Culture-Enriching Gang War in Scandinavia

The following report from SVT (Swedish state television) describes an ongoing war between gangs of culture-enrichers. It began in the suburbs of Stockholm, and spilled over into the suburbs of Copenhagen across the Øresund in Denmark.

The ethnicity of the “youths” involved isn’t explicit in this report. Unless the viewer is familiar with the names of the relevant suburbs, and the general ethnography of their inhabitants, it would not be obvious that the youthful killers are Muslim immigrants (or, more accurately, their children and grandchildren).

Tensta and Rinkeby are notorious suburbs of Stockholm that have become Muslim no-go zones in the past fifteen years or so. I don’t know enough about the ethnic distribution of the various groups to be specific, but the gang conflicts are most likely between Afghans and Iraqis, or Kosovars and Somalis, or something similar.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

05:37   The trial in the notorious double homicide case,
05:42   which occurred last summer, is set to begin tomorrow in Denmark.
05:46   The murder case is suspected to have connections to a gang conflict
05:50   between previous childhood friends in northwestern Stockholm.
05:54   We warn of disturbing footage in this report.
06:00   I was a graduate of the academy. I was there on the soccer field, not far away from here.
06:05   It was then we received the call. We arrived at this location swiftly.
06:09   We were informed that a boy was shot.
06:12   He came out from the other side from Bromsten [area] and died
06:15   right on the other side of this grove of trees.
06:18   It was the first assassination that prompted this conflict,
06:22   and has been ongoing since then in Järva [Stockholm] and cost many lives.
06:25   Five years later, dozens of young men were murdered in revenge assassinations.
06:30   Which is one of the country’s bloodiest gang conflicts among old childhood friends
06:35   in Rinkeby and Tensta in northwestern Stockholm.
06:39   A 16-year-old.
06:42   Two brothers in a cafe.
06:46   An ambush outside a youth center.
06:49   In a garage. In front of restaurant customers in a pizzeria in Rinkeby.
06:55   A double homicide outside Copenhagen last summer.
06:59   One of the suspects was only 17 years old.
07:02   We want to warn you about graphic images.
07:10   [Back to Stockholm] in Tensta — a brother of a gang member was killed in revenge.
07:17   The murder in the pizzeria is the only solved case so far.
07:21   However, the 18-year-old perpetrator was recently assisted
07:24   in escaping from a juvenile detention center
07:27   during a supervised furlough in Kungsbacka [Gothenburg] at a shopping center.
07:32   There is a concern that he along with others in the gang will commit new crimes.
08:58   The trial will begin tomorrow just outside of Copenhagen for the double homicide
09:03   The sentence will be twice as severe in Denmark due to connections to gangs.
09:07   In the event they are convicted The police hope
09:11   it will scare off the recruitment of new young men in the gang.
09:14   But they are afraid that the deadly conflict is far from being over.
09:19   We see a lot of young men who are vengeful
09:23   against many persons for different reasons.
09:27   There are many young boys we believe are candidates,
09:30   who could potentially shoot and kill somebody.