Double Your Fun

Twice as many shootings, twice as many gunshot wounds — there are so many ways to double your pleasure in Modern Multicultural Sweden. Especially when automatic weapons are involved.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:45   The public is exposed to a higher risk of being shot
00:51   during criminal confrontations, according to a research.
00:56   The reason is a major increase in the number of shootings in public spaces,
00:59   and the number of shots fired each time has doubled.
01:04   This is a video circulated on the internet.
01:08   It shows somebody shooting by a automatic rifle from a car.
01:14   No one was reported injured in this specific incident.
01:18   However, automatic weapons are used more often,
01:21   and more shots are fired during conflicts among criminal networks.
01:26   For starters, we see an increase in the number of murders and attempted murders
01:29   in criminal environments in Stockholm.
01:32   We also see an escalation of brutality and violence.
01:35   Joakim Sturup, a criminologist, has examined cases
01:39   of murder and attempted murder in Stockholm between 2011 and 2018.
01:44   During this period of time, the number of cases in which automatic weapons were used
01:47   has increased by 50%. During the same period of time
01:50   we also see an increase in the number
01:53   of shell casings at crime scenes.
01:56   The average of six in 2011 increased to twelve in 2018.
02:00   Which is a doubling.
02:03   The survey of injured victims shows that
02:06   gunshot wounds have increased from four in 2011
02:11   to eleven gunshot wounds per case in 2018.
02:15   In Norsborg [Stockholm], a 12-year-old girl was shot to death.
02:20   A large number of shots were fired towards suspected gang rivals,
02:24   but the girl was caught in the crossfire.
02:27   The risk to the public is obviously increasing,
02:30   because it’s about the use of automatic weapons. They are harder to control
02:35   and the shooters aren’t equally used to handling such types of weapons.
02:38   But the location is also relevant. We notice that they happen more often in public spaces,
02:43   and in residential areas. This subjects the public to a higher risk.
02:47   The preliminary analysis examines 2019 and 2020.
02:52   The trend towards the use of automatic weapons is pervasive.
02:55   The murder of the girl in Norsborg is classified as drive-by-shooting style,
03:00   which is carried out from, for example, a moving car.
03:04   We have not checked it from that perspective.
03:08   Also, it depends on how you’d define a drive-by shooting.
03:11   It could be a car in movement shooting at a stationary target,
03:16   for example a standing person or a parked car.
03:20   If this is the definition, I have seen four such cases.
03:23   All of them happened during the last four years.
03:27   A dead person was found in the early morning in Fittja, Botkyrka [Stockholm],
03:31   in a burned car driven into the water.
03:34   During the day the forensic techs began investigating the crime scene,
03:38   and a preliminary investigation of murder has also begun.
03:41   This happened only five days after the 12-year-old girl was shot dead in Botkyrka.
03:45   The local residents are feeling insecure.