Outcast From Comcast, Plus an Eyeball Update

I went to the retinologist’s office this afternoon to get a periodic injection for macular degeneration in my left eye — which I was glad to receive, because the early symptoms of a flare-up had just begun to appear last weekend.

As a result, I’m only semi-functional this evening. There will, however, be a news feed, and possibly a couple of other posts, if all goes well.

As most of you know by now, my protracted summer fundraiser was made more interesting by my being cancelled by PayPal. I was forced to switch to snail mail as an alternate route for donations, which necessitated the exchange of a lot of emails with people who needed the snail-mail address to use.

In the process of all that correspondence, it emerged that most of my emails to Comcast accounts were being bounced. To the extent that I could decipher the bounce message, it seems that my mail server is listed as a spam host in their database. I experienced the same thing a few years ago with another company (Microsoft, I think), and it taught me that it can be a difficult and protracted process to get rid of a false listing as a spammer.

The problem has been further compounded by its not being 100% consistent — I think some of my emails to Comcast accounts got through.

So if you have a Comcast address and emailed me, and never heard back, that may be the reason. Please send me another message, and I’ll endeavor to reply by alternate means.

A final note on the fundraiser: there were at least five anonymous cash donations, with no name and no return address, two postmarked in Illinois, two in California, and one in Washington State (I think that’s all of them). Thank you all very much — you know who you are, but I don’t.

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