Karen’s Lives Matter

MC weighs in on the culture wars plaguing us in this autumn of our discontent.

Karen’s Lives Matter

by MC

There is a very famous book entitled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

First published in 1841, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is often cited as the best book ever written about market psychology. This Harriman House edition includes Charles Mackay’s account of the three infamous financial manias — John Law’s Mississippi Scheme, the South Sea Bubble, and Tulipomania. [source]

The book is all about human folly, and 2020 deserves a new chapter because humanity changes not.

One can almost understand the “we’re all gonna die’ reaction in the Spring of this year as it became apparent that this new virus was a killer. However, as more information became available, it also became apparent that the public reaction and hysteria were misplaced, and that whilst certain groups were vulnerable, healthy people under 60 had little to fear.

Then came the vested interests.

The MSM fanned the flames, and the COVID bubble got bigger and bigger as the whole thing got more and more political rather than medical, and rational science had left the building.

The medical profession, backed by big pharma, have virtually created the religion of ‘Science’ where the ‘deniers’ are deemed delusional idiots who need to be shut out and deplatformed, and where free speech should only be allowed to supporters and co-religionists. Criticism is banned and books should be burned. Sieg Heil!

The new social crime of Scientific sedition has now been created.

There is no real definition of many of the ideas of Scientific religiosity, and ‘racism’ is a word that is bandied around and is used as a hammer on the anvil of Multiculturalism. In this delusional race war, ‘racism’ can be overloaded into the most egregious connotations which undermine the very existence of culture, any culture, as long as it is not ‘white’.

This morning I watched the first football game of the season. The prologue was so soppy and sickly I skipped it, and the adverts were simply delusional lies, including the Biden ad. If you want to know what socialism really does to a country read this op-ed.

Yes, we Jooz are waking up to the perils of the great delusion.

Many things really look and sound good when well-presented, but how many of those toys that look so wonderful in the Christmas adverts are five-minute wonders on the home front? And the little UPS girl even prefers the packaging box to the toy inside.

But we really need to apply the ‘toy’ test to many things in life: do I really need to pay hundreds of dollars extra for the electric tailgate that I will really NEED about once a year? Or is it just the vanity of showing off?

Fashion is a terrible thing, and is a major cause of temporary insanity, delusion and the madness of crowds. When BLM burn African-American businesses, and Antifa behave like Nazi Sturmabteilung, we need to stop and look at what is happening.

In February 1917 there was a revolution in Russia, and the Kadets took limited power:

During the February Revolution of 1917, Kadet deputies in the Duma and other prominent Kadets formed the core of the newly formed Russian Provisional Government with five portfolios. Although exercising limited power in a situation known as dual power, the Provisional Government immediately attempted to deal with issues of the many nationalities in the Russian Empire. They introduced legislation abolishing all limitations based on religion and nationality and introduced an element of self-determination by transferring power from governors-general to local representatives. They issued a decree recognising Polish autonomy, more as a symbolic gesture in light of the German occupation of this territory. However, this tendency was limited as most of the ministers feared a break up of the empire. One of the Kadet leaders, Prince Lvov, became Prime Minister and Miliukov became Russia’s Foreign Minister. A radical party just 11 years earlier, after the February Revolution the Kadets occupied the rightmost end of the political spectrum since all monarchist parties had been dissolved and the Kadets were the only openly functioning non-socialist party remaining.

That power was short-lived, and was hijacked, first by the Mensheviks under Karensky, and then in October (Julian) by the Bolsheviks under Lenin, and people started to die in very large numbers.

The road to a socialist utopia is paved with the skulls of the innocent and unlucky.

Five years ago we thought it could never happen here.

But what if the staid old Democrat party of Jim Crow and the KKK is now the DPM of something a lot more sinister? What if they are an NSDAP just awaiting a Hitler? Or a Kadet party awaiting a Stalin?

Fashion dictated to many that they should be seen to play with the serpents. There is a ditty we sang around the campfire as Scouts:

Green ’n’ Yellow

Where have you been all day, Henry my son?
Where have you been all day, my beloved one?
In the woods, dear Mother, in the woods, dear Mother,
Oh, Mother come quick, ‘cause I feel very sick,
And I wanna lay down and die!

What did you do in the woods, Henry my son?
What did you do in the woods, my beloved one?
Ate, dear Mother, ate, dear Mother,
Oh, Mother come quick, ‘cause I feel very sick,
And I wanna lay down and die!

What did you eat in the woods, Henry my son?
What did you eat in the woods, my beloved one?
Worms, dear Mother, worms, dear Mother,
Oh, Mother come quick, ‘cause I feel very sick,
And I wanna lay down and die!

What colour were those worms, Henry my son?
What colour were those worms, my beloved one?
Green and yellow, green and yellow,
Oh, Mother come quick, ‘cause I feel very sick,
And I wanna lay down and die!

Those worms were snakes, Henry my son!
Those worms were snakes, my beloved one!
Yuck, dear Mother, yuck, dear Mother,
Oh, Mother come quick, ‘cause I feel very sick,
And I wanna lay down and die!

What colour flowers do you want, Henry my son?
What colour flowers do you want, my beloved one?
Green and yellow, green and yellow,
Oh, Mother come quick, ‘cause I feel very sick,
And I wanna lay down and die! I’m dead!

