Carsten Jahn: “What is Happening in Leipzig is Not a Protest”

For the last few days anarchists have been rioting in the German city of Leipzig, setting up barricades, throwing cobblestones, and setting fire to police cars. The issue is their eviction from a building in which they had been illegally squatting, which makes them the German equivalent of the Danish autonomer.

The following rant about Leipzig by Carsten Jahn was posted by the video group Team Heimat. Mr. Jahn is at pains to point out the contrast between the way Leftists portrayed the anti-Corona demonstration in Berlin, versus their sympathetic treatment of the rioters in Leipzig.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Deutsche Welle article about the “protests” in Leipzig:

Leipzig protests: Politicians in Germany condemn third night of violence

Saxony state premier Michael Kretschmer said “left-wing extremists” were behind clashes between protesters and police. Demonstrators they were against gentrification and a lack of affordable housing in the city.

A third-straight night of violent protests in the eastern city of Leipzig left at least two police officers injured and several people were detained, police said on Sunday.

Demonstrators clashed with police on Saturday evening, after a group had rallied to protest gentrification in the city’s Connewitz district two days prior.

The gentrification protest was sparked by a police operation to evacuate a house occupied by a group of squatters since August 21.

The property was otherwise empty when squatters chose to occupy it, but the owner filed a criminal complaint for alleged trespassing, which led a Leipzig district court to issue an eviction order.

Some 100 people dressed in black and wearing hoods reportedly threw cobblestones and firecrackers at police, overturned garbage bins and built burning barricades, a police spokesperson said.

Authorities said that tear gas was used on the group and a helicopter was deployed to the scene. Police are investigating 15 suspects for breach of the peace, damage to property and resistance to law enforcement officers.

Video transcript:

00:01   Good morning, Germany.
00:04   For the last three days I have really followed everything from
00:08   beautiful Central Germany,
00:11   and of course the comments from the media,
00:15   the comments of the protagonists of the media,
00:19   and of course the politicians’ comments,
00:24   and from the “great” politicians.
00:27   I’m not talking about the Lord Mayor of the beautiful city of Leipzig here,
00:31   who for once actually
00:34   expressed himself factually; that’s how you might express it.
00:38   No, I’m talking about party leaders, for example
00:41   a Mrs. [Saskia] Esken from the SPD.
00:44   You don’t hear anything? People, you don’t hear ANYTHING at all.
00:49   Yes, …Mrs. Hayali, so Dunja, Dunja darling [journalist],
00:54   Yes, …well, I’ve already dedicated a nice video to you.
00:57   Actually I had already thought about it: do I dedicate a second video to you?
01:00   But no, you are simply too unimportant for that.
01:03   Because if I listen to your statement about Leipzig…
01:07   After all, these are people who protest for HOMES.
01:12   But please, not with violence.
01:16   So, these pictures keep coming back to me from the 29th of August in Berlin,
01:23   and how the media and politics treated
01:26   people who ran up the stairs,
01:29   and who of course waved the wrong flags
01:34   as… YES…
01:37   almost as a revolutionary, violent, brutal…
01:41   I can’t find any words for how this was butchered for all it’s worth in the media.
01:47   And now in Leipzig, for three days we have seen burning cars and injured police officers,
01:54   a violent mob, who illegally occupied homes,
01:58   who …yes, are against this system, are against democracy.
02:04   Something which Mrs. Hayali, Mr. [Georg] Restle [journalist],
02:08   and the whole of the media, and also Mrs. Esken defend so vehemently
02:14   And WHAT do WE hear? Protesters, activists…
02:19   they simply gloss over it. I seriously ask myself the question,
02:23   and dear fellow citizens, you have to notice it sometime: What is wrong here?
02:29   I mean, in all honesty, folks, I know it,…yeah,
02:32   I know it, because my job for the last two years has clearly been
02:38   to make it clear to you, dear fellow citizens,
02:41   that in this country politicians rule
02:45   who want to abolish this system themselves,
02:48   the system of democracy. Namely the SPD, the Greens, the Linke [Left]
02:56   yes, and I even claim that parts of the CDU
02:59   are working to abolish democracy in our homeland.
03:04   Because of course they all want to pave the way for the United States of Europe,
03:10   the Federal States of Europe.
03:13   But what’s even worse is the fact
03:17   that there are three parties in the Bundestag here in Germany
03:20   who denigrate people,
03:23   accuse people of violence,
03:26   denounce people as extremists and radicals
03:31   decree that people, because they want a systemic change — and I say here very clearly,
03:36   towards more basic democracy,
03:40   towards more participation by the people —
03:44   as extremist, radical and right-wing.
03:48   This is INSANE. This is truly INSANE,
03:52   and these parties don’t even stand up
03:57   and criticize
04:00   hundreds, even thousands of people in Germany
04:04   who OPENLY want to abolish democracy,
04:07   occupy houses illegally, who are violent,
04:11   who are extremist,
04:15   who truly… yeah…
04:18   perpetrate all of this on the streets,
04:22   Which the other side doesn’t do at all,
04:25   but that’s exactly what this side is accused of,
04:28   as we all could see in all mainstream MEDIA on August 29th.
04:32   But the fact is, it’s exactly the opposite.
04:36   Dear fellow citizens, take a look for yourselves.
04:39   Take a closer look for yourselves, Why don’t we hear anything from the SPD?
04:43   Why don’t we hear anything from Mrs. Esken,
04:46   what she has to say about police cars that are torched in Leipzig?
04:52   About the houses that are illegally occupied, that these people are OPENLY
04:56   against the system, OPENLY against democracy.
04:59   WHY is she so quiet about this? Mrs. Hayali,
05:02   why don’t you distance yourself openly from the violence?
05:05   Why don’t you distance yourself from ANTIFA?
05:09   Why don’t you distance yourself from people who want to abolish democracy?
05:15   Who want to abolish the system? Why don’t you distance yourself here?
05:20   I cannot understand this! You’re always there so quickly: “People should distance themselves”
05:26   from “RIGHTIST” thought.
05:29   Well, get rid of a system, get rid of a democracy,
05:34   that is “Rightist” thinking (but only if you believe that NAZIS are on the right wing).
05:38   So for my part, I want MORE DEMOCRACY
05:42   in this country. I would like a lot MORE democracy in this country.
05:47   I want people to have a say, to have self-determination.
05:52   But what, what do the people stand for,
05:55   who have dismantled half a district in the last few days?
06:00   For democracy, Mrs. Hayali?
06:03   For democracy, Mrs. Esken? For democracy, Mrs. [Annalena] Baerbock [Greens]?
06:08   Dear fellow citizens…
06:12   What is happening in Leipzig is not a protest.
06:15   Those are not Activists; they are EXTREMISTS.
06:19   They are the enemy of democracy! And they are
06:24   downright protected by the politicians.

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