Migration: The Great Transformation of Germany

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Tichys Einblick:

Migration: The Great Transformation of Germany

Merkel’s “We can do it”* creates a different Germany:

When it comes to converting to a new migration society, non-immigrant Germans are even to be disadvantaged in order to prevent “racial inequality”.

Can that go well?

Since 2015 [Chancellor Angela] Merkel and her political allies have refused to say where their immigration policy should actually lead.

The illusions of that time have burst: Germany cannot integrate hundreds of thousands of young men — but it cannot get rid of them, either, and yet more new migrants are encouraged to come.

A transformation is being pursued with energy and largely without contradiction from politics, the goals of which remain in the dark and the costs of which are concealed.

The division of the cities

Germany is in the process of a rapid ethnic and cultural transformation.

It is becoming visible in more and more city quarters that are evacuated by locals and dominated by immigrants from the Arab and North African regions.

Germany’s segregation is progressing rapidly: in cities such as Stuttgart half of the population are migrants; in Frankfurt the situation is similar.

The Taunus suburbs, on the other hand, are “white”.

In Munich-Grünwald, in Bogenhausen or in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, the locals keep largely to themselves, apart from the domestic staff.

Berlin-Neukölln, on the other hand, is an Arabized district that hardly a police officer dares to venture into.

“We keep taking note of the fact that certain sections of the population not only ignore our rule of law, the constitutional organs, but also the police, public order and rescue workers, but even attack and fight them,” complains the local deputy mayor Falko Liecke in an interview with Tichys.

Society is divided along ethnic lines because the ability to integrate has long been exceeded.

The praised diversity separates itself more and more into different single-color spots every day.

It has long since ceased to be about Merkel’s “We can do it” in the Syrian refugee crisis, nor is it about the high costs of providing for migrants, nor the question of whether Germany is a country of immigration.

Since 2015 it has become a country without borders and without controls on immigration and its consequences.

The question of integration has long since ceased to arise: it doesn’t exist.

Asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected are simply given another residence permit, if necessary under the radar of the authorities.

Deportations are practically non-existent because they are too laborious for the authorities to deal with the phalanx of lawyers, churches and bureaucratic obstacles.

Most immigrants are allowed to remain as clients of the social system.

Immigration without a goal or justification

Germany is the only country in the world that takes in large numbers of immigrants — over two million since 2015 — without defining what form the society advertised under the heading of “diversity” should actually take.

There are no clear rules for coming or staying.

At the state party conference of the CDU in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in February 2017, Merkel declared: “The people are everyone who lives in this country.”

Her statement describes an open immigration country without borders, comparable to the USA in the 19th century: Whoever crosses the border comes, whether with papers or without, willing to integrate or not; is just there.

That fits into the prairie from which the Indians are expelled, but not with the Basic Law.

It was never politically negotiated, but describes the egg dance around the new reality of the country quite well:

We can’t do it, we can do it, at some point most of them have to go back, but actually everyone should stay and belong.

In 2020, around a quarter of a million people without a secure residence status will live in Germany, i.e. migrants who are neither entitled to asylum nor are they considered refugees, and whose applications were sometimes rejected years ago.

This legal no-man’s-land is twice as big today as it was in 2014.

The Chancellor, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and state politicians assure again and again that anyone who receives neither asylum nor recognition as a refugee will eventually be deported.

In reality, the number of deportations has been falling since 2016.

At that time there were 25,375 people who were removed from the country — not many in any case — and the number fell to 22,097 in 2019.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of the Interior had to admit: of so-called Dublin cases, i.e. deportations from Germany to Italy and Greece, around a third return immediately to the Federal Republic.

All you need is a ticket for the next Flixbus.

The internal police ridicule it with: “one, two, flix”.

Refusals at the border, which Seehofer wanted to enforce against Merkel in the summer of 2018, are so legally complicated that they hardly ever take place.

From mid-2018 to early 2019, federal police officers sent 11 migrants back to other EU countries, according to the Interior Ministry.

The former President of the Federal Constitutional Court Hans-Jürgen Papier said in 2019: “Sedative pills for the population.”

The demand of the State Secretary for Integration in North Rhine-Westphalia, Serap Güler (CDU), sounds almost forever yesterday:

Integration policy should invest in symbols for “identification with being German” and stories about the “rising republic”.

Analogous to the “American Way of Life” or “Stars and Stripes”, immigrants’ sense of belonging can also be increased in Germany through national symbols.

A proper roll call in front of the German flag in the temporary accommodation and the singing of the Germany song together?

Unimaginable with Merkel, who is grinding up national symbols.

It sounds more like a sedative pill.

