Brazilian Social Media and the Deep State Conspire to Overthrow Jair Bolsonaro

Allan dos Santos is a journalist and the founder of the Terça Livre, a Brazilian website and online media outlet. In the following video Mr. Dos Santos talks about the efforts of the Brazilian Supreme Court, working in tandem with Facebook and other social media — apparently with the help of China and North Korea — to undo the election of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below from Terça Livre (also translated by José Atento) discusses the same issues that Mr. Dos Santos describes in the video:

Former employees accuse Google and Facebook of global censorship

An article by Bruno Rodrigues in the Brazilian online magazine Terça-Livre reported today (July 31st) they had access to a joint letter of complaint signed by a former Google employee and two other former Facebook employees addressed to members of the United States House Judiciary Committee accusing both platforms of running a censorship project called ‘Machine Learning Equity’, which they compared to a global pandemic.

The six-page document pointed to a series of accusations against social networks of censorship applied to conservatives or liberals “more aligned to the right.”

In the letter, Zach McElroy, a former Facebook content moderator, Zach Vorhies, a former Google software engineer, and Ryan Hartwig (photo), a former Google content creator, say censorship “is not just a domestic concern, “but a global pandemic that has infected the world in a major way.”

The former Google employee also said that there is a censorship project by large Internet companies. “I resigned from Google after discovering a broad censorship project called ‘Machine Learning Equity.’ This project and its subcomponents represent a censorship regime that transforms America’s open internet system into a Chinese-style censored internet system,” said Hartwig in the letter.

The former Google employee said that political bias does not allow the labeling, for example, of Antifa as a criminal organization, despite the abundant evidence on this. “Political bias means excluding videos of Trump supporters being victimized and attacked. Political prejudice means protecting certain whistleblowers and environmental activists,” he said.

Also according to the complaint, in Brazil there is collusion between social networks and the Supreme Court to censor conservatives and overthrow President Jair Bolsonaro. “Including in Brazil, where the federal judiciary is colluding with Facebook and Twitter against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro,” said an excerpt from the letter.

Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes issued a legal injunction forcing Twitter and Facebook to ban several parlementarians, journalists and Internet influencers who support President Bolsonaro. The amazing thing is that they were not just banned in Brazil, but in any other country in the world, which is something unprecedented. Usually authoritarian countries, such as Pakistan, use legal injunctions to ban videos that tell the truth about Islam and Mohammed inside their own country. This time, a Brazilian Supreme Court judge imposed a worldwide ban. That is appalling.

Video transcript:

01:12   Let’s clarify the concepts first.
01:18   I refer to a concept proof; it is not a spy service being rendered.
01:23   The company that rendered the service, from which I shared a portion of a report on Internet,
01:30   not sure it is clear, but I have the reports from
01:34   “Holts and Schwarz”, requested by Igor Tobias.
01:39   This shows Igor requesting the report.
01:42   This is already on the Internet. He made this request after he left STF (Supreme Court)
01:47   and started working at TSE (Electoral Tribunal)
01:50   when it requested a proof of concept of the power of the equipment
01:58   to track who is wiretapping.
02:02   Here you see near TSE,
02:06   here at South Lake near [STF judge] Barroso’s home
02:09   also near Barroso’s home, if you zoom in on the image,
02:13   it is exactly the address…
02:17   the address of the North Korean Embassy.
02:22   This report shows three addresses:
02:26   Embassy of North Korea, Embassy of China and on QL8,
02:30   exactly where Kakay (lawyer for the Workers’ Party) lives.
02:33   The info I bring, in reality:
02:36   there was a meeting on QL4 with the attendance of Barroso,
02:40   Alcolumbre [Senate president], Maia [Congress president],
02:43   one judge from the Justice Tribunal, and another from the Comptroller Tribunal,
02:46   planning to do something against president (Bolsonaro) and his supporters, as I was told.
03:00   As I wanted to confirm the information I was given,
03:05   because after that there was another piece of information from another source in Brasília
03:09   that there was collusion at TSE to remove President Bolsonaro
03:13   with four votes against three, namely, [judge] Fachin,
03:17   [judge] Alexandre de Moraes, [judge] Barroso and another judge,
03:22   no vote from the Judiciary Tribunal. It would be four against three, therefore,
03:26   removing Bolsonaro from office. I wanted more evidence.
03:30   Then, this source had access to this report.
03:35   Then I asked: “Did anyone inform the president he is being wiretapped?”
03:42   Because, this report explains very well, the system simulates a cell tower;
03:48   it is the report that shows who is using this type of equipment.
03:52   Here we have the cell tower, the cell phone (can you see?) and
03:58   and here we have the briefcase…
04:03   you have the briefcase that simulates…
04:08   …a fake cellular tower,
04:12   it simulates a cell tower to wiretap those you want to hear.
04:18   When you have equipment like that at the address of the Embassy of North Korea,
04:23   at the address of the Embassy of China and on QL8, where Kakay lives,
04:26   I asked, “But nobody from TSE alerted the president of the republic?”
04:31   The answer I got was “NO.” Nothing.
04:35   This verified all information I had before
04:39   regarding a collusion involving Alexandre de Moraes, Barroso, Maia and Alcolumbre
04:45   to overthrow president Bolsonaro at the TSE using all “proofs”
04:52   they have collected from all search and seizure operations, to use it in the TSE judicial process.
04:57   The plot is very clear. You have the report from a company that wants to prove
05:05   that they have equipment to find out who is wiretapping you
05:09   it gives this example of the equipment’s capability
05:13   by request of Igor Tobias, who works with Barroso —
05:16   he left STF and goes with Barroso to TSE —
05:19   you discover all of that, they do not inform the president,
05:22   add all those meetings I mentioned at QL4
05:25   and the collusion between Alexandre de Moraes and Barroso to remove the president from office.
05:30   For me this is a proof there is a collusion to remove the president from office.
05:35   Like you, someone may ask “Allan, do you have wiretapped conversations?”
05:41   No. It is not that there is wiretapping, I have no records,
05:46   I know there are wiretapping briefcases in two embassies,
05:51   one of a country that wants to see the president removed from office.
05:56   Everybody knows that. And another on QL8, not QL4 where there was the meeting,
06:05   where Kakay lives.
06:45   Let me answer the second question first.
06:49   Some people say I fled the country. How does one flee the country,
06:52   travelling normally as an international correspondent
06:55   for a very popular channel (second only to this show)
07:01   record audience on YouTube?
07:04   How can I flee the country if I am the owner of an enterprise that has a record audience
07:10   and I am its international correspondent? I did not flee.
07:14   I’m not a fugitive from the police or from justice.
07:18   I am not a fugitive, as narrated by some agencies.
07:21   And, of course, this whole question of the inquiry (against Bolsonaro supporters)
07:25   has already been exposed by precise analyses by lawyers such as Rogério Greco, Modesto Carvalhosa,
07:31   proving that this investigation is absolutely illegal,
07:34   and what is being done against conservatives on social media
07:37   is exactly persecution in the manner of China and North Korea.
07:41   This is the first point. What steps would I take? Well,
07:46   I’m not the head of state. I don’t know what steps to take as head of state,
07:50   being merely a journalist and political analyst.
07:53   What I hope is not to close Congress, to close the supreme court, to arrest this or that.
