Elderly Woman Preyed Upon in Stockholm

In the following account of an attack upon an elderly woman in Sweden, note the co-byline of a culture enricher among the two authors. I don’t know whether this fact is significant, but there it is.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Aftonbladet:

Man hunted after knife attack on woman

by Ebba Thorneus and Jamshid Jamshidi

A woman in her 60s has stab wounds in Södermalm in Stockholm. The suspected perpetrator is now being sought by police.

During the attack, the man is said to have expressed hatred toward white women, according to information received by Aftonbladet.

The alarm concerning the incident came in at 12:11pm on Friday. A woman had been attacked by a man in Södermalm in Stockholm. Police confirm that the crime happened outdoors and that a man attempted to take the belongings of a woman and then wounded her with a bladed weapon.

A knife has also been found at the crime scene. “It is possible that we have the weapon, but there is no concrete information,” says Carinas Skagerlind at the police command center. The woman has injuries to her upper body and was taken to the hospital. The injuries were initially judged to be serious but not life-threatening.

The suspected perpetrator has not yet been arrested, but is being sought by police. During the attack, the man is said to have expressed hatred toward white women. An investigation into attempted murder has been initiated. Police have held a series of witness interrogations with people who may have seen something, and are also investigating whether there is video material from the incident. A technical investigation will take place during the day.

9 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Preyed Upon in Stockholm

  1. I recently read a book by an RAF pilot who was shot down over some Norwegian fjord trying to bomb Nazis. He and one of his crew eventually staggered over the Swedish border and were interned. He found that the Swedish army was generally sympathetic to Hitler. It seems that many Swedes now suffer from the same guilt as the Germans over their wartime actions, and sing la, la, la to themselves as they shuffle towards Armageddon. Hey ho!

    • Those dark pre-war days and “knights” are here again. It seems the blackman as well as the Muslim is just as or even more so, racist than any European race ever was. By performing like a humbled majority we have created stark choices. Mayhem or war? Take your pick.

      • I am prepared for war, and make no mistake it is coming with a bloody vengeance. The question is? Are you prepared for war?

          • If it needs to be done then I would prefer it while I am still young enough to strike a telling blow, and so that my son will not have to take up arms to do what should have been done decades ago.

    • I don’t think guilt factors much into anything in Sweden, more like virtue signaling. Read about Swedish multi-culturalism, they are almost chauvinistic about how progressive they are.

  2. In the meantime be aware at all times when in what is increasingly becoming wilderness country with more and more wild life roaming around. Being comfortable and not paying attention will by degrees be more and more costly.

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