What is more effective is a counter-model that Naika Foroutan, a professor at Berlin’s Humboldt University and the director of the German Center for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM), calls the “post-migrant society”, a socio-politically desirable development, namely the “utopia of equality that goes beyond the migrant and lies outside of one’s origin.”

This is absolutely true for the welfare state, one of the core pieces of German identity and, after all, comprising a third of the entire economic output.

This equality in the welfare state results from equating those “who have lived here for a long time” (Merkel) with those who join them every day.

The entitlements to the welfare system acquired through taxes and contribution payments should not count:

“The welfare state is there indiscriminately for everyone who is here or who comes every day.

For this equality, the one who is already here becomes the paymaster for new arrivals.”

Legal downgrade of locals

To this end, a new “social narrative” is to be enforced to create “a common space of diversity beyond ancestry”.

And because “locals” and parts of the corrupted guest-worker population fear for their material livelihood and cultural identity in the face of ever-new “diversity” through archaic, Muslim social structures, Foroutan proposes a “re-education program”, as the Allies allowed the Germans to do after 1945.

It is an “overturning plan” for society as a whole, according to Thomas A. Becker, former head of research at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.

It could be dismissed as academic madness.

But the “overthrow” has long been EU law, for example in the form of the EU anti-racism directive, which was first implemented in Germany in the Berlin Police Act: If plaintiffs substantiate facts that “suggest” discrimination, “the defendant must prove” that the principle of equal treatment has not been violated. In the future, the Berlin police officers will have to prove that they have not discriminated.

“Racial profiling” will soon be banned, for example when police officers spot dealers with their experienced eyes.

Punishment threatens the police, not the perpetrators.

In future, police officers will check groups of pensioners in the train station who are returning from their hiking excursion. This is unproblematic because whites cannot be discriminated against, because they are not “structurally” disadvantaged. On the other hand, there is no control of dealers from North Africa because this could be “structural discrimination” or “racial profiling”.

It is mostly overlooked that the Berlin Police Act is only the logical continuation of a legal political development. The Federal Anti-Discrimination Act of 2006 (AGG) only implemented the anti-discrimination directives of the EU. It restricts the freedom of contract, among other things with job allocation and apartment rental. Consequence: A group of African “refugees” and a young family with many children without a migrant background apply for the same apartment. Only the former enjoy protection against discrimination.

However, the AGG does not affect any authorities, but only the legal relations between citizens. There was therefore an implementation deficit. The Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Act (LADG) closes this gap: For the first time, the public administration is put on the anti-discrimination curb. In addition to compensation for damages, the facilitation of evidence was also introduced: If facts make a discriminatory motive “predominantly likely”, the employee must prove that it was not decisive. Pitfalls lurk for police officers, teachers, municipal employees, etc. Affected associations should bring momentum into such matters, which is also an EU requirement.

Discrimination against locals

Public employees are not personally liable, but the country is.

However, the consequences for their professional advancement can be serious.

All public bodies must take “diversity skills” into account when assessing performance, especially in the case of “superiors and employees with management functions”. Adaptive crawling must now encourage careers.

The real crux, however, lies in the fact that this legislative development, initiated by the EU, encourages discrimination against the majority of the population:

Unequal treatment is justified insofar as “disadvantages of structurally disadvantaged people” are to be “compensated for” by measures (Paragraph 5).

The law thus encourages the state government to support minorities financially or to issue compensatory quota regulations, for example in public broadcasting. Population groups that do not meet the criteria for minority protection, however, may be disadvantaged: German families, heterosexuals, Christians, old white men.

It is the locals who are all identified as suspects, if not as perpetrators.

It’s a quiet overthrow; driven by laws from top to bottom.

There has never been a political debate or vote on it since Merkel removed the borders of Germany and its legal and social system with an administrative coup in summer 2015.

And it seems irreversible, because it is wanted by the so-called political elite.

Five years ago the Green politician Katrin Göring-Eckardt called out: “Our country will change drastically. And I tell you — I’m looking forward to it.”

Five years later the changes become obvious.

Many politicians are determined to accept them.

Horst Seehofer, formerly a rhetorical critic (“Rule of Injustice”), largely avoids the subject.

His concrete policy is unconditional submission to Merkel’s general line.

Most recently he has an expert council against anti-Muslim hatred in which representatives of Islamist organizations are included.

His successor in the party office, Markus Söder, does not even mention it.

SPD politicians who point out the consequences of the unguided migration policy are pushed out of the party ranks, such as the former Berlin Senator for Finance, Thilo Sarrazin.

Others, like the long-time Essen local politician Karlheinz Endruschat, leave the party via resignation. Tübingen’s Mayor Boris Palmer, who occasionally describes the problems unfiltered, would like to throw many Greens out of the party.

