Cops in Rinkeby Will Need Bodyguards

In the latest news from Modern Multicultural Sweden, police officers will need “special patrols” to escort them at night when they leave the new police station in the heavily culturally enriched Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

05:17   A new police station will be opened in Rinkeby, northern Stockholm, in the fall.
05:21   “Special patrols” will accompany the police officers to protect them
05:26   while they are leaving their workplaces in the evening and at nighttime.
05:31   The new police station in Rinkeby, northern Stockholm, is ready.
05:35   200 police officers and 80 office workers will begin work in September.
05:42   Several officers are concerned about
05:45   how they will be able to return home alone at night.
05:48   We’ve been working on moving here for a couple of years.
05:51   There is a concern about what it will look like and whether we’ll be pursued.
05:55   There is a background of threat and violence lying in wait behind us —
06:00   targeting the staff and by damaging our vehicles.
06:04   It’s well-known that we have a “little bit of challenges” in our area.
06:09   The old police station was shut down in 2014. The construction process on the new building
06:13   has taken a long time, because there weren’t any companies willing to build it,
06:17   because of threats against the construction workers.
06:20   The police stated even then that it was insecure to work in the area,
06:24   which was very messy back then. I should mention that the most of our officers
06:30   venture into criminal networks and environments on daily basis,
06:35   and face extremely violent persons.
06:38   If they don’t have an available car to take home and the patrol is alone… besides staying
06:41   for debriefing, it’d be improper to go home via the Rinkeby metro station alone at midnight.
06:46   On our co-workers’ part, it has been the most frequently asked question.
06:52   Because we want to stay safe at work. On the other hand,
06:56   police are subjected to threats and violence at all the police stations in Sweden.
07:01   Therefore, officers are always cautious in regard to how they leave their workplace.

9 thoughts on “Cops in Rinkeby Will Need Bodyguards

  1. Oh for God’s sake! They have bloody guns! Use them! Have these so called people lost their sense of how to survive? The insanity of it all drives one bonkers at the obvious!

    • I ask myself this question over and again,G.
      [Exhortations to violence redacted]. Read novel ” All Involved” page 297 ff. there is how it could be done.

      • All you have to do is look at the past for your view into the future and see what must be done, there are plenty of manuals on urban and guerilla warfare to get you going. If you ain’t armed up by now? Good luck. Happy hunting.

    • “Swedes” and “violent” don’t belong in the same sentence.

      Likely they will just take to offering the orcs free sex and the use of their credit cards in return for safe passage to and from the police station.

      • Can you imagine Moon on what it would take to take control of that country? The people there seem to want to be ruled so why not install a Franco? Or Field Marshal? Or New King!? What would they actually do to stop it other than whine? The bloody Russians with a division could walk across Sweden in a day and the Swedes it would seem would apologize for a pot hole that made their ride bumpy. People who refuse to defend what it theirs deserve to be ruled like the sheep they are.

        • The Russians wouldnt need a Division. A group of Boy Scouts is all thats needed.

          Can you imagine it: Putin reads this text and sends a group of Bay Scouts. I would wager when those Boy Scouts enter the residence of parliament nobody would dare to call NATO for fear of offending Russia.

          And then those Boy Scouts ask a certain Russian Motorcycle Chapter where Mr Kadyrow is a member, and Putin, to help them clean up the Country. How long would it take to make sure those invaders learn humility and giving thanks to the native Population? One week or less?

  2. “officers are always cautious in regard to how they leave their workplace”

    the remedy:

    1. get more invaders 2. convert .. . sorry revert to islam and marry a muslim for protection 3. have every native police be accompanied by a muslima

    4. when leaving work wear hijab / niqab 5. disguise as a woman dress, wig and lipstick 6. don’t go to work. 7. bury yourself alive, you are already dead: such a life of

    degradation ; disgrace ; humiliation ; ignominy ; shame
    despicable ; dishonorable ; odium ; opprobrium

    is not worth living

    democracy and feminism welcome jihadi and destruction

  3. Let’s hope it doesn’t take a big bang to get the show on the road again. Are we allowed to search for hidden arms dumps and alligator plans or would that be racist sexist whatever? What can be learnt from Lebanon? No wait…….

  4. A very sick twisted and ravaged savagely from within and without. Now in motion. Shelter from skelter no more. A veritable witches and witch doctors casting of spells. White angled gangs would be so useful now. No wait…. Secondly. I just cut short my occasional minute watching Sky News propaganda on my phone. A girl reporter out in the channel greeting the illegals. “How was your crossing!? How are you feeling!?” Reply, “Really bad! Really bad!” Homeless. Job losses. De-manning. Fast burn into tropical fruit cases – in Northern Europe. Broke and not woke at every level.

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