The Latest Coronanews From Germany

Germany has one of the most totalitarian COVID regimes in the world, possibly the most severe outside China (although Britain is also in the running). Yet, oddly enough, public dissent in Germany about the government’s draconian behavior is more robust than just about anywhere else in the West, as you can see in the two videos below.

The first is a report from Aurich in Lower Saxony on the forcible COVID-testing of schoolchildren without their parents’ permission. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video is a sober, reasoned monologue by a urologist named Yves Oberndörfer. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

01:16   Our second topic is about a really bad phone call I received from a mother
01:21   with a child attending the Waldorf School. Something happened there today, and she was furious.
01:28   I completely understand why. She called me to say that at the Waldorf School,
01:35   a child enrolled there has a sibling who has been suspected
01:41   of having Corona since the 28th of August.
01:47   The child is suspected of having Corona.
01:50   So today the health department marched into the Waldorf School
01:54   and told students they would all be tested for Corona.
02:00   The parents weren’t informed. Apparently, the teachers weren’t informed either.
02:04   I think that’s pretty tough considering these are 9- and 10-year olds in the 4th grade.
02:11   Some of them started to cry and others wanted to jump out the window.
02:17   They said to each other, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” The children were told that
02:20   their parents were informed, and that it was explained to them, which is obviously not the case.
02:25   The children were misled, and now it isn’t clear what the repercussions will be.
02:30   In any case, every child was tested by the health department.
02:34   I must say, this is a very clear example that Corona
02:39   has disabled our rule of law. Normally, parents
02:43   are asked to give their permission for examinations. Even for a visit by a dentist to the school.
02:47   To be able just to have a look in a child’s mouth the parents have to sign a permission slip.
02:54   That’s nothing compared to what happened here. They just entered the school and have now sent
02:58   some children home under quarantine.
03:02   Those children were told that they need to stay in their rooms
03:06   and can no longer have any contact with their siblings or visit their grandparents.
03:14   The mother who called me said that following that, children began to cry.
03:19   One child said that her grandmother took care of her, etc. etc.
03:23   Now if everything this mother told me was true,
03:28   then it is an incredible scandal.
03:33   A savage attack on rights with a total lack of respect for anything or anyone when it comes to
03:39   suspected Corona cases. Everything is being destroyed.
03:42   This entire 4th grade class has now forced into quarantine.
03:45   These children now have to wait in their rooms until Friday
03:50   when the test results are ready.
03:55   That’s something I wanted to quickly share with you.
03:59   There are other interesting topics that we are working on
04:03   and will be presenting in the next few days.
04:06   This was just a quick update. As I said, street construction and Corona,
04:10   two disagreeable topics today. Wednesday.
04:13   It’s as bad as the weather here at the moment. That’s just how it is sometimes.
04:16   Have a nice evening, take care and see you soon. Ciao, ciao!

