Dr. Bhakdi on the Dangers of Masks and the Risks of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi is a German virologist and professor of microbiology. He is an ethnic Thai who was born in the USA and educated at schools in Switzerland, Egypt, and Thailand. He studied medicine at the University of Bonn. He is the former head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene in Germany.

Dr. Bhakdi is 73 years old, and says he will never allow himself to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Below are two videos featuring Dr. Bhakdi. The first is a brief clip in which the doctor examines the possible legal consequences for those German public officials who issue mandatory mask orders.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video is a 20-minute interview with Dr. Bhakdi. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Do you know what? I’ll read you something.
00:03   I have it…
00:06   Penal Code, Paragraph 240, Coercion.
00:11   Whoever unlawfully with force or threat of appreciable harm
00:16   (up to €5000, in Bavaria) compels a human being to commit, acquiesce in or omit an act,
00:20   (wearing of a mask) shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine.
00:29   The act is unlawful if the use of force or the threat of evil
00:33   (wearing of the mask) for the intended purpose is to be regarded as reprehensible.
00:37   It’s scientifically proven,
00:40   wearing this mask [unintelligible] does nothing.
00:44   If you have a mask, on an older person
00:48   alone the GERMS… the wearing of a Mask
00:51   is… is… it’s a health risk,
00:54   and now they go… that’s why it is despicable … it’s punishable.
00:58   The attempt is punishable… the attempt is punishable.
01:03   In particularly severe cases, the penalty is
01:06   a term of imprisonment from six months to five years.
01:10   When is it considered a particular serious case?
01:13   A particularly severe case is usually
01:16   when the perpetrator abuses his powers or his position as a public official.
01:22   Oh-oh…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Although from a scientific standpoint, the development of a vaccine
00:04   usually takes at least four to five years.
00:08   That’s the standard, scientifically. Now with Corona, suddenly it will be ready in few months
00:13   and it’s supposed to be a safe vaccine. The Austrian health minister says in all seriousness
00:18   we could have a safe inoculation as early as January. So far, the mainstream media
00:26   haven’t questioned that, and say, “Yes, yes,
00:29   it will be relatively safe with relatively few side effects.”
00:32   Are politics and the media already completely corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry, Professor?
00:37   I don’t know, but what I don’t understand is the statement that the vaccine is so urgently needed.
00:46   Now I will ask the audience a question in return.
00:51   Do you know how many people under the age of 70
00:57   have died from COVID 19? As a percentage?
01:03   That means, out of 1000 people under 70 who were infected, how many died?
01:11   You won’t be able to find the answer, because you’ll only get an answer if you search
01:16   the reports from the RKI [Robert Koch Institute] and calculate the number yourself.
01:22   These figures are not available. So then I will tell you
01:28   that if you calculate how many COVID-19 deaths
01:33   there have been among the total number of people under the age of 70,
01:38   it was about 185,000 under the age of 70 who were infected.
01:43   That means that most of them were young
01:47   and under 70, because the total number was 230,000. The rest were older than 70.
01:56   Among these 0 to 70 years, 0.7 percent died
02:02   with and from COVID-19. 0.7 percent died.
02:08   That means 99.3 percent did NOT die. Most of them were not seriously ill at all.
02:15   In America, it is now known that about 6% of the people
02:20   were COVID victims, they are real victims.
02:25   It was published by the CDC. The rest, the 94%,
02:29   had serious pre-existing conditions. So, if you take Germany,
02:33   well, let’s say 10% were real, then we are at 0.07%
02:38   of real victims. That’s 99.93. Okay?
02:43   So, I can tell you I will never get vaccinated.
02:48   I’m might be over 70, but I don’t have any pre-existing conditions,
02:53   and if I wanted to, I wouldn’t die unless I threw myself down the stairs, out of desperation.
02:59   I’m not saying that SARS-COV-2 is harmless. No. I never said that.
03:05   It’s about as dangerous as an influenza virus. A seasonal, moderate flu.
03:10   What I am saying is that the most at risk
03:15   are those over 70 with severe pre-existing conditions.
03:20   So, if you say, we should protect them, I’m right there with you and that’s good.
