An Outpouring of Saccharinity in France

The mujahid decapitator of Paris has now been identified as an 18-year-old Russian Chechen named Abdoullakh A., and his schoolteacher victim as Samuel Paty. Both of them are dead — why is it that we only get an initial for the killer’s surname, but are given the full name of his victim?

I noticed in the photo accompanying the article that the Parisian Eloi have heaped up the usual saccharine “memorial” materiel outside the school where Mr. Paty taught. Savvy investors who bought teddy bear futures or stock in candle companies must be making a killing — so to speak.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Le Matin:

Live: Teacher decapitated: A national tribute to Samuel Paty will be held Wednesday

Here is a late recap of the events that followed the murder Friday evening of Samuel Paty, a teacher decapitated because he had shown a cartoon of Mohammed to his pupils.

The assailant, killed by the police after the attack, has been identified as Abdoullakh A., a Russian-Chechen, 18 years of age, who was born in Moscow and came to France as a refugee with his family, stated the national anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard to the press. The killer was known for past common law offenses, but not by the intelligence services for radicalization. On 4 March 2020 he obtained a residence permit valid until March 2030. He had refugee status, and resided at Evreux in Normandy.

Ten people were in custody Saturday, including the parents, grandfather, and younger brother of the assailant, detained at Evreux (Eure). Also in custody is the father of the pupil who called for action against the teacher. He was placed in custody at Chanteloup-les-Vignes. The man who accompanied him to the college to complain about the teacher, and who interviewed the daughter of this parent of a pupil in a video, the militant Islamist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, active in France since the middle of the years 2000, as well as his companion, were also arrested.

About 1,000 persons gathered Saturday afternoon in front of the college of Bois d’Aulne a Conflans-Saint-Honorine (Yvelines). Samuel Paty, age 47 and the father of a family, was a teacher of history-geography in this establishment. The teacher, known for his investment in his pupils, was “very well-thought of,” stated Armelle, whose 13-year-old son attends the college. In the morning, white roses were placed at the entrance to the college in this residential quarter, where pupils and parents are in a state of shock.

Large demonstrations of support are expected Sunday across the country. Representatives of the principal political parties, associations, and unions will demonstrate Sunday at 3pm in Paris, at the emblematic Square of the Republic, and in numerous other cities. A national tribute will be held Wednesday to this teacher of history and geography, the Élysée announced. And a defense meeting, presided over by Emmanuel Macron, is expected to take place Sunday. “Other expressions and announcements are planned after the meetings,” according to the executive.

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  1. Islam’s Muslims represent tyranny. In the old days in Africa the sick and tired Africans just rose up in rage and wiped them out. The spoilt feminised western euro thick can not imagine such an outcome. Then one day everything changes to an era of rage and eradication. Better dead than accept Muslim tyranny.

    • When and where did these “old days in Africa” happen? I like reading actual history but so far haven’t come across reports of a successful and sustained resistance to Islamic conquest in Africa, much less a wipe-out. Sympathy isn’t helping, they simply are no match to any well-organized force.

      • For example, the North Africans killed 50.000 Muslim Arabs .(Miscellaneous) Muslims repeat that islam spread peacefully in north africa, so peacefully that the north africans were so angry that they killed 50.000 Muslim arab invaders in a year in the battles of the nobles and Bagdoura. That was the end of the presence of the Omeyads in North Africa. Other exampled in east and west Africa.

        • Yes, but none of this lasted. They will win battles, but not wars. Look what happened at all these events: They can react with rage and strike the enemy here and there, but they never get this organized on a larger scale and build structures which will keep them protected across generations. They live entirely in the here and now, which is both good and bad depending on context.

  2. You would think French ppl would be outraged that their govt. allows so many Muslim refugees especially into their land, but you would be terribly wrong. #brainwashed

    • The ARE outraged. I watched the funeral which was sad but beautiful because they consider Paty as a hero. Macron participated and ordered that France would keep their cartoon forever. They exhibited the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the wall of a government building. It was moving as they played U2’s song ONE while carrying the casket. It is apparent that there will be great changes in France now. I will be happy to see the Muslims get what they deserve.

  3. Islamic supremacism strikes again! The globalist Macron said during his 2017 electoral campaign that (islamic supremacist) terrorist attacks are the necessary price the French must endure to enjoy the joys of diversity that the elite deem so necessary and enlightened. He also said later that there is no such thing as “French culture.” It’s not for nothing that Hidalgo, the newly re-elected mayor of Paris has issued this past Friday a second lockdown – no more protests against the ever more unpopular globalist Macron regime.