The AfD is isolated, the FDP is silent.

From a political point of view, Merkel’s transformation is proceeding silently.

*   Wir schaffen das.

19 thoughts on “Migration: The Great Transformation of Germany

  1. Silent invasion, silent destroying the country, silent tragic end , I’m just speechless how Germans living in denial and emphatic , it’s so scary that makes want to cry , looks like it’s point with no return , My heart is bleeding for people of Germany , this traitors for who they vote are sold the country with out blink of the eye !!, my stomach is turning around , I have daughter and granddaughter living in this mess in Berlin, she said: mom We have to move to Poland for safety of our daughter!!, it’s that bad really..

  2. It is because the German voices against this abomination of this 3rd world invasion are being silenced, violence on steroids is now inevitable, there will be no voting your way out of this mess as the politicians have made it effectively an exercise in futility. The commie Merkel has effectively made democracy a bloody joke as she has thumbed her nose at it and in East German fashion, does whatever she wants to do, which is effectively making Germany a war zone.

    The welfare state in Germany is almost broke, that is the fun little secret the Merkel commie government is desperate to hide, once that little gem comes to light, and it will, the German people without a paycheck who cannot pay for food, electricity(the highest in Europe by the way) and no heat will revolt with a nationalist passion as the military, who have been basically been starved to death, will take over as the masses take out their anger on the local politicians.

    There is no strength in diversity, never has, never will, as history has demonstrated at every bloody turn, yet the globullist believe they can control different races in one country, they never could understand simple human nature of we are programed by DNA and thousands of years of human evolution and religion to stick with our own tribe, they are about to be horrifically proved wrong, as it is never nice to mess with human nature, because nature always, without exception, bites back with a vengeance. Even here in the US, this will prove to be the fatal flaw as well. One thing that I would bet my life on is this, war is coming, prepare yourself to defend you and yours of the European/Slavic tribes, for the 3rd worlders will have no problem in taking what is yours if you just stand there and let them take it, including your very lives. I say let get this show on the road so that we may rebuild and let our children or children’s children live in peace with our own. What we get as a form of government after all is said and done is now basically a crap shoot. You can bet your last penny it will be something we won’t recognize. I really wish I was wrong, but as history has always proven of man, once we get weak, decadent, feckless and dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, bloodshed always follows. Let it rain.

  3. It is not correct to say there has never been a debate or a vote on the issue of transforming Germany into Germanistan. Since the whole sordid mess began there has been multiple votes including the one that reelected Comrade Merkel.

    The problem isn’t a lack of votes or debate on the matter, but instead an acceptance by overwhelming majorities of the voting public. There is still the option of the cartridge box since the ballot box appears to be dominated by the terminally stupid with no end in sight. Although, I don’t think the cartridge box will win out in the end. Likely the situation is already too far gone for that to be effective; self segregation into ghettos will probably result in the use of gas both toxic and incapacitating varieties to allow for the removal of invasive populations once the current political leadership has also been forcibly removed.

    • I too feel quite hopeless at the stupidity of my countrymen, or actually old childless women in the case of the demographic that votes most vigorously for the supposedly Christian Democrats. But as you said the problem is people vote stupidly, why you go on to advocate populist revolution is beyond me; if people don’t have courage in a voting booth why would they have courage in actual violent situations against Islamization?

      • My Good man Helmuth, because in the end, the weak get ruled by the strong, it is that coldly simple. These weak, feckless, dumbed down people who voted for this mess, deserve what they get. Just wait until the military takes over, then nobody will have a say about a bloody thing. The wind is telling me the folks in the back rooms want the Kaiser back. Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

        • With so many women running around leaving male parts parts neglected things have become very upside down.

      • Helmuth,

        It is not that they lack courage in the voting booth. It is easy to say those who vote to reelect Comrade Merkel are just stupid or ignorant or both, but so many Germans voted for her again after all that had happened that it is difficult to believe that many Germans are that painfully stupid. I don’t know what the problem is; indoctrination maybe. We have our own problems with such here in the USA.

        Revolutions don’t really need all that many active participants to succeed. Most people will do anything to avoid violence or even having to make decisions. But once the previous government has been removed from power those same people will go along with whatever the new program is because it is easier than fighting it.

        The situation in in the West generally and Germany specifically has gotten so far out of hand that returning it to some degree of normalcy is impossible through the ballot box or other peaceful means. The entrenched elites behind whomever is allowed to run for office will not allow any other option and it will be necessary to remove them by force and likely permanently ala The Great Terror or how the Romanovs were dealt with. Left to their own devices they are an existential threat to any group that attempts to replace them. The same reason a lion kills all the other cubs when it takes over the pride. Violence is simply a tool to return the state to a more orderly and normal existence since the peaceful mechanisms for making such changes have been irretrievably broken or corrupted in service of the elites who have hijacked the state. I simply point out it’s necessity and inevitability.