This was actually an occult political song about the perils of playing with (political) snakes — and the death penalty that followed on from any seditious libel (or maybe just being in the wrong place at the wrong time).

There is nothing new about political correctness, only the name. Tyrants down the ages have demanded and got political correctness, and have usually exterminated any who failed to comply. Those whose political arguments are weak refuse to debate and prefer to censor and bully. Lies are embarrassing when exposed, so all the major dictators went to extreme lengths to keep their lies hidden, even if in plain sight.

The human grasp of many things is emotional, rather than scientific. So when first confronted with “Global Warming” and the idea of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, it rang my internal alarm bells, because CO2 is beneficial to plant and animal life, so I started googling, and within a few minutes was able to debunk the claims. But then, I trained as a chemical engineer and learned enough to know how to fact-check.

The sea is a huge container for gasses which are soluble in water, of which one is CO2. Given that the amount of CO2 absorbed by the sea is proportional to ambient water temperature (cold soda has more ‘fizz’ than warm soda) so we get the relationship between CO2 levels in the atmosphere and ambient temperature strongly linked to sea temperature and sunspot activity. What Al Gore’s religious “Science” failed to put across was the 600-year lag of CO2 level behind ambient temperature fluctuations. His figures were distorted, as judged by a civil court in the UK.

His convenient lie was the same manure that is the usual fodder of dictators since time immemorial (but it was still very profitable, and a large amount of money left our pockets and landed in his as a result).

Deception is a safe and profitable form of theft, and Al Gore is still a free man because most of us still don’t seem to realize we’ve been had.

The media is the tool of choice these days to promote the lies and suppress both debate and truth. The feted New York Times never did acknowledge that their doyen Pulitzer Prize winner, Walter Duranty, was a fake news debutante. He paved the way for the KGB penetration of the USA, which still resounds to this day. Socialism is sticky toffee laced with arsenic and old lace. Jewish tradition says to have toffee apples for Taruwah (Babylonian name Rosh Hashanah) next week. Believe me the toffee gets everywhere and the younger the recipient, the more messy it is…

Nancy gets her hair done, but then some are more equal than others, especially old sows it seems. Oh, I was set up, she bleats squeals oinks while the grunts have to suffer because the fake “Science” of lockdown and facemask only applies to lesser animals.

So I wear my virus-porous facemask, not because I believe it to be ‘safe and effective’ but because my betters, the pigs, say I have to, ably supported by mass propaganda and ‘on the spot’ fines. As testing increases, so too does the number of false positives. PCR is almost useless and just feeds the frenzy. Israel has about 1000 deaths attributed to CV, which is 1 in 7000, so its morbidity is about median for a serious illness. However, if the research here is correct, then the figure is 1 in 120,000, a minor problem. The actual scenario is hidden in the layers of Lysenkoisms; 6% died of COVID, 94% died of COVID plus a serious underlying condition (or accident).

Maybe some underlying conditions are more equal than others…

Is it really necessary to delude people when most of us are perfectly safe?

Neville Chamberlain was a nice old gentleman who at age 77 did a peace deal with Adolf and got Britain into deep, deep doo-doo. Winston Churchill was an aristocratic thug who managed to keep the Augean stable manageable, if reduced in function. But he still had to shovel a lot of scat to do it.

The average British (and German) gent had acute difficulty taking Hitler seriously; this strutting, gesturing joke figure just could not be real. Is Joe Biden real? Or is he a deluded puppy dog — great camera fodder, but whose days at the White House will be numbered.

The Democrats of 40 years ago were serious Americans. The modern Democrat party is but an illusion of that democracy; a democracy deflowered, Epsteined and corrupted . As the Kadets inherited Russia and lost it in a communist coup, so, too, behind the Democrats lurks a ‘Man (or woman) of Steel’ just waiting to take power.

Like all movements whose intention is to inflict political-religious tyranny, the Democrats have their street fighters currently sowing mayhem so that fingers can be pointed at the legitimately elected executive. Rioting in Democrat cities must be blamed on a Republican President; extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds are still with us.

So where in all this is Karen? Well, one should never let a good title go to waste…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

4 thoughts on “Karen’s Lives Matter

  1. How Wright you are Orville, covidentially speaking. The ‘virus’ was China’s biowarfare Pearl harbor that was unleashed upon the world without cause or war having been declared. Check out the attached article. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/rogue-chinese-virologist-joins-twitter-publishes-evidence-covid-19-created-lab
    I read it carefully and from what I know of biology and genetics the Chinese did a pretty good job of weaponizing an otherwise harmless flu bug.

  2. Israel like many civilized countries used HCQ, AZT, zinc and vitamin D. They used it early and often, and it worked. Censorship about its use represents a great evil.

  3. MC, you’ve added to my education. In my late teens, I went to a “folk club” by Lake Windermere (partly because it seemed easier to pick up girls in a less noisy ambience than a disco, though I wasn’t noticeably more successful). The “worms” song sounded perhaps more humorous in the singer’s local speech (“me coorant boon”, rather than “beloved one” etc.), but I doubt whether he or most people were aware of any political subtext.

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