Tomio Okamura: “Patriotism and the Family are the First Targets for Destruction”

Tomio Okamura is the founder and leader the Czech political party Freedom and Direct Democracy, and has been Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies since 2017.

The following video shows Mr. Okamura’s remarks at a recent event in Czechia. I don’t know the exact nature of the event, but it’s refreshing to see all those unmasked people who seem unconcerned about social distancing. How different it is here in the USA!

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Valued ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
0:03   thank you for this platform to speak to you at this patriots’ meeting in Pricoveh [town].
0:08   I received it [the platform] in a panel called ‘civilizational perspectives’.
0:13   I am neither a prognosticator nor a prophet. So I do not know the future of our civilization.
0:17   The only thing I am capable of is to learn in the framework of possibilities, from history.
0:22   And it is obviously cruel to those who do not defend their civilization and their nation.
0:30   Quite traditionally, this is said of the Roman Empire. But just as well,
0:33   ancient Egypt can serve [as an example].
0:36   That, which sounds horrific,
0:40   shows a light at the end of the tunnel: the breakup of all supra-national empires,
0:44   which had attempted to unify their empires into supra-national entities, de-nationalize them,
0:50   force upon them some universal model/vision, and modus vivendi,
0:53   factually causing the battle of individual nations
0:56   for self-determination. In these histories, we see
1:00   a cyclical movement, in which there arise great imperial Molochs,
1:05   which subsequently dissolve into individual national entities.
1:10   This means that the effort to undermine nations [?],
1:14   and it will always, but, in the end, nations will always destroy these.
1:20   In the last 120 years, in this manner the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire,
1:27   the Nazi Third Reich, and even the Soviet Empire fell apart.
1:31   From their ruins, there arose new/old[?] or new nation states.
1:36   The reason why even small nations survive the overwhelming Moloch
1:41   is totally pragmatic and logical. Just like a family,
1:45   so a nation is a wholly natural social grouping which cannot just be destroyed.
1:51   People are, in their own way, egoists, and in the first place they will defend
1:55   their own interests, those of their families, and those close to them,
2:00   and of their culturally identical environs, versus outside forces.
2:05   That is why Americans, for centuries,
2:08   have relentlessly worked on propaganda to educate the new American nation,
2:11   because they rightly understand that only a union held together by nationalism
2:16   has any chance of survival. Now, nationalism,
2:20   the idea of a nation, brought up the idea
2:25   of the Czechoslovakian state — and nation — even the founder of our modern state, Masaryk —
2:28   that is why his legacy has been passed on,
2:32   yet the propaganda pushes Havel as the icon, who has become the symbol of de-nationalization
2:37   and of the political and economic colonization of the Czech Republic.
2:47   Understandably, that which we see is also seen by the actors in Brussels.
2:52   And, of course, patriotism and the family are the first targets for destruction,
2:58   because only a de-nationalized European state,
3:04   in which the destruction of social and cultural values has succeeded, has any chance
3:08   of holding on. On Czech TV I recently heard a slogan
3:12   about one nationalism in Europe. Perhaps on target, but from a differing point of view.
3:18   Because the poison is often also the cure.
3:22   And patriotism is the antidote to the poison of the insane social and political construct
3:26   of the groups that are difficult to define, because here there are mixed ideas from anarchism
3:32   through neo-liberalism, all the way to hidden authoritarian
3:38   anti-democratic tendencies. Feminists and the gays
3:42   stand in the same line as the Islamists, who, in their own countries, murder such people.
3:47   Each of these groups, including supra-national financial and industrial lobbyists,
3:51   of course defend their own interests, and that brings the hope that
3:54   it does not naturally correlate with goals
3:57   that continue to be rejected by increasingly larger portion of Europeans.
4:00   However, these groups manage to control the elites and media.
4:08   It is still clear to see the growing opposition among the citizenry
4:12   of individual European countries. Here, present, facing me, sits
4:19   Benjamin Kuras, who said that he no longer sees a chance
4:23   For Western countries to escape Islamization,
4:26   because there are Muslim cultures steamrolling over them due to their birthrate.
4:31   That is a very sad perspective.
4:34   But, on the other hand, I see a chance for us. For the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
4:39   to learn from their tragedy and retain their own cultures
4:43   and nation states. Understandably, for us to have such a perspective,
4:48   it is necessary to know about the [impending] danger.
4:51   To speak about it, there are necessary actions, such as today’s.
4:55   And to all the organizers, I thank them for their work,
4:59   for their work and I wish that you, European nations,
5:03   will in health and reason, survive the current pan-European insanity.
5:08   I am glad that I may be here, with you, and I greet you,
5:12   your friends and families, and thank you for your attention.