      • Ha. Russia won’t take off anymore.
        We have no less problems than you. You just can’t see.

      • So the the scorched earth actions of the Russian air force in Syria has not led to the invasion of Europe . Angela Merkel encouraged it but Putin /Assad caused wake up.

    • Yeah, remember when he said that…Sickening…The people should have put a stop to this insanity when Pym Fortyun was murdered. You’d think more people would have risen up.

  4. If the French are appalled by what happened, why don’t they all post Mo-toons as part of their profile pic?

  5. Western countries try to outdo each other in the Sacharinity Wars, seeing who can debase themselves, take a knee, bring flowers, or leave poems on cards in more abject surrender to their non-Western masters, lives that do matter more, after all. The semifinalists in these debasement trials appear to be France and Sweden, with England running a close third.

  6. Macron and Merkel still hoping on their bent knees for the impossible. A non Islamic Muslim that is. The call for “Throw alah and his aliens overboard” is rising.

  7. Two Chechen MMA fighters support French teacher’s killer
    On the Instagram, Zelim Imadaev and Albert Duraev, Russian mixed martial art (MMA) fighters, have supported Abdulak Anzorov, who had killed a college teacher in Paris.

    The “Caucasian Knot” has reported that on October 16, the teacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded in a suburb of Paris. The alleged killer posted a photo of the teacher’s severed head on the Twitter. He shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and was shot by the police. According to unofficial data, this is the 18-year-old Abdulak Anzorov, a Russian citizen of Chechen origin who lived in France.

    The French society is shocked by the teacher’s murder; and this may lead to deterioration in attitudes towards immigrants from Chechnya, Alexei Malashenko, a political analyst, and Leonid Syukiyainen, an Islamic scholar, believe. This will not happen if there is no emphasis on the criminal’s nationality, Akhmet Yarlykapov, a Caucasian expert, is sure.

    In the Instagram, Zelim Imadaev, a MMA fighter, has called Anzorov a “hero.” In his turn, Albert Duraev wrote that in France “the freedom of speech has lost its origin.”

    After the murder, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has stated that he treats a disrespectful attitude to Islam as a provocation.

    The assassination is not the first one for Charlie Hebdo’s ridiculing Islam. In January 2015, 12 people were killed in an attack on the editorial office of the magazine in Paris. The French law enforcers reacted to this by arresting ethnic Chechens.

    While many countries have held rallies in memory of the victims, in Grozny, the authorities staged a rally “We love Muhammad”. At the same time, Kadyrov had equated Charlie Hebdo journalists to “extremists.”

    in English:

  8. Latest I’ve heard – a few hours ago – is that the French authorities have laid over 80 “hate-speech” charges, in the aftermath.

    Charges not laid against Islamists, I’m sure …

  9. Ah yes, the typically Western European Response to Islamic Terror.
    I’m sure those Islamists are cowering in terror now from those Holy Candles and the Pollen from those flowers.

    All this oh so tolerant Morons make me sick, one tolerates an attack of the Piles, not members of murderous ideologies that want you dead and turn your Country into a Hellhole.

    There must be thousands upon thousands of unused Cargo Containers lying around, use those to deport these Maniacs to the Mariana Trench.

  10. The French are pathetic – they hate Catholics and love Islam and The Third World. They believe they are sophisticated.

    They are only Eloi waiting to be eaten by their new Warlock masters.

    • This is why I have changed my mind on WW2, too bad the Germans lost, for they would never have in a million years let these sub human savages of the 3rd world into Europe, the wrong side won. Now look at us. Oh well, war is inevitable now.

      • Oh really? You don’t know much about history – Muslim divisions fought for Hitler. Hitler himself admired Islam.
        A number of his German supporters fled to the Middle East and became Islamic ideologues.
        The Warsaw Uprising was suppressed by the Azerbaijanis. Entire battalions (Turkestan Legion) were formed from surrendered Soviet soldiers of Asian origin.
        Why do you think Stalin repressed the Chechens, Karachaevs and Crimean Tatars?

        • I know history all too well my friend, those very same muslim divisions turned on the Germans who then had them properly lined up against the ditches and walls. Not to be outdone, Tito shot hundreds of thousands and Stalin over a million after the war. Everyone from the Czars to the bloody communist has had to repress the muslims of southern Russia with a vengeance and you Russians still do, even though you never hear about it.

        • The Warsaw Uprising was put down by regular Army and Waffen SS divisions with very little from muslims from the Stans.

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