The SPD Wants More Migrants for Germany!

Dramatis personae:

  • Saskia Esken is the co-leader of the Social Democratic Party in Germany.
  • Alice Weidel is the co-leader (with Alexander Gauland) of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politikstube:

Saskia Esken (SPD) has not learned anything and is calling for more migrants to be accepted!

From Alice Weidel:

SPD leader Saskia Esken speaks out in favor of even more asylum seekers in Germany; after all, there is enough space here and a safe haven.

The background is the left-wing action in front of the Reichstag yesterday, where activists set up 13,000 chairs to draw attention to the Greek migrant camps and to protest against racism.

Why weren’t the costs for the installation actually passed on to the people on-site?

The initiators Seebrücke, Sea-Watch, LeaveNoOneBehind and Campact call on politicians to “finally end the humanitarian catastrophe at the European external borders and to evacuate the camps”.

With it you run into open doors at the SPD.

In contrast, their own voters, who once made the comrades into a proud workers’ party, have long been forgotten or even openly disregarded.

The recent demands — ideally, the whole Moria camp of 13,000 people should be accommodated — are a strong reminder of the events of 2015.

Back then, too, the cold season was just around the corner, and Merkel gave the initial ignition to effectively make public order and internal security ineffective for everyone with the open borders.

For Esken, who worships anti-fascists, the chaos in the country is far from being enough.

There is no other way of explaining why one now intends to build on the events of 2015.

As a densely-populated state with limited living space, Germany does not have the opportunity to be infinitely humanitarian, nor is the welfare state capable of doing so.

Five years after Merkel’s catastrophic decision, the majority of immigrants are still not integrated, and the steadily growing crime rate is pushing the rule of law to its limits.

Adding even more migrants to this mix would be beyond common sense.

2015 must not be repeated!

14 thoughts on “The SPD Wants More Migrants for Germany!

    • In case it escaped your history class, but, the communists(antifa) almost took over Germany, if the ole brown shirts didn’t show up and Purge those communists, Germany would have become a communist state that would have made the naxis look like amateur hour. Say what you like, but Germany is about to fall to the very least a military takeover as Merkel and her communist minions destroy Germany, an military strongman will be the inevitable result. Should return the Kaiser to the throne to rule.

  1. Muslims massing for the biggest kufar killing fields in there entire long history of killing and eradicating non believers. Diversity trained leadership has left the new generation of Eueaders with diversity qualification before any leadership or track record. Boris Johnson goes back on his agreement with European mainland. Yet he just can’t break the law to stop his cousins army building daily to wage war of destruction on the infidel’s society – from within. Does zero to secure anyone. More concerned about his Muslim relatives in Turkey. Never a word opposing Erdogan. Patel is a sick joke. She looks diverse all rights reserved. A non stater. Diverse with no qualifications or experience in a world at war. The patriots leading the apparent silent majority will of course as usual have to pick up the pieces. Hitler just would not listen. Neither do the showers that be today. Now the eastern front is coming to you – arriving on dingoes every hour. What happened to “An Englishman’s word is his bond”. How could Trump not be voted in for another term with the widest margin in history.

  2. Prime Muslims join the Prime fellow hustler Boris the untrustworthy ex-parakeet mayor liar and empty space Patel. How do these looney diverse characters get past go.

    • Diversity + Proximity = Conflict. History has demonstrated this time and time again, yet the traitors on the left are hell bent on destroying our western nations with their good intentions.

      • The Germans would have to find their gonads again. Highly unlikely in the near term. I find it ironic that the leadership of the AfD being female is more masculine than ersatz German males.

        • Ah my dear Moon, don’t count out those pesky Germans quite yet, the anger is a slow to rise, but once it blows, look out. Once you get out of the effeminate large cities, those Germans in the smaller cities and towns do have balls bigger than bowling balls and are not afraid to show you, especially in the eastern half. They can go from passive to super nationalist in about a half a heartbeat.

  3. With great pleasure we will send all the afroasian garbage we have in Moria,to Germany.
    We love our country and we are determined to live free and christians.

    Today this afroasian garbage are responsible,under the guidance of Erdogan,for 76
    arsons all over Greece,even in the north suberbs of Athens.

  4. Where is the in depth analysis that more immigrants, refugees, saracen invaders, parasites, etc is needed, and previous waves of such people is a benefit to the nation? I thought the western culture was scientifically based.

    • Seehofer and Merkel absolutely hate one another with a passion, but keep it in house. Merkel will be gone shortly and Sehofer will hold the reigns and he isn’t shy about not wanting anymore 3rd world parasites in Germany. The German people will not put up with these 3rd worlders for too much longer before groups of Germans band together and start Purging them. You already see it in the smaller German towns where you never hear about it.

  5. It’s a lot easier to let refugees in than to get rid of them. For one thing, many of them destroy their documents, on the advice of their coyote traffickers. This does make it more difficult to deport them, but also prevents them from going home, even if they want to. Essentially, any country that admitted them is stuck with them until they can unload them on some other country. Some countries give them transit privileges, but that only works if their destination countries continue to neglect their own borders.

    I believe Israel had a solution: they contracted with some African warlord to accept all blacks without identity papers. It was kind of rough on the people involved, but served the same purpose as refusing to pick up floundering refugee boats in the ocean. Lots of lives get saved by discouraging people from putting themselves in danger, but you do get a few deaths up front.

    My suspicion is that the SPD, like the US Democrats, favor admitting refugees for the election boosts they will get. Also, you get freaks like Merkel, obviously a genetically defective person, who are motivated above all else, to destroy their own community.

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