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Dear friends of democracy, my name is Yves Oberndörfer,
00:03   and I am a specialist in Urology, Andrology and drug therapy for tumors.
00:09   Today is the first of September 2020.
00:13   For the past 30 years now, during emergency services, my studies, in the clinic,
00:17   and in the practice, I had daily dangerous and deadly diseases
00:21   and infections to deal with. Covid-19 is not one of them.
00:26   In the meantime, immunity in Germany has progressed so far,
00:29   that all measures for the benefit of my patients
00:33   and the entire population must be abolished.
00:36   Since the end of March I have advised every one of my patients
00:39   who asked, to calm down and put aside their fear.
00:43   Yes, I too was worried until February.
00:46   The force of the media also impressed me,
00:50   Now my medical responsibility forces me to make this video,
00:54   and not only to inform my patients.
00:57   I’ve been of the opinion since the end of March, that this “pandemic”,
01:01   as we doctors say, only exists as a laboratory pandemic.
01:05   That means it is diagnosed in the laboratory,
01:08   without it being known whether the person is or is becoming SICK.
01:12   And for whatever reason, testing continues.
01:17   You cannot tell from a positive laboratory finding whether a person is or will be SICK.
01:22   The most important question that everyone can and should ask is,
01:27   and can do this on the RKI website,
01:30   “WHERE ARE ALL THE DEAD?” with such dramatically rising numbers
01:34   as some politicians would have you believe?
01:38   A dangerous disease is determined by the dead, not the infected.
01:43   The media and politicians create a one-sided picture here.
01:47   According to the latest data from the CDC, Centers for Disease Control in the USA,
01:52   that is the comparable Robert Koch Institute, RKI in Germany,
01:57   only 6% died causally of SARS-Cov2.
02:03   Every single one is to be mourned, and there are also risk groups who should protect themselves;
02:08   that’s something we don’t need to discuss here.
02:11   2018… we had to grieve for over 20,000 deaths during the flu epidemic,
02:16   and none of the epidemiologists and politicians,
02:19   in particular the “Lord of Flies” was interested,
02:23   let alone shut down the country.
02:26   For this reason, as a Medical Doctor
02:29   who has taken his oath for the good of the people,
02:32   I’ve inevitably come to the realization, that these government measures,
02:35   the opposition to which unfortunately does not exist,
02:38   were and continue to be disproportionate.
02:42   The dismantling of democracy through increasing restrictions on the Constitution,
02:47   which in the context of the hollowed-out Infections Protection Act is to be withdrawn.
02:52   Every doctor has the duty to check these figures
02:55   to see if these measures are helpful for his patients at all,
02:59   or cause them harm.
03:02   Dear Sirs or Madams from the RKI,
03:05   where is your clinical experience? Why do veterinarians
03:08   and laboratory physicians have decision-making powers
03:11   about measures for humans? That needs to be changed urgently,
03:14   and such a profound decision for society
03:18   must not be performed by a veterinarian or a laboratory physician,
03:22   but should be decided through a panel of experts consisting of different faculties
03:27   and clinically active physicians.
03:30   As soon as a representative of this body disagrees,
03:33   then this has to be checked just like the opinion of the majority.
03:39   Democracy is too weak here, it must be strengthened
03:42   also by the people as the final authority.
03:46   According to the Infection Protection Act, the situation must be regularly reassessed.
03:51   One would have recognized early back in March,
03:54   before the lockdown, that the wave was already flattened.
03:57   Coronaviruses have a seasonal frequency
04:01   between November and March in the northern hemisphere.
04:04   They are usually not very pathogenic.
04:07   The mask requirement for adults and children, which has nevertheless been introduced,
04:11   is disproportionate, and does more harm than good.
04:14   Through these measures decided by well-known politicians our country will become
04:18   DIVIDED. Also in my practice dramatic scenes are played out.
04:23   I’d like to present a few brief examples of this.
04:27   Tumor operations and other operations were canceled by the clinics,
04:31   due to the now well-known fears of overcrowding,
04:35   and on the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of Health,
04:39   or moved to a later date.
04:42   People at the age of 90 and others living in old people’s homes were locked in their rooms,
04:47   were banned from attending their partner’s funerals.
04:51   Dementia sufferers were neglected due the incarceration in their rooms.
04:56   Who has the right to lock up these old people, so they cannot accompany
05:00   their loved one on the last journey, or see them one more time?
05:03   These people helped build this country.
05:06   Where is the identity of this country and the love for these old people?
05:11   Even today, in some of the hospitals the right to visit
05:15   and the visiting time of the relatives is still being discussed or limited in time,
05:19   although every doctor knows that this does NOT contribute to recovery.
05:24   Why are you playing along with this, dear colleagues?
05:27   One of my tumor patients sat in front of me
05:30   and informed me that he no longer wanted to come to me
05:33   because he’s so afraid of being locked up in his room again for the next 14 days.
05:39   It’s worse than being in jail.
05:42   They have at least “relaxation of enforcement” he said with tears in his eyes.
05:47   Children are now forced into a mask, which, according to the WHO
05:51   at the beginning of the alleged pandemic, would be of no use.
05:55   Then again, etc. etc. The WHO flag shifts direction according to the wind,
06:00   as required by politics.
06:03   The fact is, the mouth and nose mask offers protection
06:06   from touching your own face, but not from viruses.
06:11   Children unlearn communication and do not recognize non-verbal communication
06:16   because the face is hidden under a mask.
06:19   The long-term damage to the smallest children in particular is not foreseeable.
06:25   Is this still the Federal Republic of Germany in which I grew up?
06:30   Article 1 of the Constitution is actually clear, just like Article 2 of the Constitution is.
06:35   The integrity of the body applies to ALL people,
