Leftist Lives Matter

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, Dr. Curio discusses the media’s double standard concerning protests in front of the Reichstag. He compares the alarmed response to the anti-Corona protesters with the non-reaction to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, and other far-left protests.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. What is Fake News?
00:04   Here’s an example: When a photo session at the Reichstag, on the steps,
00:08   with international flags waving, is made into
00:11   “The Storming of the Reichstag”. What really happened?
00:14   And I quote: “Let’s go up there, sit peacefully on the stairs
00:18   to show President Trump that we want world peace.”
00:21   Breaking through barriers is of course unacceptable.
00:26   However, no less acceptable is styling what happened as a “coup by extremists”
00:30   in order to intimidate inconvenient protesters through guilt by association.
00:37   At the Black Lives Matter protests, there was no mention of infection.
00:41   With such double standards you lose all your credibility. Hundreds of thousands of citizens
00:45   are worried about losing their basic rights under this government.
00:49   These people, whom you defame as right-wing extremists, just want their lives back.
00:54   This Kaiser flag doesn’t have the meaning you give it.
00:57   Black, white and red won’t get you a misdemeanor.
01:00   Then there’s still the steps. The contrived uproar has stumbled upon a new soft spot.
01:05   In 2010, hundreds of anti-nuclear activists stormed the Reichstag steps and the police let them.
01:09   This July, the Extinction Rebellion group stormed INTO the Reichstag, threw leaflets. No reaction.
01:15   A few days later, Greenpeace climbed ON the Reichstag, scaled down from the roof to hang a banner.
01:20   Everything that vainly pleases. However, to depict this staircase-selfie-troop as quasi-putschists,
01:26   that’s hypocrisy at its finest. Nobody tried to force their way into the building.
01:30   Not a single window was broken.
01:33   This lying to the public really must end.
01:37   This “storming the Reichstag” was just a storm in a teacup.
01:41   However, there’s a sure-fire method to destroy a constitutional government.
01:45   By trivializing the violence used against law and order on the streets here everyday.
01:49   That’s where the ruling power is being fought. In Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Leipzig,
01:54   with every bottle and stone throw having the potential intent to kill.
01:58   The government’s police forces are defamed with an inappropriate and twisted debate
02:02   over problems with the police. This one alleged threat to the Reichstag
02:07   is a total fake compared with the actual contempt
02:11   of the constitutional state that is fueled by politicians and media.
02:15   Street wars that last days at a time, in Leipzig, have been tolerated by the CDU. For years!
02:20   The SPD chairman Esken sees herself on the side
02:23   of these anti-democratic fascists. Also known as Antifa.
02:27   Even from our Federal President. He won’t be sending an invitation to the policemen
02:31   who defend the state by risking their lives. The same Federal President that recommends a punk band
02:37   that glorifies violent against police. Their song lyrics are: “The cops’ helmets will go flying,
02:41   your baton shoved in your pothole.” The Reichstag doesn’t need a trench around it;
02:45   our police need protection from the terror on the street and the hatred from the media.
02:49   In a TAZ newspaper article you could read: “On a garbage heap is where policemen belong”.
02:53   The Chancellor even took the side of the anti-police agitators,
02:57   because reporting crimes costs left-wing votes.
03:01   So hands off. That’s political cover for the left-wing thugs of Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
03:08   And that’s just the left-wing terror. In Berlin, there was just another Islamist attack.
03:12   Yet another rejected asylum seeker. Was he deported to the country where he first entered the EU,
03:15   in Finland? Wrong! How about to Iraq? Not there either.
03:18   Even though the Islamic state has been defeated there.
03:21   He wanted to kill people with his car on the highway,
03:25   along with yelling “Allahu Akhbar” and a prayer rug.
03:28   Without any serious examination, he’s quickly disposed of in the loony bin.
03:32   Just avoid dealing with his background
03:36   and the violent superiority fantasies of the Quran’s Sharia Islam.
03:40   Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated mosques and Muslim organizations.
03:44   Although the German domestic intelligence agency has determined that the Central Council of Muslims
03:48   to be under the control of the right-wing extremist group Grey Wolves,
03:52   the Minister of the Interior still cuddles with them, because trivialisation is more important.
03:57   At the same time, 60% of the cases
04:00   that our Attorney General dealt with last year were Islamist-related.
04:03   Hundreds of dangerous people are simply not deported and millions are spent to have them monitored.
04:08   There’s a single Syrian who costs us €5 million. The warrant for his arrest isn’t executed.
04:13   He’s running around at large. Once again,
04:16   these potential terrorists are considered to be a danger and
04:19   capable of serious violence at any time. Including terrorist attacks.
04:22   Deportation, detention? No chance!
04:25   Deportation? Not in Berlin! And there are hundreds of them.
04:29   This government negligently endangers the lives of our citizens, ladies and gentlemen.
04:35   What hypocrisy! A few people on the stairs of the Reichstag become a national crisis,
04:43   but three days of civil war against the police isn’t worth a mention by this government.
04:50   There are hundreds of these ticking time bombs on the streets, and they are just left to run around.
04:54   Instead, people who want reasonable, fact-based Corona measures
04:58   rather than muzzle edicts are criminalized.
05:02   No, ladies and gentlemen, a government that declares its critics
05:06   enemies of the state is itself a danger to democracy.
05:18   The next speaker is…

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