Demonstration Against Coronavirus Restrictions in Düsseldorf

The following video was recorded yesterday in the German city of Düsseldorf during a citizens’ protest against mandatory facemasks and other restrictions imposed due to the Wuhan Coronavirus. It features excerpts from various speeches, interviews with the participants, and an anti-mask poem recited by a theatrically-inclined woman.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Düsseldorf, August 18, 2020 — Demonstration against Mandatory Masks for school children
00:04   A Citizen’s Initiative from Parents Taking a Stand (NRW) & Corona Rebels of Düsseldorf
00:10   Why are you here today? —We are demonstrating against the mandatory masks for schoolchildren
00:15   and mandatory masks in general. —What exactly do you want people to know?
00:19   For example, outside Germany?
00:25   That we are being governed by a pharmaceutical dictatorship. The pharmaceutical industry
00:29   is being directed from Germany to create a worldwide dictatorship,
00:32   and it needs to be stopped. It probably can only be stopped from here in Germany.
00:36   That’s why we’re here. We need to do something about it now, because we’re a couple of minutes
00:39   before 12. Actually, we’re probably already a few minutes after 12.
00:44   Our aim is to stop the mandatory mask ordinance and the vaccine.
00:49   How can people help your cause? —Take to the streets.
00:54   Take to the streets. —Start your own demonstrations.
00:58   Write your representatives. Write politicians. Involve celebrities.
01:04   There are many celebrities in Germany now who are taking a stand,
01:07   and even though they’re taking a beating
01:10   from the mainstream media, they’re still talking. As long as we keep talking about it, we’ll win.
01:16   Do you plan to make the trip to Berlin for the upcoming demonstration there?
01:19   Yes. We’re all going to Berlin. —Yes, really? —Yes.
01:32   Signs: Stop the Dictatorship — Freedom — Direct Democracy Now
01:35   Enough with the panic — The Corona pandemic is a lie
01:39   Peaceful assembly without violence or threats. I don’t see any weapons,
01:43   and none of us intends to threaten anyone.
01:46   So, we can do what we want. We are persons protected by Article 8, paragraph 1 of the constitution.
01:53   We have freedom of movement in all of Germany. —No, I must contradict you. We aren’t persons.
01:58   Persons are employees. We are free human beings. Free human beings.
02:02   That’s important. It’s important. Excuse me.
02:05   We are all free human beings. I am especially, because
02:08   I turned in my personal identification in September of 2017,
02:11   but this anti-social government won’t accept that. They don’t respect the constitution.
02:19   This is a dictatorship and nothing else.
02:23   And you citizens, you are citizens in uniform and nothing else.
02:27   I think it’s sad that you don’t serve the population, but you serve capital.
02:35   That means you serve the New World Order and the WHO, and the Robert Koch Institute.
02:44   This Corona dictatorship cannot go on.
02:52   We didn’t have a pandemic and there is no pandemic. It was a normal flu virus.
03:00   Merkel, Spahn and the rest, they serve capital.
03:04   Capital, as I said, has the power and say over policies. That has to end.
03:11   Unfortunately, at our demos we also have counter protests with anti-German groups and Antifa.
03:19   The DKP, MLP, the Leftists, the SPD and the Green Party
03:25   are all a part of the New World Order and the WHO.
03:31   [Sign] The pandemic and the government are finished
03:34   Let’s have 8 million in Berlin on August 29, 2020
03:37   Can you still look in the mirror?
03:42   You people up there and people out here are being driven to ruin. Many are dying all alone,
03:49   because you invented something and tell us that it will make us all sick.
03:58   Germany, show your face. Wake up already!
04:04   Stand up for your rights.
04:08   Let your children be free, let them breathe, sing and yell.
04:17   Germany show your face and don’t be afraid.
04:23   There are many of us and our numbers are growing.
04:30   Even when they defame and harass us, we’ll hang on and stay here.
04:53   We are peaceful and not aggressive.
05:11   The emotions are sometimes stirred up, and it’s hot. We remain within love, in
05:15   peace and will stay calm. Who will take a picture of me?
05:23   We’ll stay here and not walk through the park. In the park there’s another demonstration.
05:30   I don’t know how many people are there. They’re protesting the use of brown coal. —I think
05:34   it’s good that they’re demonstrating against that. —Let him speak.
05:40   The police have allowed us to enter the park.
05:44   I said it would be nice if we could stay there for an half an hour or so.
05:49   So we can say what we want to say. Since this was a spontaneous march, I was appointed responsible.
06:01   So all those wearing white T-shirts are designated ushers,
06:05   and everyone else follows them. That would be wonderful.
06:14   The Face. When I walk through the streets, and see all the patterns
06:19   and colors that decorate all the noses and mouths,
06:23   I start to feel embarrassed. I ask myself: “What is this all about?”
06:27   And then I realize, everyone thinks it’s great.
06:30   Everyone feels so safe and comfortable. I think to myself: This is foolish.
06:34   Where once there was cheerfulness, it’s now stuck behind a piece of fabric, and well,
06:38   you can guess where. When you look at a person’s face, you see what their soul has to say.
06:44   No comforting words. No smiling faces. I ask myself if heads are still on straight.
06:49   It seems like they’ve turned to blocks of wood. That’s the state of things, my dear friends.
06:54   Where is this all taking us, where does it end? I have to admit I don’t see the sense.
06:58   What a Zeitgeist, what a phenomenon! How can a person survive?
07:03   It’s a nightmare, I conclude, that television has created.
07:09   Whether you believe it or not, let this poem bring you some solace.
07:13   Retain your dignity and have courage, for this is good for every one.
07:17   Whether you’re a noble spirit or an evil wretch, you should save your face.

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