Meat Cleaver Jihad in Paris

Yesterday a Pakistani mujahid went on a jihad rampage on the street in front of the former offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, wounding two people. The incident is described as a “stabbing attack”, and the weapon used is reported to have been a “butcher’s knife” or “machete”, but based on the photo below, it looks more like a meat cleaver.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Paris Match:

Knife attack in Paris: The lives of the two victims “not in danger”

September 25, 2020

The two victims of the knife attack which took place Friday in the 11th arrondissement are two employees of the France 2 magazine “Cash Investigation” working for the production company Premieres Lignes (First Lines), located in the former premises of Charlie Hebdo. Their lives “are not in danger”, stated the Prime Minister.

Among the wounded are two employees of the Premieres Lignes Television, the production company that produces notably “Cash Investigation”, declared the host of the broadcast magazine France 2, Elise Lucet. “I have the producers and several employees of Premieres Lignes Television on the phone […] What is confirmed to me now with certainty, is that two of our employees are wounded, a man and a woman, ho were wounded by a man on the street in front of the former premises of Charlie Hebdo,” she added.

“I heard screams”

“One of the employees saw this man running with a butcher’s knife or a machete after one of our employees who had already been wounded and was also bloody,” stated the journalist.

One employee of Premieres Lignes, contacted by AFP (Agence France Press), also testified that two of her colleagues had been wounded in the attack. “Two colleagues were smoking a cigarette in front of the premises on the street. I heard screams. I went to the window and I saw one of my colleagues, stained with blood, being chased by a man with a machete in the street. We know that our two colleagues are wounded, but we don’t know any more at the moment,” she stated.

The Prime Minister, who went to the scene of the attack in the early afternoon, gave news on the state of health of the hospitalized victims, noting that their lives “are not in danger, thank God.”

Below are excerpts from a BBC article about the incident:

France: Paris Attack: Stabbing Near Charlie Hebdo Office ‘An Act of Terror’

A stabbing in Paris that left two people seriously injured is being treated as a terror attack, the French interior minister has said.

Gérald Darmanin said the attack near the former office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was “clearly an act of Islamist terrorism”.

An eighteen-year-old man of Pakistani origin described as the main suspect was arrested near the scene.

Six other people are in custody and are being questioned, police said.

Hat tip for the BBC article: Reader from Chicago.

10 thoughts on “Meat Cleaver Jihad in Paris

  1. If France didn’t have strict gun control laws maybe someone could have sent that bastard to meet his maker.

  2. The penny is beginning to drop. No protestations about “senseless violence”, …”mental illness”, ….”searching for a motive”. It has taken time, but there is now swift recognition of jihad.

    All sympathy for the luckless victims, and earnest hopes for their recovery.

    “You people will never be safe”, said Lee Rigby’s killer..

    • Is there recognition though … now? … 2 million+ new primitive imports later? It’s a serious question, because if France were to have realized anything, you would have thought they would have realized what is going on after the Haiti genocide in 1804 where every single European was slaughtered y the Africans, including by the Africans that were foolishly admitted into the french military. It is the only time in human history where it can be said that the genocide was 100% total and complete.

      That event alone is also what precipitated the sequence of events that led to the civil war and has echoed all throughout history in ever amplifying degenerative ways for the creators of the civilized world, Europeans. You would think that the French we like have recognized at least at some point after that event what is going on. But no, here we are as the savages overrun Europe and Paris is quite literally and figuratively encircled by hostile, conquering, and occupying forces, the french, as the majority of European people all over the planet simply say (borrowing from Westworld) it doesn’t look like anything to me. But rather than just simply being programmed not to recognize things that are part of the system of control, it’s far worse in today’s world, it’s willful and deliberate self-destructive ignorance produced by what the perpetrating mind controlling group’s ancestors used to call magic, but you may know more as psychological abuse, aka propaganda.

      I really hope I am wrong, for all oir sakes, but if I am right as I have unfortunately been on so many other matters, the future is not one of some kind of last minute survival, but rather a tale of way too little, wau too late.

      If there is no immense shift in the political mass in short order soon, it will be all but determined that it is simply a matter of time for the lagging consequences to amass.

      It is seriously time to start thinking in terms of planning for the inevitable, not considering whether the inevitable will happen, because we’ve been locked in for a long time now, whether we want to accept it or not or whether we dither or not.

      I trielt doubt the french, let alone any others recognize anything, let alone recognize what small group of people is behind it all, who have cast their magic spell to blind us to reality.

    • On reflection, the French Minister is not quite at that stage: he spoke only of a “terror” attack, not a jihad attack. It is that old Free-Floating Abstract Terror, you know, the one George W. Bush launched a war against. Nonetheless, it is a little progress. After all, France has had the Nice truck attack, the Bataclan massacre, the slaughtered Jews, priest and police. They cannot go on being in denial.

      • Correction: he spoke of “Islamist terrorism”.
        Nearly there.
        “Islamist”, a word that does not appear in the Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, is a word invented for the West, so as to draw attention away from Islam. The terrorism is Islamic.

  3. We must love Muslims and hate Jooz, The EU is Israel’s most dangerous enemy now that BHO is out of office, the EU channels money to Islamic terrorists who obey the call to Jihad and obey the call of Islam to wipe our ALL Jews, not just Israeli Jews.

    Check out the Hamas Charter, Or the words of Haj Amin AlHusseini, founder of Fatah/PLO – now the PA. EU money also goes to NGO’s desperately trying to undermine the Israeli Defence Force, NGO’s that will ignore PA terrorists murdering Israeli infants, and prefer to point the finger of blame at soldiers who are just trying to stay alive in precarious situations.

    With ‘friends’ like the EU elites, who needs terrorists?

  4. Whatever offensive the Muslims decide will secure their advances into the western EU ad UK thus far will be supported in every way possible by Erdogan Turkeys. A member of Merkel.

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