Rasmus Paludan: “There’s No Kind of Justice Here”

Rasmus Paludan is the founder and leader of the Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party in Denmark. As a staunch opponent of mass immigration and Islam, Mr. Paludan is subject to repeated legal persecution by the Danish state.

In the following interview Mr. Paludan describes his recent convictions for “racism”, “hate”, and the like. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

4 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan: “There’s No Kind of Justice Here”

  1. Thank you to Vlad for producing this interview and a big thanks to Rasmus P. for taking the time to let us know what was happening to him. As usual, I appreciate his straight talk. I can only hope that there are many, many in Denmark who think similarly and will come together to act before that wonderful, civilized country is lost forever to barbarians.

    • “We conquer Denmark” – Arabic on church, Denmark
      “We will not integrate” – muslim in Denmark

  2. What a disturbing interview. Native Dane Rasmus Paludan has less rights than a Turkish Danish non-citizen with a history of criminality since he is deemed someone from the “oppressed” non-white religions.

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