Moving On

This was the new “sticky” post for the extended summer fundraiser. It was first posted on September 1; scroll down for lots of newer articles and videos.

Final Update September 10, 9:00pm EDT

The end of the summer fundraiser is already more than two weeks overdue, and fall will officially begin in just a few more days, so it’s time to put an end to this bleg. Even though I haven’t made a final decision about which alternative to PayPal to use, I’ve taken this post off sticky and will let it recede in the rearview mirror while I consider my options.

The snail-mail response to my appeal was nothing short of astonishing. The total raised by that and other methods was well over 50% of the average, enough to see me through at least one more quarter without any difficulty. I thank you all for your amazing generosity, and thank-you emails are still being sent out.

I had to rule out several possible alternative payment services for various reasons — they wouldn’t accept me, or they didn’t allow for “donate” buttons, or they required a cell phone, etc. There are several more that I haven’t looked at yet, and two that I am actively considering, TipSmack and GiveSendGo. The former takes a 10% cut, which is the main reason I haven’t yet signed up. The latter is a free Christian fundraising service, and looks promising. I’ll be examining it more closely in the next day or two.

I may end up trying both of them, so as to have a more robust fundraising capability. I’ll continue to offer the possibility of using snail mail, for those who don’t want to see 10% of their gift siphoned off.

Which reminds me: if you want to send a snail-mail donation, please email me at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net, and I’ll send the address to you.

Of the other methods used to send donations, Western Union looked promising. However, today I received this note from one of my British donors, who had sent money to me that way:

I think I have been cancelled by Western Union!

When I sent that payment to you, that was the first time I had anything to do with them. At the time I didn’t include your email address because it said it was optional. I was just thinking of sending you another payment, and on this occasion I included your email address, thinking you would be advised at the same time as I made the payment.

Guess what happened?

I went to send the money, and before the payment was authorised I got some message that came up on the screen saying something like, ‘Payment cannot be made — your status is being reviewed’, whatever that means.

They have since said, ‘Sorry we can’t make the payment for you,” without giving any further explanation.

They gave me a UK number to ring, so I thought I would ask for an explanation. I just got this message ‘calls to this number are barred.’

I told him it was starting to sound like a Thomas Pynchon novel.

So it looks like Western Union may be out, but we’ll see.

When I’ve settled on one or more online payments services, I’ll let you know. And I’ll be holding another fundraiser, but given all the complications, I don’t know whether it will be autumn or winter.

The astonishingly generous donations flowed in from:

Stateside: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

Far Abroad: Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand, and the UK

Canada: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan

Australia: Victoria

I’ll see you when the weather gets cold!

Update September 5 8:45pm EDT

I’ll take a break from the relentless fundraising saga and tell a little story.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the cardiologist’s to take my first-ever stress test. For those of you who haven’t had one, that’s when they make you walk on a treadmill and increase the speed until you almost have a heart attack.

OK, that’s not fair; it isn’t really that awful. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had expected. They just worked me harder than I ever work myself, with EKG leads and a blood pressure collar attached. I was breathing hard and sick of it by the time they let me quit, but it was generally OK. The good news is that my heart performed normally, and my blood pressure did exactly what was expected of it. Despite my advanced age, my heart is apparently in good shape.

I celebrated the occasion late this afternoon by going out in the early-onset fall weather and doing some heavy-duty lawnmowing. I have a big new 8.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton push mower (not self-propelled), and I wrestled with it non-stop for an hour and a half in the difficult areas alongside the driveway, at the edge of the woods. Without being nervous or anxious, because I’d been worked harder than that with an EKG attached, and passed with flying colors. No need to worry!

When I mow the lawn, I limit myself to a single tank of gas, so as not to overdo it, and that usually means an hour to an hour and a half. When I was done and sat down to rest on the front porch, I felt great.

It made me think of something Isak Dinesen wrote. I’m paraphrasing, because I never actually read it myself — Dymphna read it to me decades ago, and it was so striking that I have retained the gist of it ever since. Ms. Dinesen listed the three conditions necessary for true happiness: To live in the absence of pain, to feel in oneself a sufficiency of strength, and to know that one is doing the will of God.

Life is good.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

On my way out yesterday I picked up the mail, and found several new donations waiting for me — thank you all very much. As it happened, all of them were in cash, so after my cardio-torture was over I went to a nearby supermarket to stock up on groceries, and then filled the gas tank for the trip home. I even had enough cash left over for a cup of coffee. OK, so not a cup of Starbucks coffee, but enough for McDonalds. Coffee is coffee.

