 years or so. So I associate it not only but also with persons who are suffering from dementia.

    That is why I believe you may be accidentally doing our side a disservice by using a word that may be taken to mean that a speaker such as Grosz not of sound mind.

    After all, SJWs are quite happy to smear any opposition to Homoglobalism as being a rant. So the word is invariably uttered against us using the usual sanctimonious sneer of wokeness.

    Or do you think that RANT has now lost its negative connotation and is thus no longer a pejorative?

    • Actually, I use the word because that’s what Hellequin calls it when he delivers his translation to us. I’ll ask him what he thinks.

      Saturday used to be “Ranting Day” at this blog, so obviously I consider the word not to be pejorative, but rather a jocular reference to a strongly-felt disquisition.

  3. Everything seems consistent with a woman trying to do a man’s job. The Muslims especially must be laughing their heads off. It will be the eastern and western European males who will have to push the invader back over the border.

      • When the fun and festivities begin, BoJo and his limp wristed ilk won’t survive the Civilizational Correction. The strong and ruthless will rule, the weak and beta types will serve or perish.

  4. Wow!! Thank you Hellequin and Vlad for allowing us to see this. What a great video! This guy has passion and clarity. I loved it!!

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