Priest Murdered by Culture-Enricher in Como

Como is a city in Lombardy in northern Italy. A Catholic priest, Don Roberto Malgesini, was stabbed to death yesterday in Como by a culture-enricher. Fr. Roberto was a refugee-helper, and was known to his attacker.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The translator includes this introductory note:

This crime has shocked all of Italy. It is not in the video, but the name of the killer is Ridha Mahmoudi, a 53-year-old from Tunisia. He is homeless, said to have psychiatric problems, and turned himself into the police while expressing no remorse. He has a series of petty crimes on his record, and was under a deportation order.

The tragic incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%:

Video transcript:

00:01   He was always on the front line, always fighting… hardship,
00:05   helping people in difficulty. Everything for all
00:10   …a friend today?
00:13   More than friend… Let’s say a street companion.
00:17   He was a street companion for all of us.
00:21   His door was always open, his hand outstretched. Don Roberto Malgesini,
00:25   51, years old, was a street priest, always on the side of “the last ones”.
00:29   He was a person of great simplicity, who didn’t [unintelligible] establish anything,
00:33   but only wanted to be with “the last ones”. Period.
00:36   He spent every morning, going out to…
00:40   Carrying meals, looking for [unintelligible], then he had all his rounds.
00:43   Como in the San Rocco Parish, 7 in the morning, as every day,
00:47   Don Roberto goes out on his usual round, carrying meals
00:51   to “the last ones” who live on the street, is stabbed on the steps a short distance from his home.
00:55   The man who struck him, an illegal immigrant, at the mouth of this tunnel
00:58   which leads under the street, and from here the Carabinieri go to investigate.
01:02   A Tunisian with psychiatric problems — Don Roberto knew his attacker. He has lived in the city
01:06   for several years, and he had always helped him. What happened remains to be established.
01:11   I arrived here at 7:30. On arriving, I saw
01:15   a body on the street all bloody, and the policeman didn’t permit me to get close.
01:21   Your eyes are glazed this morning. You have lost a friend.
01:24   Uh, in fact, I am very sad this morning.
01:29   Today in Como, so many have lost a friend, or a contact, a colleague, a street companion.
01:33   This evening, the city will remember Don Roberto in a rosary at the cathedral.

11 thoughts on “Priest Murdered by Culture-Enricher in Como

    • I suppose he would at least qualify for a Darwin Award, but being a Catholic priest already should have qualified him.

      Regardless, he didn’t deserve to meet such a cruel fate for trying to do good even if it was misguided and ignorant.

    • He was helping many people, who are literally on the road and also in jail; he was not specifically helping migrants to come and cross the sea.

  1. Help them more !!, that’s what You get later , nothing but horrific murder, stay away from this savages as far as You can , those evils , they don’t even know what appreciation is , so don’t even bother, Ypu can save Your life ..

  2. Just imagine this crime would be reported with the same vigour as the death of “Saint” George.

    I wouldnt be surprised if then the first ten pages of the newspaper would be About such crimes and then on page 11 we would find one or two cases of “Saint” George and his “Friends”.

    • This crime received very short coverage in italy… The dead is a catholic priest, so it is not on the news. But of it would have been a migrant, it would have been hugely reported for weeks.

  3. The road to Hell is always paved with good intentions. This priest honestly thought he was immune from Islamic terrorists because helping these 3rd world vermin was supposed to spare him from such things. Don’t worry, there will be more. As a Catholic myself, it saddens me to see this, but when you dance with the Devil, the devil always gets his due. Deo Volente!

  4. Simple, put up a violence free zone sign. Problem solved.
    The egalitarian people’s collective utopia doesn’t care about facts or human nature comrades.
    The rainbow Benetton paradise will be glorious.
    Meet me by the magic chocolate fountain and will ride our unicorns together to the rainbow fields.
    Yes we can!

  5. Poor degenerated EUROGIANT. Just too drunk and mixed up to care about anything other than feelings over facts. Imagine the enemy just strolls up the beach or off some taxpayer national craft or other into officer accommod-
    actions. Maybe if we treat them nice they will treat us nice.

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