Many years ago, during the recession of the early ’80s, I was painting pictures and Dymphna was eking out a period of unemployment with whatever odd jobs she could find. Those were LEAN times — there were some months when we only had a couple hundred bucks to get by on.

Sometimes, when I got fretful and anxious about how we were going to make ends meet, Dymphna would look at me serenely and say: “The Lord will provide.” And He always did. All those years of limited resources, with a child to raise, and we always got by. And we were even comfortable. The future Baron never knew until much later, when he was sophisticated enough to understand such things, that we had been a poor family for much of his childhood.

The attitude Dymphna inculcated in me back then has remained. The Lord will provide. It was true then, and it’s true now.

So PayPal has cut me off — so what? I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing. And I’ll figure something out, just like we always did when there were two of us doing the figuring.

Update September 3 4:15pm EDT

Once again my plans for setting up a new donate button have been stymied. I set up an account with a new service that looked promising. First they verified my email, then my bank account details. After that I tried to figure out how to set up a donate button linking to the service. I wandered through a labyrinth of information both on the service’s website, and on forums that discuss it.

Finally I found a phone number that I could use to call an actual human being working for the company. It took just three minutes to learn that the service doesn’t allow for forms or quick links that can be used for donation buttons — that is, you have to visit their website and set up an account to send money to someone. That’s why I had so much trouble figuring out how to do it: it couldn’t be done.

In the meantime, I tried to set up a bitcoin wallet using Coinbase. First they verified my email address, and then they needed a phone number so that they could send me an SMS or text.

As it happens, I have no cell/mobile phone. There is no coverage out here in the remote outback of the Central Virginia Piedmont, so there’s no point to my having one. Not only that, the condition of my eyes makes it very difficult to look at those infuriatingly tiny screens. It hurts my eyes whenever anybody tries to show me a map or a photo of their grandchild on their phone. I’m polite, so I dutifully oblige, but look away as soon as I can to avoid getting a headache.

So no cell phone for me. Besides, I wouldn’t want a cell phone in any case, since that would mean surrendering the last vestiges of my personal privacy. If you have a cell phone, and you’re on Facebook, and you have GPS in your vehicle, you might as well leave your wallet, your passport, and your checkbook on a park bench. The government and major corporations know everything about you that can be learned without bugging the headboard of your bed. And actually, if you leave your cellphone on your night table when you turn out the light and snuggle up with your preferred source of nocturnal comfort, that’s just as good as a bug in the headboard.

Some companies (I think PayPal is one) allow landline alternatives — they’ll assign a robot to call you and read out the code number you have to type in the computer form. But Coinbase doesn’t have any such option, so Coinbase is out.

I looked at a couple of other wallet alternatives, and they both involved downloading apps for my — hah! — cell phone. After that I gave up on bitcoin.

I have a list of other payments services that I’m going to gradually work my way through. Last night I looked at one called TipSmack. It looked like the best option so far, except for one thing: it takes 10% of each transaction, which makes PayPal look like a non-profit charity by comparison.

If I decide to use TipSmack, I’ll put up a prominent notice about their usurious rate, and allow people the option of donating by snail mail instead of having so much of their gift siphoned off.

In the meantime, while I’m hassling with all this, if you want to send a snail-mail donation, please email me at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net, and I’ll send the address to you.

It’s extremely encouraging to see how many people have taken me up on that option. The list of locations for donors (including the final ones from PayPal) now looks like this:

Stateside: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin

Far Abroad: Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the UK

Canada: British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan

Australia: Victoria

The “sticky” post I first put up on August 17 has to keep the August permalink, so I’ve taken the stickiness off it and will let it slide into the past, replacing it with this one. It, too, will stay on top until I have either found a viable alternative to PayPal, or get tired of the hassles and decide to stop trying.

As most of you know by now, PayPal cut me off at the start of the summer fundraiser. I’m in no doubt that the decision — after their fourteen years of unblemished transactions with me — was entirely a political one, but I’d never be able to prove it in a court of law, not without hiring an army of expensive lawyers.

If anyone wants to send a snail-mail donation during this interim period, please email me at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net, and I’ll send the address to you.

This afternoon I’ll get on the phone with the new payments service and see if I can iron out the difficulties I’m having. If that doesn’t work, I’ll investigate yet another alternative.

Many thanks to everyone who has sent snail-mail donations so far. I’m especially heartened by the number of people who have written to ask for the address without ever having donated before. That’s a good sign.

