What Would Be Missing?

What would be missing?

by JLH

Discussions and reports about Islamization in the West tend to focus on violence between Muslims and non-Muslims and on the clash between civil liberties and sharia law. We rightly fear what Orwell feared, but do we even consider what ultimate cultural defeat would really mean? What would life be like if the Turks had taken Vienna, Charles Martel had lost at Tours, the Moors had never left Spain? Outside of elegant calligraphy, and marvelous architecture, what would inform our lives?

No one would rejoice with Rossini and Mozart, waltz with Strauss, rap with Offenbach, groove out with Vivaldi, triumph with Tchaikovsky, reverberate with Grieg.

Rembrandt and Breughel, Manet and Dürer would be replaced by Koranic calligraphy, and Raphael by domes and arches.

No one would chuckle with Rabelais and Chaucer, ponder with Faulkner and Dostoevsky, soar with Tennyson and Schiller, smile with Burns and Cervantes.

And none of us would ever leave a movie theater filled with the pathos, joy, sympathy and humor of Bergman, Capra, Ustinov, Wilder, Fellini, Eastwood.

Talk about a cultural wasteland!

6 thoughts on “What Would Be Missing?

  1. Yes. It’s only a very short distance to “better dead than Muslim”. Our choices if not already will soon be stark. Maybe mass unemployment and skint will wake up western nations to the occupation.

  2. This.


    This will no longer be permitted under Shariah. Everything will be reduced to dull, obtuse, stupefying adulation, headbanging the ground under toenail-curling ululations, subjugated to a bloody rule with cutting off hands for wrong-take and heads for wrong-think, every generation cut back if needed to be the same as the previous one, never ending until such a time when our sun runs out of hydrogen to burn which of course they will learn nothing about since everything their “prophet” knew is everything one ever needs to know.

    Idiotic beyond belief is our own ones’ blindness and pandering to this. The closeness between genius and madness seems to constitute the other side of the coin.

    • The Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, under
      “Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong”, has:
      “Righting the wrong by hand”, such as
      “breaking musical instruments” (q5.6).

  3. Meanwhile in Paris a Muslim
    stabs a few native French. Western EU still in denial. Forward to original country borders and controls. Then sort the Muslim devils out country by country. A plague worse than any pandemic. Otherwise you can easily guess the rest will be all blood and gore. It’s mind boggling than Muslims were allowed entry in the first place.


    Hey, at least we would have “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq” and other movies, where Islamic heroes battle and defeat the nefarious jews.

    And we would have the (what would be the Islamic counterpart to the Academy Award OSCAR?) TV serial “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” aka “Was it Fatmagüls fault?” about a raped woman that was THE most wanted hit in turkish TV – and other islamic countries. Not to forget they even sold ahem love dolls that looked like the slut Fatmagül and those dolls (inflatable) were sold out for months.


    By the way, we all know what type of internetpages are most watched in islamic countries. So, if the west and ist ahem love industry would not exist, where would they get those images, movies etc???
    (Remembering the book Caliphate by Tom Kratman, please dont answer this Question.)

  5. What would be missing? For a clue, look into any of the 40-something muslim countries that have been infected with the disease of islam. Thay contribute nothing to human kind. They don’t have science, innovation, art, music or literature. They don’t have a single outstanding university, orchestra or performing arts center. They don’t have a single research institution, a serious school of medicine. Any technology they possess is bought from foreigners, as they are uncapable of producing anything of value. The number of books published yearly by all 40 countries combined is less than that of a single impoverished country in South America. Even for the few wealthy countries among them, their wealth is totally undeserved, as it comes from the oil under their sand-filled deserts which they require foreign know-how to pump out from the underground, as they themselves are uncapable of doing it.

    There’s not been a single achievement of that cult disguised as religion in the last 1400 years. They will claim algebra or astronomy to be contributions of arabs. Sure, if you believe that plagiarism is equal to contributing. Islam stole the ideas of algebra from the Hindus, and doing what they do best, cheating and lying, made the world believe that it was theirs.

    So the world would largey look like Pakistan, Afghanistan or any of the other “-stans”. A lawless, noisy, chaotic cluttering of warring chieftains in filthy kasbahs and bazars where tribalism, corruption and crime would rule over society. An insane cult of a paedophile murderer who incites lying, killing, bigotry, mysogyny, antisemitism upon its “believers”. A “culture” that would still be riding camels and donkeys along streets covered with feces, where the only reading material would be the violent koran and where medicine would be limited to drinking camel’s urine. A place where “getting an education” would amount to reading and repeating the sick rants and blabbering of the master paedophile. A society that by construction would consist of first-class citizens (the believers), second-rate oppressed women and third-class slaves and infidels, as every freedom is forbidden. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion and freedom of choice would be outruled. Citizens would be punished by death if they dared to question the “prophet”, and where hundreds of extravagant restrictions would either land you in jail, get your hands chopped off or worst, your head removed from the rest of your body.

    Thanks but no thanks.

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