06:38   also for those who want to decide for themselves,
06:42   and should NEVER have been restricted by any other law.
06:47   The hyped solidarity that the politicians demand of you,
06:52   and demand, and break themselves daily is disgraceful.
06:57   I am not a vaccination opponent, but a future vaccination requirement is in my opinion ASSAULT,
07:04   and has nothing to do with Article 2 of the Constitution on human dignity and physical integrity.
07:10   Democracy is gradually being restricted, The digitization strategy for tapping big data
07:16   from the practices and hospitals in the health sector
07:20   is being pushed forward in the shadow of the “pandemic”,
07:24   and data protection to protect our patient further…
07:27   Where are the data protection officers?
07:30   Dear fellow citizens and colleagues, check the numbers on the RKI website.
07:36   Do not equate infection with sick people,
07:40   and start distinguishing between whether the person died OF SARS-Cov2 or WITH.
07:46   It makes perfect sense to distinguish between these.
07:50   To the media and politicians, stop spreading panic and fear,
07:56   stop driving a wedge into the population,
07:59   Dissenters as Covidiots, “Reichsbürger”,
08:02   or to curse or insult them as anti-Semites.
08:05   How can such a “discussion culture”
08:08   be staged by the media and politicians and be accepted?
08:13   Everyone has a bad day at one point or another — I don’t excuse myself there either —
08:16   but for SIX MONTHS?
08:19   I still learned that journalism should only be objective,
08:23   should be allowed to report, and should always illuminate BOTH sides,
08:27   and never tendentiously, as is currently the case.
08:31   When I watch discussions in the Bundestag, I shudder.
08:35   Half of them stare like zombies into their cellphones,
08:38   ignore the speaker who has tried to do the research
08:41   and tries to represent a part of his voters.
08:44   The other half don’t let the speaker finish
08:48   but scream from left to right in between, and try to bring the speaker out of his concept.
08:54   They’re NOT listening to the other. Dear politicians,
08:58   simply put, YOU are our employees.
09:01   We have chosen you as our representatives, to be our voice.
09:06   WE pay your salaries. Then start to behave like that,
09:10   be humane and critical of the truth
09:14   that lobbyists want to sell you as such,
09:17   and stop butting into areas of which you understand nothing.
09:22   Politics tries to convince people that vaccination is inevitable,
09:27   is the ONLY saving agent;
09:30   without vaccination, normality is NO longer possible.
09:35   This new MR&I vaccination has NOT been adequately tested.
09:39   There are no long-term data, let alone long-term studies.
09:44   The pharmaceutical industry would like to disclaim all responsibility
09:47   for a possible vaccination and consequential damage NOW,
09:50   and hand this responsibility over to the state.
09:53   Dear colleagues, if the permanent vaccination commission, STIKO,
09:56   does not issue a vaccination recommendation, YOU will be fully responsible.
10:02   But also with a possible recommendation from STIKO,
10:05   you are not only morally liable, but also financially,
10:08   through possible claims for damages.
10:11   Maybe this POSSIBLE monetary loss will stimulate you to think about it?
10:17   To finish this off, I have a confession to make. Yes, I’ve been a so-called COVIDIOT since March,
10:23   have already been censored in a well-known medical forum
10:26   after I wanted to draw attention to
10:29   the fact that the increasing restrictions could lead
10:32   and stimulate thought that fascism begins where the other is defamed
10:38   and gradually bullied.
10:41   This, dear forum, speaks against Article 5 in the Constitution.
10:47   Democracy has to be able to withstand other opinions, even if they don’t suit you.
10:53   Yes I was in Berlin on the 1st and 29th of August.
10:57   No, I did NOT get sick, nor anyone else who was there with me.
11:01   No, I’m not a Right, Left, Above or Below radical.
11:06   I am firmly convinced that democracy is a form of society that is worth living in.
11:11   I am not uneasy about basic democracy, either,
11:15   like many a well-known female personality
11:19   with a certain tendency towards the shape of a Rhombus.
11:23   A clever man who grew up during World War I
11:26   once told me: “Boy, watch out when the newspapers and television
11:31   just write the same thing, spread fear and horror,
11:35   and want to build an enemy image.
11:39   Then something is terribly wrong; you grab your bundle and disappear.”
11:43   That is currently the case. No, I won’t go away,
11:47   because the country I grew up in is also my country.
11:51   That being said, every country in the world is currently
11:55   afflicted by this “defective” development.
12:00   “Wake me up” is a 2016 song covered by Xavier Naidoo,
12:04   which originally came from Sammy Deluxe in 2001.
12:09   I wish that this song by Xavier and Sammy could reach everyone in Germany.
12:15   WAKE UP. Dear fellow citizens, in conclusion:
12:20   Be vigilant, critical, democratic, loving and peaceful,
12:24   and form your OWN opinion.
12:27   Do not be seduced and dominated by lies.
12:31   And do NOT forget when the ladies and gentlemen turn their flags into the wind
12:36   who was and is responsible for this humanitarian, worldwide catastrophe.
12:43   Many thanks to all colleagues who helped me open my eyes at the end of March.
12:49   In particular, Bodo Schiffmann, a long-known university friend whom I have found again.
12:54   I am particularly pleased
12:57   that you’re not alone, my friend. Doc Ulli,
13:01   Mr. Wolfgang Wodark and especially Mr. Sucharit Bhakdi for his versions,
13:06   as well as all colleagues and all other people
13:09   who are honest and support the preservation of democracy,
13:12   and are engaged against the advancing digitization in the health-care sector.
13:17   A proverb says: “Those who speak the truth need a fast horse.”
13:23   The eager readers know the rest.
13:26   Dear Mr. Reitschuster, I hope I have quoted you correctly.
13:30   Keep it up; the truth always prevails. To all alternative media,
13:34   such as the Democratic Resistance, Rubicon, KenFM, Beatle TV,
13:39   and all that I’ve forgotten and are democratic, to all police officers,
13:43   soldiers, judges, public prosecutors,
13:46   fellow citizens and sincere politicians,
13:49   as well as to all social media: We need you, for us and our children.
13:55   Have a long and peaceful life. Yours, Yves.

