The Unmasked Children’s Crusade

The following video from Germany shows a demonstration of little kids against the mandatory wearing of masks. It’s not clear which official agency is the target of their protest.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this note:

There’s a s***storm brewing about the masks in school. There are doctors that are willing to write exemptions. Parents are getting organized.

Somewhat on the same topic, here’s a mask-related meme I made:

I’m not entirely satisfied with it, because it’s so small. But it’s hard to find a boxcar photo where faces are shown clearly, and that includes at least one Nazi guard.

Video transcript:

00:02   So, schoolchildren are standing here to say that they don’t agree with compulsory masks.
00:08   As we said earlier, we’ve had headaches, and it makes it difficult to learn anything,
00:13   and makes it totally useless to go to school anyway.
00:18   Very good.
00:21   You should talk to us children about it, because we’re the ones affected by it. Will you talk to us?
00:31   Oh man, they sit in their offices and say nothing.
00:50   I hate masks! Raise your hand and show us who you really are.
00:58   Very good! Bravo! —Bravo! More! Bring more children to speak!
01:04   We hate masks!
01:15   Free the mouths of our children!

5 thoughts on “The Unmasked Children’s Crusade

  1. This insanity has to stop !!, leave this poor children alone !!, parents has to step up for a child abuse ..

  2. “Free the mouths of our children!”

    and let the children speak and show their wisdom. Just think how europe is advance. If children are such wise just how wiser are the adults?

    oh Islamic europe!

  3. I tried finding you via Google search and all they show is sites attacking you and associating you with Anders Breivik. Finally after specific search “gates of vienna” there was a link a ways down, to an article on here and only by going there and then clicking Home did I finally reach your site.
    Re your trouble with Pay Pal: Sue them. Owen Benjamin sued Patreon and won.

    • You have to have money for lawyers to sue, and alas, I don’t. I get by on the thinnest of margins. Besides, I’m sure in the fine print of PayPal’s “terms of service” there’s something they could cite that would cover it.

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