    • Moon, it is true that many folks voted for this, but as you have so many times pointed out, it is the women vote that has been the bane of our existence with their feelings over facts, logic, simple reasoning skills and bloody common sense. Take out the useful idiot females and we in the western world would not be in this present mess.

      • I believe we are several generations removed from the point at which restricting the franchise to the rougher sex would make a difference. Now, due to multiple generations of males raised solely by females and subject to a dozen or more years of indoctrination before setting up permanently in their mommas basement, there are plenty of weak, overly emotional and irrational males to perpetuate the descent of the USA into irrelevancy.

        When the situation here finally culminates in revolution or dictatorship prior to a restoration of Western values and adherence to the Constitution, franchise should be ruthlessly limited as the Founders originally intended.

        Personally I prefer Heinlein’s method, and would require would-be voters to demonstrate their worthiness of the privilege of voting through a term of service protecting the body politic at a real personal discomfort and risk of life and limb.

        • Yes looking at todays youts I am not impressed in the very least. Dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and indoctrinated since kindergarten to hate themselves and society and our founding fathers. Purge the schools as well and turn them over to the military. I do heartily agree with you on Heinlein’s idea of only those with military service should allowed to be full citizens with the right to vote.

    • The naturalization rate in Germany is very low, especially compared to Britain and France, which is why only 250.000 of the 2.800.000 Turks have become citizens despite living here for over thirty years in most cases. All cant to the contrary, remarkably few Muslims can call themselves German in even the most official and nominal sense. Why people here take Merkels word on this as gospel is beyond me, and it’s a major reason why the language used by the current government is so vague, they are not in fact considered Germans by law.
      Citizenship here is historically given by descent rather than acquisition and has an ethnic quality to it, which is one reason Turkish guest workers and their descendants did not get citizenship at birth and ended up just having Turkish citizenship, legally speaking they are foreign-born despite being born here, which is often touted by media as the reason their integrational failure. This was the basis for the SpätAussiedler program where 4.5 million ethnic Germans have been repatriated primarily from the former Soviet Union and given citizenship, who by the way would be included in those classified as ‘migration background’ which is why I cringe when ever that is used as evidence for being past the demographic turning point, but maybe they are all magically from Somalia now?
      Even though there have been multiple attempts by the government to neutralize the traditional idea of citizenship both in 1999 and in 2005 and to raise the number of people being naturalized these all failed, so the notion often floated here in a mocking tone that these are “new Germans”, and Muslim invaders are getting citizenship handed out to them in mass and this is some conspiracy to have dependent voters simply isnt true, no matter how badly the Chancellor might like it to be so, in fact most dont have a chance at acquiring it at all considering one condition among others for a foreigner to be naturalized it is that you arent dependent on welfare, no one will be gaining any new voting blocks anytime soon. A more accurate assumption than yours is that instability created will be an excuse to further restrict freedoms. What the current government has been successful at is radically revising what people “fleeing” are entitled to and who gets to come and acquire residence under the pretext of protection.

      Something significant that isnt mentioned in the above article are the events of 2012, I remember there was a large refugee and activist march from Würzburg to Berlin demanding more ‘humane’ treatment, and the government promptly caved. Before refugees did not receive regular welfare, but now they can thanks to revisions to the law.
      There was also a law banning guest workers from drawing social welfare as late as the 1990s, I don’t know when that was repealed.

  4. These left wing idiots are actually proud of this !! Unbelievable !! Proud of bring in a savage stone age religion that will take over and dominate !A religion that is totally against women and human and gay rights ,which theses left wing idiots have fighting for many years for !! Stonings to death in European streets are only a matter of time !! https://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1609

  5. Time for Merkle to leave the stage and slinq away to a restless retirement. In other time this woman would have been burned at the stake.

  6. I had the Polizei visit me last night because the neighbor across the street was concerned I was being burgled. (There is scaffolding up the front of the building and my windows were tilted open.) The police did not identify themselves, and when I opened the door, I was confronted by a guy with a machine gun, and a colleague to each side: one eventually revealed by the opening door and the other mostly hidden by the stairs. All the guy had to do was swing up the barrel, curl his straightened finger around the trigger and pull – and all my worries would have been over. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t because it would have meant bad publicity and a considerable amount of paperwork.

    I find Germany has changed a lot, the last few years, in not always pleasant ways.

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