03:26   We have to do that. We should want to protect them. But how?
03:31   Then the question is: Should we vaccinate them? I would say yes,
03:36   but these vaccines better be tested damned well
03:41   for safety, especially because this vaccine will be used primarily
03:46   on older sick people and not on young healthy people.
03:51   So, twelve months is not enough time for that. Not even five years.
04:00   Certainly not. And that just applies to conventional vaccines.
04:05   What we are dealing with in Europe, in Germany, Austria, is a completely new kind of vaccine.
04:13   This vaccine is gene-based. This isn’t a normal conventional vaccine,
04:17   and it’s not like the flu vaccine.
04:20   The way this gene-based vaccine works
04:25   is still unknown scientifically and medically.
04:30   The impact of which has a very high risk potential. —This is also a very central point,
04:38   of which I don’t think many people are aware. For many years,
04:43   we have experienced this massive protest movement against genetic manipulation in our food.
04:52   In particular, the Green Party has been fighting for years
04:56   against genetically manipulated food coming onto the market,
05:01   especially in Europe. So now we’re talking about a vaccination
05:04   that genetically manipulates the human body,
05:07   and apparently these same people have no concerns about it.
05:11   I can’t understand that either. I can’t understand that
05:15   and I don’t want to understand it. I don’t want to accept it.
05:19   You can’t say, “Oh! This virus is so dangerous,
05:24   that we now have to do away with everything or else it will wipe us all out.”
05:29   You know this gene-based vaccine.
05:32   I’m going to tell you a little bit about it, because as I understand it,
05:36   Mrs. Merkel has reserved 54 million doses
05:42   of this gene-based vaccine from the British company.
05:47   In Austria as well. Six million doses were ordered
05:51   for a total population of eight million. —Yes.
05:54   How can they do that? How can they do that?
05:58   And they even do it with our tax money to boot.
06:02   And it’s not just that, because they advertise for this vaccination
06:05   almost daily. They call it harmless. They call it safe.
06:08   Just this Tuesday, a few Austrian media outlets announced the latest gag:
06:12   “The vaccination will be free!”
06:15   The government will carry the costs.
06:18   I read that in the newspaper today. I saw that in the newspaper, yes.
06:21   The government pays with our tax money, at least I think so;
06:25   I don’t know if they have secret accounts or something somewhere.
06:29   So now getting back to our topic:
06:33   when a virus produces a protein in one of our cells,
06:37   it produces waste.
06:40   It is like building a house, and there’s waste produced in the process.
06:44   This waste is hung outside the door as a sign,
06:48   or placed in front of the door as garbage. This waste is recognized by lymphocytes,
06:55   including killer lymphocytes, which we all have.
07:00   They recognize the waste of this coronavirus
07:05   as coronavirus waste because these lymphocytes
07:10   have met other coronaviruses.
07:15   Maybe last year or the year before last.
07:18   These lymphocytes have a long memory.
07:22   I pointed out in the book that these killer lymphocytes
07:27   are probably the reason why [we remain healthy], probably.
07:32   If you or I have or get a SARS-COV-2 infection,
07:38   and it really goes into my cells, it reproduces itself.
07:44   The waste produced by this process is put outside the door of my lung cell,
07:49   and then this killer lymphocyte cell from previous years
07:54   recognizes the diseased cells and kills the cell.
07:58   That’s how the fire is put out. The factory is destroyed
08:03   and the viruses are no longer produced and the person recovers and is healthy again.
08:07   That’s the mechanism; that’s the main mechanism of recovery with a SARS-COV-2 infection.
08:15   It’s the same in cases of flu infection, by the way. This is a principle of immunology.
08:20   I believe it has always worked and that’s the reason
08:24   why we as adults are relatively well-protected.
08:27   If you are under 70 and not seriously ill from anything else,
08:32   the fires are practically always extinguished.
08:36   On the other hand, if you’re foolish enough to inject
08:40   the gene of the virus, and it goes somewhere else,
08:43   where it does not belong, it will produce waste there. Then the killer lymphocytes won’t recognize
08:50   that it is only the gene that was injected and not the virus.
08:54   It will go there anyway and kill these cells.
