Land Expropriation in Wiesbaden

Farmers in a rural district on the outskirts of Wiesbaden in Germany are facing expropriation of their land, which will be bought by the government at a fixed — very low — price. The authorities intend to sell the land to developers at a handsome profit and use the proceeds to fund the public infrastructure necessary to serve the planned residential area.

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Video transcript:

00:00   His family has made a living on this land for generations,
00:04   says Ralf Schaap. Mostly fertile land, partly in family possession.
00:10   Replacement here, in front of the door, would be hard to come by.
00:14   “We have had crop rotations here for hundreds of years.”
00:17   “We have here a TREASURE… yes.” This is high-quality … um…
00:22   sustainable managed, land professionally cultivated by farmers.
00:27   But now Ralf Schaap is supposed to give up his land
00:30   for a newly-planned district in Erbenheim.
00:33   But for far too little money, he says. Only €3 up to a maximum of €12 per square meter.
00:39   That is not a compensation, but rather improper conduct on the part of the city
00:44   that happens in a rather arrogant way,
00:47   and a gun is put to your chest.
00:50   Either you do what WE from the city want,
00:53   or we’ll expropriate your land. The east field is close to the American Erbenheim military airport.
00:59   The market value of building plots in the neighborhood
01:03   is much higher than the city offers. Farmer Schaap speaks for 25 landowners.
01:09   They ask for €80 per square meter
01:12   Because in the future these fields will become a so-called
01:15   “Urban Development” area.
01:18   The city even wants to resell that later, for at least €1000 per square meter.
01:24   There is no other way, otherwise there would be no affordable apartments
01:29   for 12,000 people, according to the building manager.
01:34   Because from the planned profits from the sales prices and purchase prices
01:40   the entire infrastructure of this area has to be financed,
01:44   and that’s only possible if the difference isn’t to big
01:48   for the developing area, and this measure will not be feasible with this price tag.
01:52   The city wants to make a serious profit with Farmer Schaap’s land
01:55   and that of the others, several hundred million euros,
01:59   in order to build here, for example, roads, schools and sewers.
02:05   Fair enough, says Schaap, who has his farm in the vicinity,
02:08   if the farmers are supposed to give up their land,
02:11   why are they not part of the increase in land value?
02:15   €80 per square meter instead of a maximum of €12,
02:18   as determined by the municipal project developers, we’re going to ask.
02:23   The project developers refer to the specifications of an independent commission.
02:27   We are not modern robber barons who take something away, but it’s about balancing
02:31   the value that the properties have today.
02:34   Ultimately, this property here, this overall project,
02:38   will not fail because we do not get the last piece of land.
02:42   MEANS? In the end, that would also mean expropriation.
02:48   But the city says, we strive for an agreement.
02:51   The only question is HOW? The front lines seem to be hardened.
02:55   The project will be implemented one way or another.
02:58   Provided that the city parliament decides tomorrow the new development of the new district.

3 thoughts on “Land Expropriation in Wiesbaden

  1. 12.000 thousand affordable apartments???, isn’t 12.000 Moria “ refugees “ , they taking people’s land arrogant way , they selling own land to savages.. unbelievable..

  2. the city wants to resell it for 1000€ per square meter? Total nonsense!
    This is a price not even asked in the leafiest upper crust parts of wealthy major cities. And there is still the fact that this is a nation of laws where you can sue as you wish. My family had to sell arable land to the state for an Autobahn trajectory 50 years ago, and then, the price was twice of what is mentioned here(3€). This person is not credible.

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