50 thoughts on “Moving On

    • I did. If I remember rightly, you have to post your content on SubscribeStar’s platform to use its fundraising capabilities, and I don’t want to do that.

      • I see SubscribeStar on Bitchute videos. I see no downside in asking SubscribeStar if indeed you have to post your content on their platform.

        Wikipedia says: In November 2018, BitChute was banned from PayPal.[18][19] PayPal also banned Alex Jones, the Proud Boys, Tommy Robinson, and several anti-fascist groups at the same time.[18]

        In January 2019, BitChute announced in a post on Gab that they would move their domains over to Epik, a small domain registrar known for accepting the registration of websites that host far-right content.[11][20]

  1. “I’m especially heartened by the number of people who have written to ask for the address without ever having donated before. That’s a good sign.”

    Aren’t you worried this could include the wrong people, who might use the information to cause you harm. I haven’t got a better idea either, but it would be wise to not be naive about it. Is it expensive to get a P.O. Box over there and does it afford protection of your residential address, i.e. can’t be revealed without a court order or something?

      • Actually I don’t because I haven’t asked because from where I live now the closest bank selling foreign notes is 250 km away and they don’t do mail orders. If you want to say that you have a level of protection there then I’m happy to know that! I can be a bit spontaneous and naive myself and sometimes jump to conclusions. Cheers!

        • Actually, I want to say as little as possible, as a general rule. It seems the prudent course.

    • K from Germany: I can’t reply to your email; my message keeps bouncing.

      Your email provider says:

      “ESMTP Service not available”

      among other arcana.

    • K from Germany: Replying to the email address on your latest message generated a bounce, too.

      FWIW, this was the bounce message:

      SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:< [email address] >:
      550 5.7.1 Policy rejection on the target address

  2. I write 666 on those flimsy throwaway masks. A dunce cap would look sporty with a face diaper obedience muzzle or mask on.
    That is how the inbred elites view the useless eaters that they are out to cull.
    If I hit the lotto (LOL!) I’ll send some filthy lucre but right now I’m too broke to pay attention.
    It is groceries über alles in the happy motoring shoppers of the world unite glorious workers utopia.
    Forward! Yes we can…burn it all down.

  3. Obviously the best solution would be to have a paypal-like payment system to receive donations. However, if this cannot be achieved, and if you cannot use bitcoin, there is a third option available to you. You could use Amazon. Granted, it would be a slightly cumbersome way of doing things, and the downside is that you would have to wait sixty days to receive the funds. But the important thing is that you would receive them and with minimal effort on your part.

    This is how it’s done;

    You take some of your previous articles/essay and publish them as paperbacks/kindle books through Amazon. It’s a very easy and straightforward process, and it won’t cost you a dime. You can then encourage your readers to buy the paperbacks/kindle versions of your books through Amazon say two months before your scheduled fundraisers. That way, the donations would arrive on time so to speak.

    The books themselves don’t have to be very long. You can publish a ten page book if you like, and you can select your own price, i.e. you could sell your book for fifty or a hundred dollars a pop, or you could sell it for ten or twenty dollars. That’s entirely up to you. And given that there is no minimum page limit, you could publish a new book for every fundraiser, alternatively receive permission to use articles penned by other authors that are sympathetic to your cause and publish those.

    Another added bonus if you choose to go down this track is that you could sell your books to people who are unfamiliar with GoV. if your books make it to the top 100 list in their selected categories, regular Amazon customers might want to buy them, which again means more money in your pocket.

    Another thing that works in your favour is that Amazon customers pay with credit cards, so it’s a pretty straight forward process for GoV readers to donate (it sure beats writing checks and using snail mail).

    Amazon’s most favourable royalty plan allows you to keep seventy percent of the sale price. It’s of course a hefty commissions, but the money is deposited straight into your bank account without any transfer fees deducted, and the best part is that it doesn’t involve PayPal. Nor does Amazon cancel books that the left find unpalatable.

    If everything else fails, this is a viable option that actually works.

    If I were in your shoes, I would focus on publishing paperbacks and make sure that I choose the most favourable royalty plan. Books that are on the seventy percent royalty plan cannot cost more than US$ 9.99, i.e. if you exceed this limit the thirty five percent plan kicks in. The goal would thus be to sell your books for US$ 9.99 and encourage your donors to buy several copies, or alternatively publish multiple titles for each fundraiser.