08:57   That’s what we call an autoimmune reaction.
09:01   How and where these autoimmune reactions will happen, nobody knows.
09:05   Tests for that have never been done. The pharmaceutical industry
09:09   never considered that something like that could happen.
09:13   If you go through the literature
09:17   and examine what reactions the vaccine that have been sold caused,
09:22   you’ll find a study from early August. They were in phase 2,
09:28   and a relatively small number of English volunteers were vaccinated.
09:35   In 20% to 25% of the cases, the side effects were so extreme
09:43   that people had enormous swelling, fever, chills, headache,
09:48   aching limbs, muscle aches, and were so sick that they could not stand it.
09:54   So this is obviously a sign of how they are trying to manipulate us through the media.
10:00   In that article from Tuesday, with the headline:
10:05   “There should be a free vaccination”. There was also an interview
10:11   with a pharma lobbyist who said the exact opposite and denied it.
10:14   She said all the previous vaccine tests had no serious side effects.
10:17   I consider that reprehensible. Now I’m getting angry. That can’t be possible. That’s lying.
10:25   You have to read this study. It’s published in Lancet. OK?
10:30   What the English did, in Oxford, because the side effects were so severe,
10:36   from that point on, all the subsequent test subjects for the vaccine
10:39   were given a high dose of paracetamol [acetaminophen].
10:42   That’s a fever-reducing painkiller. You know?
10:45   An antipyretic painkiller. Paracetamol in high doses. And then…
10:49   In response to the vaccination? —No. To prevent the reaction.
10:53   That means they received the painkiller first
10:56   and then the vaccination afterwards. Unbelievable.
11:00   This way they could say that the vaccine was well-tolerated.
11:05   After that, in the following weeks and months, they managed
11:09   to get the Indian government to announce
11:13   that we would be conducting the next phase in India. Not just in India. In other places as well.
11:18   I believe 3,000 young people in India will allow themselves to be vaccinated
11:22   with this gene-based vaccine, and I’m sure
11:26   the result will be celebrated with a big “hurray!” and the claim that they tolerated it well.
11:30   So, ladies and gentlemen, do you want your mother or grandmother who is 70 or 75 years old
11:39   with a pre-existing condition to receive such a vaccine? They can’t want that.
11:45   Or would you do that to yourself as someone younger than 70 years old? Before you do,
11:48   you have to get a shot of paracetamol so you won’t have side effects? What for? What for?
11:54   Let me tell you this: I won’t be able to upload this video
11:59   within the next five days because if I did, it would deleted right away,
12:04   for what I just said.
12:07   Professor, there’s one topic that is continually brought up.
12:12   The Swedish method. The Swedish took a completely different path
12:16   from most countries. One of very few.
12:20   It is one of the only countries in the world that didn’t impose lockdowns.
12:25   85 percent of the Swedish population supported this method.
12:30   However, what the health authorities admit is that they didn’t pay enough attention
12:34   to risk groups the first few weeks. —Yes.
12:38   The elderly and those living in nursing homes. They admit it.
12:43   That’s also a general topic when Corona is being discussed.
12:48   The risk group of people with pre-existing conditions and older people.
12:54   What do you say in reaction to this whole discussion
12:57   about the high-risk group of people over 65 or 70 years of age?
13:01   Over 70 years, not 65. At least over 70, with pre-existing conditions, please.
13:08   Sure. That was the case. Sweden didn’t really do a good job
13:17   protecting people in nursing homes and old folks’ homes.
13:21   There were several reasons why this was the case.
13:26   Our Swedish friends tell us that many foreigners who work
13:32   in these Swedish nursing homes were not able to speak proper Swedish.
13:38   They couldn’t read and understand all these rules, precautions,
13:43   and didn’t follow them. That’s what Sweden admits as well.
13:48   The most important thing in the future, no matter whether it is the flu
13:53   or Corona, is to regulate access and visits
13:58   to these vulnerable people very strictly.
14:01   With a mask, yes, sure, why not?
14:04   Disinfected hands. Yes, that’s all right.
