Culture-Enriching School Days in Borlänge

Here’s yet another Somali success story from Sweden. It should be noted that Borlänge has a neighborhood dubbed “Little Mogadishu” by the locals, just like Minneapolis.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

International students’ shock: This isn’t Sweden — compared to a war-torn land

October 5, 2020

International students at the Dalarna University in Borlänge do not want to live in the student residence which is offered to them in the immigrant suburb Tjärna Ängar, which is commonly called “Little Mogadishu”. That is what a representative for Dalarna’s student union wrote in a letter to the university’s board.

In 2005 the community housing company Tunabyggen in Borlänge converted two multiple-family homes in Somali-dense Tjärna Ängar into “Locus”— a student complex with a gym, study spaces, and 126 student apartments, in order to remedy the shortage of student residences in the city.

A second student housing area with another 59 student apartments lies in an adjacent building. The residence is marketed by Tunabyggen’s communal home page as a “multicultural residential area”. Together they make up more than two-thirds of the city’s student housing.

But the students don’t want to live in them.

The university’s rector contacted the municipality four years ago, in connection with a woman being raped, and demanded that they arrange other student housing in the municipality that wasn’t located in Tjärna Ängar. Not the least because female students felt unsafe in the immigrant-dense suburb.

“This is unacceptable. Students must be offered a residence when they are accepted, or at least at the beginning of instruction. The housing’s general standard must be reviewed, and above all, students must be able to feel safe and not worry about their personal security. Nothing else can be discussed,” said the rector, Marita Hilliges, at that time.

But the student housing has remained. And now, international students who are placed in the residences are protesting against being forced to live there. After experiencing shootings outside the student residences on several occasions, the students write that they “experience a glimpse of war-torn countries” in Tjärna Ängar with arson and firefights between criminals and police.

There are many horrific examples in the letter. Several female students have been followed and harassed by “unknown men” and feel that they are unsafe when they are outside the house. Two people were recently stabbed right outside Locus.

One student awoke in the morning when robbers climbed up the face of the building and into the room. They stole his phone, money, and other valuables. A female student was similarly awakened in the same way by a thief in the room, according to the letter.

“The general perception of the students is that they don’t feel they are living in Sweden, they don’t hear the language, and can’t experience the culture or traditions, which makes them feel they live in a segregated environment,” reads the letter in which the students demand to be allowed to live somewhere else.

Many international students, who began university during the autumn, have already dropped out of instruction and left Sweden.

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  1. But how many of those students are members of the ‘immigrants welcome here’ brigade?

    • Stupid Swedish women are getting quite an education in international relations. I say “force em” to live amongst the somali orcs. If they get raped, well its a small price to pay for such wonderful diversity.

  2. The Pagan gods demand regular sacrifice. Surely to the Swedes with their pre-Christian Viking heritage these sacrificial offerings have their place. Maybe if they adopted a Goddess like Futuna they would have better luck. Mad ***t***s.

    • We sure as heck could use a lot more Viking pagan gods over the Islamic devil any day of the week and twice on Sunday, the Vikings would have had the good sense to rid the entire region of those 3rd worlders of plague and pestilence.

  3. I love that . At least they are waking up to reality . Apartheid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a part love! Swedes must make up their minds.

    • The west end of the EU is run by a bunch who have lost their minds and ability to think for themselves. The Swedes may be the first to experience losing territory to a new Muslim stan. The rest of the west wing is not far behind. Right now only the east of Europe is thinking for itself. Most notably Hungary and Poland. Incompetent Boris “the Turk” and PS Patel – Markel and Macron. Europe must start thinking for itself – and make up its mind.

    • I do love a nice revenge story where the Swedes are concerned, they were so hell bent on destroying the whites in South Africa they openly sided with anc terrorists and that is what probably got their PM assassinated for their good intentions. Now the Swedes are paying the price for their insane diversity. LOL

      • The Swedes are not alone in the fast becoming the Wild Western EU. Soon it will be standard practice to stay out of slashing or sucker punching distance during daylight hours. Masks and Muslims. So many now. One can of course ignore everything.

  4. “Little Mogadishu” is about to become more like “Giant Somali Caliphate”, based on the demographics.

    • Somalis are the cockroaches of humankind. They never built anything; even in their own cesspool of a country they never succeeded in even building a functional government. Just a bunch of tribal orcs fighting and stealing from one another. Once the loot is gone in Sweden they will move somewhere else where there are more stupid people with wealth to loot and females to rape. There will not be a Somali Caliphate there because that would actually require some work on their part; something they are tempermentally and intellectually predisposed against.

  5. Sweden is lost like Germany, France, Britain, Holland and on and on .. west countries in Europe are finished..

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