Culture-Enriching Rape in Monte Stella Park

The following report describes the apprehension of the suspect in a violent rape that took place last month in a park in Milan. The alleged perpetrator is an illegal immigrant from Senegal. As a matter of interest, the population of Senegal is about 94% Muslim.

It was startling to read that the crime was committed behind Martin Luther King Primary School — it sounds just like the daily news from D.C.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Blitz Quotidiano:

Milan: Raped in Monte Stella Park while walking her dog. Man arrested thanks to DNA.

July 23, 2020

Raped while walking in the park with her dog. It happened on July 15 in Milan. Alleged rapist arrested.

The National Police, coordinating with the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, arrested a man accused of a brutal attack that occurred in Monte Stella Park in Milan.

The rape was committed on the afternoon of July 15, against a woman who was walking with her own dog. The investigations by the Flying Squad [police] were strengthened by scientific investigations by the regional police forensic office.

The woman (45), was attacked on the hill of San Siro [neighborhood of Milan] around 6:20pm. According to the initial reconstructions, she was allegedly taken by surprise by a man who dragged her by the hair to a secluded place behind the Martin Luther King Primary School, where he abused her.

The man then fled, covering his tracks. The woman, treated by 118 [emergency #, like 911] medics, was accompanied to the Mangiagalli Clinic, where doctors determined the rape.

Rape in Monte Stella Park, arrested thanks to DNA

The arrestee is a 24-year-old Senegalese. Investigators came up with his identity thanks to a DNA comparison and from images of a video surveillance camera. The deputy prosecutor, Letizia Mannella, spoke of “granite clues”.

The man is in the country illegally, and the agents of the Flying Squad also identified him, thanks to a frame from the images of a video surveillance camera.

He was found in a location in the ex-municipal market of San Donato. The man was identified July 18, but the arrest was carried out after the results of the scientific analysis.

The first entry in his record dates back to 2014, and he has some prior criminal record. As to the motive for the act, Prosecutor Mannella spoke of “anger against women”. “And anger has no color,” she added. (Source: ANSA)