The Marauding Taxi Driver in Borlänge — A Somali Pedophile?

I posted last week about a Somali taxi driver in the Swedish town of Borlänge who ran down a group of pedestrians. At the time there was no word on his motive, but there was naturally some speculation that the marauding taxi was an instance of Sudden Jihad.

Now there are some new and interesting developments in the case: it seems the driver’s intended victim was someone he knew and was related to, and who he believed had just reported him for child molestation.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   The 27-year-old male suspect who plowed into five persons
00:07   last Saturday in Borlänge using a taxi is now in detention.
00:10   He is suspected of one count of probable cause of attempted murder,
00:13   and four counts of aggravated assault.
00:16   According to Falu Country Court, the reason [for his detention] is that there is a risk
00:20   the suspect could destroy evidence, commit new crimes,
00:25   or impede the investigation in certain ways.
00:28   This is why the country court required his arrest today on suspicion of probable cause.
00:35   Our reporter, Nellie Håkansson, is here in the studio.
00:38   This incident occurred on Friday night in Borlänge. Could you tell us what happened?
00:44   A taxi driver drove multiple times into a pedestrian street in downtown Borlänge.
00:50   A civilian was eventually able stop the attack by dragging him out of his vehicle,
00:55   and make a civilian arrest on location.
00:58   Five people were wounded and transported to hospital,
01:01   but they were released to go home later on. —The event in Borlänge was incredibly breathtaking.
01:07   Do we know what motivated the suspect?
01:11   The motive which caused the attack was initially very unclear.
01:16   But according to Aftonbladet’s sources, the motive was probably a police report.
01:21   The taxi driver was recently reported to the police on suspicion of sexually exploiting children.
01:26   And a family related to the plaintiff filed the report.
01:30   On Friday night, the cab driver and the person who reported him
01:33   met each other accidentally in Borlänge,
01:36   which prompted the driver to initiate the vehicle attack.
01:40   During the attack, the close relative was caught underneath the vehicle and run over.
01:44   The prosecutor confirms that one of the wounded is related to the attacker,
01:49   and there is an ongoing conflict between them. —What does the 27-year-old man
01:52   himself say about the charges?
01:55   He indeed describes some details, but denies the criminal suspicions. —Thank you, Nellie.
02:02   This 27-year-old man is now in custody on one count of suspected attempted murder,
02:08   and four counts of aggravated assault.
02:11   The footage on the screen is from Friday midnight when this occurred.
02:15   A total of five persons were wounded
02:18   when this madness took place in central Borlänge.
02:23   We will keep you posted about this incident.
02:28   Thank you for watching, and see you soon.

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  1. Looks like someone might soon be serving 18 months or a couple of years in what Sweden calls a “prison”.

  2. All it would take is a few hard rough men to end this madness and these 3rd worlders would flee in horror and fear back to where they crawled out of. Soon, real soon. Let it rain !

  3. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and a handful like her, literally rare gems from the dirt. All of the rest of their women seem to be engaging in the gruesome clit cutting business, every generation doing it to their young ones despite their own experience, and I’ve never heard of any positive deeds of their men. They literally live like Orcs, behave like Orcs, fight like Orcs. Any accustomed standard of humanity has escaped them, is met with violent resistance. They even kill you for trying to help them. One of the strangest nations to try and understand. I personally know decent people from other parts of Africa, but not from there. This must be about the darkest corner of it all (pun not intended — not in the sense of skin colour, but mentally unlit and sinister).

    • (Oops clicked the wrong button, was meant as reply to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.)

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