14:08   Principally these are measures that already had been applied to the flu. —Yes! —If you went
14:14   to an old folks’ home and it was flu season, you also had to pay attention to these measures. —Yes.
14:18   That’s it. We say this clearly and concisely in the book. People don’t like that, and that’s why
14:24   our videos are constantly being deleted. All this isn’t necessary.
14:28   Just stop it. Why not turn our attention to reasonable, important things?
14:33   Restore the economy and get the culture back on its feet.
14:38   Culture has been ruined. The schools — education has been ruined.
14:43   The elderly people are still lonely because they can’t have visitors.
14:47   This can’t be true. We have a relative, this is a personal story now,
14:55   he had a heart attack. All five of us weren’t allowed to visit him.
15:00   That’s not permitted. What is this nonsense?
15:04   The topic of collateral damage from serious illnesses,
15:08   heart attacks, badly treated cancer patients, unemployment,
15:13   mental illness leading to suicide. —Suicide. —This is now a taboo subject at this point.
15:18   Yes, but Mr. Steinmeier says we shouldn’t talk about it,
15:23   because that would be irresponsible. Do you understand that?
15:28   You have… —This is so ridiculous and so crazy
15:32   and so irresponsible from politicians. I’ll say it point-blank.
15:36   Everyone’s trust in politicians has been lost. You simply can’t do this.
15:41   There’s another question we are often asked
15:46   besides the number of the seriously ill among the dead.
15:49   As I have said already several times, fortunately
15:52   the death toll is continuously decreasing. However, according to some media reports
15:56   in the past few weeks, there are increasing numbers
16:01   of long-term consequences for corona patients.
16:06   What is your opinion on that from a professional point of view? —From a professional point of view,
16:10   it isn’t possible to form an opinion, because there are no data at all.
16:14   And no studies. If you want to study long-term effects,
16:17   you will probably have to do it for a longer time. —That’s a matter of years. —Yes, my God,
16:21   to start fantasizing now that there might be long-term consequences,
16:26   that’s following this agenda of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
16:31   You know the document that went viral in March of this year,
16:37   from the Corona Committee in the German Interior ministry.
16:42   A protocol was written on how to manage the crisis
16:47   during a time of crisis.
16:51   The consensus was that fear had to be created.
16:56   The first step in creating fear was by not counting or announcing
17:01   how many died, because there would be too few.
17:06   Instead, only the number of the infected would be announced.
17:10   Secondly, people, especially the elderly,
17:15   had to be made to understand that without ventilation,
17:20   death would occur by slow suffocation.
17:24   A drowning death.
17:27   To imagine suffocating slowly to death
17:30   is one of the most horrible thoughts about death that someone could have.
17:33   That stirs up fear. Then we have to tell the children that they
17:37   will bring the disease to their parents
17:41   and kill their parents and kill their grandparents. That’s how they control everyone.
17:45   And one last thing, buckle up, we have to talk about
17:49   possible long-term damages, which are of course unknown.
17:54   We can and must convey that since this is a new form of disease,
17:59   we therefore cannot know if there are long-term consequences,
18:03   but you can start to imagine all kinds of things. Now let me tell you something:
18:06   after we read this, we were really angry and we’re still angry now.
18:12   These pathologists in Germany, who supposedly say,
18:15   “That’s right, the virus goes here, there,
18:18   and everywhere. The virus can go different places.”
18:21   All viruses that infect the respiratory system
18:24   can also appear in many other organs. This has been known a long time. Even in the brain,
18:30   but it does not mean that they are doing something there. The quantity is important.
18:35   You know, having a few viruses here and there doesn’t mean they do anything at all.
18:39   Before you can draw conclusions,
18:43   You’d better have damned good data to back it up,
18:46   and that takes years of research.
18:49   So please, don’t believe these fantasies. It could happen,
18:52   but the probability that it WON’T happen is much higher.

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  1. K. Sypsas asks the Greeks not to hug and kiss their children so as not to catch a coronavirus

    The well-known professor, member of the committee of scientists Kostas Sypsas proceeded to an unprecedented instruction to the citizens for the … non-spread of the coronavirus.

    Specifically, he said: “Do not hug and kiss your children and if they approach you wear a mask in your home”

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