German Schoolchildren Expelled For Not Wearing Masks

Remember the Unmasked Children’s Crusade? The following video shows what happens to non-compliant German children who fail to wear their masks at school.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Hey, you two. You don’t need to sit here. You aren’t locked up.
00:07   Nobody can take your freedom away.
00:10   They should have sent you directly home. We as parents won’t pick you up in the future.
00:15   I’m sorry. What happened? Would you like to explain what happened?
00:22   Let me tell it. The teacher just told us to go to the principal.
00:27   That’s what you did, but I told you it’s better not to do that.
00:30   Yes, but in this situation it was impossible. —OK. —So we waited here.
00:36   My teacher came and just sent me here. —OK. So let’s ask.
00:50   Good morning. —Good morning. —So, is it correct that my children aren’t being educated?
00:54   Please. [gesturing towards the principal’s office] —Good, even better!
01:00   Good morning, Mrs. Welk. My children aren’t being educated? —Excuse me, who are you?
01:05   I’m Mr. Nicolaus. —Mr. Nicolaus, would you please wait outside? OK? The way you just show up here.
01:11   I’m going to ban you from the school property. Please go. —Aha, OK.
01:16   I just wanted some information, because my children are sitting over there. —Yes, exactly.
01:19   So what should we do now with the children? —You wait outside. Your wife was informed.
01:24   You wait outside, Mr. Nicolaus. —I just spoke on the phone with my wife.
01:27   Mr. Nicolaus, please leave. —And what about my children? I should take them with me? Is that it?
01:32   All I wanted to know is if I should send them to school tomorrow,
01:35   or is it pointless? —You’ve read my email.
01:38   And you’ve read mine. How many masks have you examined for their effectiveness?
01:44   This conversation has ended for me. —You aren’t even having a conversation with me. —No, I’m not.
01:49   Well, that’s too bad, because… —Mr. Nicolaus, please leave my office or I will call for help.
01:56   Please leave now. —Yeah? Really? —You leave now. —I have a question for the future.
02:01   Frau Zuska, please call the office of public order. —Yes.
02:09   You can go right ahead and do that. I only wanted a clear statement about whether I should send
02:13   my children to school tomorrow or not. Do I continue to send them every day, that’s all?
02:22   I’ll sort it out. —Will you give me any information about that? I’m leaving now with my children.
02:27   I’m only here to pick them up, but do we have play this game everyday now?
02:30   My children are required to go to school. That’s what this is about. Y’know?
02:35   Too bad. I’ll send them to school again tomorrow, but I don’t want to play this game everyday, OK?
02:40   Hello, good morning. I’m being threatened right now. —Oh, OK.
02:43   Mr. Nicolaus is in my office and won’t leave my office. I left my office and closed the door.
02:50   I asked my secretary to call the office of public order.
02:55   You are more than welcome to, because I have filmed everything. Bye.

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  1. Germany became Banana Republic, poor kids , what are they doing!!, parents have to set up and go to the police, ..

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