Culture-Enrichers Fight With Knives in Lugano

The following video shows an enricher-vs.-enricher encounter on the street in Lugano, a town in the Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland. The two assailants are Iraqis, who attacked each other with knives for reasons that remain unclear.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the German subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Attention: The following video contains disturbing images:
00:03   Bloody Knife Attack at an Aldi shop in Lugano, Switzerland.
00:06   It was a brutal scene in front of an Aldi shop in Lugano, Switzerland.
00:10   The video shows two men in bloodstained t-shirts attacking each other.
00:15   One of them has a knife and is using it to attack the other.
00:24   While one of them is pressing the other to the ground, a woman comes closer and screams:
00:28   “For God’s sake, you are human! You’re brothers!”
00:32   Then she takes the knife away from them and tries to separate them.
00:37   It happened yesterday afternoon. According to the Ticino police, the two men are from Iraq.
00:45   One of them is an asylum seeker, the other lives in the Lugano region.
00:51   Why the two were fighting is not clear. The 36-year-old man,
00:54   who lives in the region, had to be taken to hospital with minor cuts.

15 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Fight With Knives in Lugano

  1. Give them poisoned blades next time. Ensure that one or both of them wind up in a morgue instead of a hospital at taxpayer expense.

    I would pay to watch them fight to the death inside a type of modern Thunder dome. Let them fight until one is dead and Pay-per-view it; the proceeds could be used to restitute those that the orcs have injured or the families of those innocents they have killed, and to beef up border security to keep more of them out in the first place.

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        • Sadist? No. Realist and practical. The only good muslim orc terrorist, is a dead muslim orc terrorist. How it gets done is a small matter of semantics. They do far worse to ours, besides, as an animal lover, somebody has to be generous and feed them. We were the ones armed. 😉

        • Of course we were armed, it’s bloody Africa! Why would I shoot a perfectly good hyena?

  2. This is a typical report in Switzerland.

    KOSOVO (Serbian territory invaded by MUSLIMS, who caused the YUGOSLAVIAN WAR). Switzerland took many in. And many have killed there. If you hear of shootings, they are normally involved. The Swiss do not allow them (or most other Muslims: Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, etc.) to own guns.

    Dispute between Kosovars escalates: 31-year-old seriously injured with knife

    CH Media

    Last updated on July 18, 2020 at 11:21 am

    The victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

    In the night of Saturday there was a dispute between two men in a parking lot in St. Gallen. One of the fights had to be operated on in an emergency. The perpetrator surrendered to the police.

    (rwa) The incident happened at 1 a.m. It is unclear why the dispute arose. According to the police, it is certain that the dispute escalated when the 32-year-old alleged perpetrator seriously injured the 31-year-old opponent with a knife. Third brought him to the emergency room, whereupon he had to be operated on. The perpetrator fled first, but turned in an hour later, as the St. Gallen cantonal police wrote in a statement. The man was arrested.




  3. Western Europe is up for grabs. Like a free for all sale. This is just phase one.

  4. When oh when will a truly brave movie maker betray the media sell outs and make a series of blockbuster films that confirm non Muslims fear of Islam?

  5. If you get stabbed, put some of your own blood in your mouth and spit in their eye and say now you have it to.

    • That is why you always carry a gun to a knife fight and it avoids you getting stabbed in the first place. When the hell are you people going to learn?

  6. Africans play a major part of ripping Western Europe’s heart out. As far as the Afro is concerned European’s are on the run. Disrespect and racial superiority rises accordingly. Meanwhile “Where’s the white women and children at!”.

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