    Initially it requires some time to set it all up, but once it’s up and running it’s a piece of cake. You could alternatively get someone else to set it all up for you (future Baron or someone else that you trust).

    Anyway, that’s just my five cents worth. I sincerely hope that you will be able to find a solution that works for you.


    • Actually, Amazon DOES cancel books that violate the Narrative. It happened to more than one “deplorable”. I wouldn’t trust Amazon at all.

      I think Tommy Robinson was one, but I’m not sure.

    • yes, sounds good!
      I had this idea too: just sell something via Amazon or Ebay. To bypass their policies, you could as well have someone else ( the Mandschurian Baron) you trust open that account.
      A legal pad sized piece of paper with a fortune cookie type adage on it could be an item that people would want to buy, wouldn’t they?

      • Same here, it’s the simplest idea and you can actually start the PayPal fictive account and start publishing in Amazon so you have 2 ways, one faster and one slower.
        Backup plan

  4. “As it happens, I have no cell/mobile phone. There is no coverage out here in the remote outback of the Central Virginia Piedmont, so there’s no point to my having one.”

    This is an annoyance, which many services have. But it’s less of an annoyance than being censorious thugs.

    You could use Twilio to sign up for a “fake” cellphone number, which you can operate via their API. It can be a bit convoluted, but were are/were something of an IT guy, so it might not be hopeless. The cost is low for infrequent use, and well worth it if it made using such a service possible.

  5. Amazon is owned by esteemed party member comrade kommissar Bezos.
    I once bought a hard to find obscure music CD from there and it barely took my only located in this state bank card.
    Detach from the enemy in every way possible. They hate you and want you gone.
    Remember that when we have our sweet revenge.
    Ditched the Feebay when they went Paypal only. I used to send money order or well hidden folded up cash.
    The flea market of the internet known as Craigslist is destroyed due to the anti-sex trafficking mania. It was fun to go through and flag the ads with copy past broken English form text and the stolen from the internet hot chick photos posted up in every city from here to Europe.
    How far the manboons have fallen to go from the Battle In Seattle anti-globalist shindig in 1999 to shills for the global Soviet serf plantation.
    Oh well let the herd run off a cliff.

  6. Baron, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such troubles. The Amazon idea is not a bad one, in my opinion. You certainly have garnered enough material. What about a book about your and Dymphna’s life together? That couldn’t possibly be banned without Amazon endangering itself for censoring free speech. You could also publish a collection of the poetry that you have written over the years on this site.

    • Thank you for your kind suggestions.

      Unfortunately, Amazon DOES cancel certain books with political content that is considered beyond the bounds of the Narrative. I’ve seen it happen; I wish I could remember whose book it was. I’m not willing to put a lot of effort into a project — it would be quite time-consuming — only to see the book get deep-sixed.

      The poetry book is actually on track, but that won’t be a Gates of Vienna feature, since it has nothing to do with this site’s mission.

  7. Do you have a Walmart nearby? If so people can use Moneygram to send donations with an pickup of actual money from Walmart. I don’t know if they alert you when money arrives or you must be informed by donatee.

  8. Western Union is in alot of supermarkets and should work well also. I know they do international transfers and can be money can be sent on internet.

  9. Your comment, “The Lord does provide,” was heartwarming. I believe that will be the distinction between us and them. Them will see the need to provide for themselves regardless of the ethics or moralities involved. Us will wait upon the Lord and give Him thanks when He provides. Such is the Kingdom of Heaven. See you there Baron, it won’t be long now.

  10. Your story was pleasant and heart-warming. I think it’s true. The Lord will provide. And you have so many supporters around the world. Lucky you!!!

    • Yes, we did discuss that, in the August fundraising post. GoFundMe is known to cancel politically incorrect people. I’ve seen it happen, but I can’t remember the particular examples.

  11. It’s a simple solution
    You have a child, as far as I understood
    He may open an account on his name and the donate button will point to him
    Then he transfers the money.
    Why the stress, yes needs trust but I suppose you have some trust t in the small Barron
    The system has to rigged

  12. I have another idea,
    Amazon have a donation option, like when people buy thinks some part can go to the donation of a choice.
    I did that with animal shelters.
    Look into it
    But PayPal fictive account is the best.
    Cheat those bastards,and be victorious over evil

  13. Increased risk of mail getting lost or stolen might be something to expect around the upcoming election… the Left really stops at nothing. I doubt they will leave cash found while combing for wrong votes. (We have the same problem in European countries with corruption at the point of counting, which happens behind closed doors only for mail-in ballots.)