5 thoughts on “The Latest Coronanews From Germany

  1. “although Britain is also in the running” very much an understatement, as a matter of fact you could argue it’s more draconian than China, unless the Chinese also have a ban in place for more than six people in one place. The latest Boris Johnson has suggested are COVID Marshall’s who are going to enforce these new laws alongside the police. In Wuhan China on the other hand, people are having mass pool parties.

  2. You are correct, the UK is in Thrall to the Secretary of State for Health,Matt Hancock.

    For some unfathomable reason, Prime Minister Johnson is ignoring the more sensible voices in government and allowing Mr Hancock to ride roughshod over people’s individual rights and liberties.

    I don’t think this is going to end well.

  3. “Germany has one of the most totalitarian COVID regimes in the world, possibly the most severe outside China (although Britain is also in the running).”

    In what way? For quite some time, I’ve got the impression, there must be a severe misunderstanding on that point. I mean, there are news on this site like the one about the Spanish boy and the Corona mask, or not being able to see a hairdresser in California (in Germany, those shops have been able to reopen since May), then there was this county somewhere in the U.S., where people were (or still are?) supposed to wear masks even in their own homes, and in Australia, people can’t even leave the country without their government’s consent (

    And yet, you write something like this. I live in Germany, and I don’t understand it. I agree, our government’s policy about Corona is quite idiotic (and often seems erratic), simply because there is no Corona anymore (look at the statistics here:, at least no severe cases, and they still act as if there was any kind of mortal peril, but “the most totalitarian COVID regimes in the world, possibly the most severe outside China”? When they shut off vast parts of Italy during spring and noone was allowed to leave their homes in Italy, France and Spain?

    • It it probably in reference to the rabid efforts by the government to block protesters at all costs, including trying to illegalize demonstrations in Berlin on the pretext of “social distancing”

  4. There are multiple reasons why politicians would carry out an irrational clampdown. One is plain politics: benefit the favored political party, as the Democrats in the US. Another reason is a psychological need for power on the part of the bureaucrat or government official. Michigan governor Whitmer is a primary example of that.

    But, I believe a lot of the root is simple timidity. The officials do not want to be blamed for any deaths. They understand that very few of their constituency even understand the concept of costs and benefits. Even Tucker Carlson, one of the bravest of the cable commentators, has not flat-out said “deaths resulting from stopping the restrictions have simply got to be accepted as a part of life”. It’s like the decision to pull the plug on a hopelessly-comatose patient. Somebody has to take the responsibility for actually making a decision.

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