  14. If you just need to SMS or text, you can get a free phone # from “google voice”. Doing this, I can send and receive texts from my PC.

    A phone # is required for the signup process, but that is just so they can send a verification # , so just get a buddy’s phone # and have him email you the verification number ASAP ( it may expire if not used real soon). They do this to avoid robo callers wasting their time.

    Maybe you can just use the same “text it to my buddy” trick to sign up for these payment processer services – they probably just want to send verification #s to prevent robots from messing with them, also. Those verification numbers can only be used once, and are useless after that, so it’s not like your buddy’d have access to your account – once you’re in, you’d be setting up passwords that your buddy won’t know.

    The setup process also wants a # to forward your calls to, but the forwarding can be shut off once you are set up – just use the same buddy?

    If you’ve got internet access at all, google voice is an ok phone setup. you can get texts, and also could add a microphone and /or camera to make regular phone calls with it – I haven’t tried either, just texts for me.

    the google voice site offers business or personal use – the personal one is free and is probably all you need. Also, you may not want to call google’s attention to the fact that you need it run your conservative web site.
    an article about setting it up

    Love your site, wish I could contribute. email me if I can assist (I could recieve your verification #s at my google voice # – a throwaway in case something goes wrong and you can’t find the “stop forwarding COPIES of my email to my buddy button”). also – I’ve been learning web page design, including back end stuff – maybe you just need a MySQL database ? send me some links to the services you are trying to setup, maybe I can help (you’ve been running this site for years, probably know way more than I do)

    [email address redacted]
    – I’m slow to notice messages, and prone to dump everything from this, my junk email account – so be patient and send again if I don’t answer soon.

    • Also, I got a trac fone from Walmart for 20$ , and an “unlimited call and text , 10 gig data” plan for 20$ a month – worth it for even the cheapest and least likely to use a phone (me). If you can get free wi-fi somewhere, this phone will use it and not need the data plan. I think the trace fone setup can be done with just a PC, but it may need a verification phone # – don’t remember. but like I say, those verification phone numbers don’t have to be YOUR phone.

  15. Coffee ain’t coffee Baron. Make your own for a customised flavour. Buy good beans from a coffee roaster or get them online. The roast date is important. Beans need to degas carbon dioxide for a couple of weeks before grinding. Use a hand crank grinder like the old folks used. I use evaporated milk (koffee melk) for a rich, toothsome flavour. DIY real coffee is cheaper than bought and tastes better. If it doesn’t you can redeem yourself next time.

  16. For you privately: “Hark Olufs the Wiedergänger”
    “Perhaps the most amazing report Lieutenant Stephen
    Decatur reads comes from a sailor named Hark Olufs”.

    In the first episode, “Terra X” tells the story of Muslim pirates who carry off countless whites into slavery off Europe’s coasts: the notorious corsairs.

    These sailors from Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli are on their way until the 19th century. Their mission: protection racket. In case of resistance: kidnapping and slavery. Hark Olufs from Amrum fell into the hands of the corsairs in 1720 and got to know their empire.

    White slaves in North Africa

    Based on his notes, the film tells an incredible adventure. In order to survive, Olufs becomes a Muslim, makes a career as a house slave and finally becomes commander-in-chief of the fleet of the Bey of Constantine. An exceptional fate – because most of the abducted Europeans disappeared in the slave markets of North Africa, if they could not be bought free by their relatives. They were the “white gold” – it is estimated that between 1500 and 1800 more than one million white children, women and men were enslaved in the Muslim city-states. This human trafficking was nothing disreputable in the eyes of Muslims – it was a legitimate form of Holy War against “infidels” and followed clearly formulated laws and financial incentives.

    The history of the corsairs – or the barbarians, as they are also called – runs through the history of Christian Europe for centuries. Important battles were fought (Lepanto), and new enemy images arose. And yet we know very little about corsairs and their states in North Africa. The “Terra X” documentary on “buccaneers of the seas” is a first approach to this important subject matter, which is so topical today.

  17. Hello from Ottawa.

    I tried to donate, but the email bounced. I will keep my eyes peeled. – and THANK YOU for your courageous work. I come here every single day.

  18. Unfortunately as time goes on the Masters will transfer their attention to the source. I’ve read that Discover Card has announced it will refuse transactions using their card (yes, it belongs to the Corp., not the customer) to donate to the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse. The ultimate goal of a cashless society; their card, their money. You won’t have earnings, merely an allowance (UBI), expenditure of which will be for approved purchases only.

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