08:00   I want it to be investigated vigorously if it exists (I think it exists)…
08:07   to be vigorously investigated if there is malfeasance on the part of [judge] Barroso
08:11   by failing to warn the president of the republic of a national security problem.
12:33   I don’t want to talk about the threats themselves because we are still investigating.
12:41   I have three police reports, one in Rio Grande do Sul, two in Brasília,
12:46   and that we are trying to find out who threatened me back there.
12:51   They threatened to rape my wife, my children, to kill me there
12:54   after killing my wife and my children.
12:57   It is in every email threat we received, even Fernanda Sales, journalist worked with us,
13:02   and this threat content — at the beginning I was very scared.
13:07   This one, I haven’t received a single threat yet,
13:11   but I am very afraid that it is not even necessary to receive a threat, and will see an actual action.
13:17   So, what I did was only to transmit this information,
13:21   since I was already an international correspondent,
13:25   not because I’m fleeing Brazil, as some people are implying.
13:30   I didn’t flee the country. I left by the front door and I have a ticket to return to my country.
13:36   I’m not running away from Brazil like some people are saying.
13:39   What I do fear is going back to Brazil and not even having a threat,
13:45   because with this type of information here, we are dealing with countries
13:49   that are simply disappearing people.
13:52   Remember that the first doctors who reported the coronavirus problem in Wuhan were criminalized,
13:59   accused of spreading false news, that is, fake news, and simply disappeared from China.
14:04   How not to expect this to happen to me either
14:08   through the arbitrary dictatorial actions of Alexander de Moraes,
14:13   or by the Chinese Communist Party itself. I fear this a lot.
15:11   I like the correction that Lacombe made on BandTV.
15:15   He said that they are not investigations, they are persecutions, because in an investigation
15:19   you have a proper department to do the investigating.
15:22   This persecution by STF, obviously I am afraid for myself, for my family, for all Brazilians.
15:28   That’s why I keep criticizing the dictatorial and infantile attitudes,
15:32   including that of Alexandre de Moraes,
15:35   because he is disrespecting the entire Brazilian legal system,
15:39   destroying what is meant by the democratic rule of law,
15:43   releasing criminals, not only him but other members of the supreme court,
15:46   and at the same time he hunts down people who write tweets on the internet,
15:51   write a text on a social network or make a meme, a joke with his bald head for example.
15:57   I really like to joke about his face because when it comes to psychopathic people,
16:01   we have to laugh at his face, right, because he hates being humiliated.
16:05   No, the action of Alexandre de Moraes is not that I am afraid
16:09   of being included in a judicial inquiry.
16:12   Those who are afraid have something to lose or are in debt in the market.
16:18   I am not afraid of being included in a judicial inquiry.
16:21   I fear Alexandre de Moraes usurping power that he received for being a supreme court minister,
16:27   making autocratic decisions, tearing up every democratic rule of law,
16:32   disrespecting law and order, and persecuting me. This is fear.
16:35   But not to be placed under national security law.
16:58   Yes, even what motivated me to talk about it was that I was surprised by the testimony of Ryan,
17:05   who is a former Facebook employee and wrote an open letter to the US Congress,
17:13   talking about a conspiracy, a collusion, this is the term that it’s in the letter, collusion,
17:18   between the Supreme Court and Facebook to pursue President Bolsonaro and his followers.
17:24   So when I saw this letter from Ryan, a former Facebook employee,
17:30   denouncing all the work that was done at the company in collusion with the STF,
17:34   I said, then, this information that my source is giving me is from reliable sources.
17:39   There is a conspiracy to overthrow President Bolsonaro.
17:43   According to testimony from Ryan, who worked at Facebook,
17:47   he said yes there is a whole bias, a bias as they say in English,
17:51   to treat people who defend Bolsonaro, are against abortion,
17:56   against gender ideology, they already pose as people who are racists,
18:01   white supremacists, as they say,
18:05   to put a shadowban, that is preventing the reach of their social networks.
18:08   So, according to Ryan’s report, and according to the information I have,
18:12   there is a collusion between the Supreme Court and social networks, especially Facebook,
18:18   in order to prevent the progress of the complaints being made against the Supreme Court.
19:25   His decision has never been applied before.
19:28   Several friends of mine in Washington are asking me. “Allan, I never saw that happen.
19:32   Twitter sent you a message,” I said, no,
19:36   and you just can’t see my tweets in the United States and other countries, too.
19:41   I think people who are accessing it from other countries, I know about the United States,
19:44   you can’t see my Twitter, before it was only in Brazil,
19:48   and Alexandre de Moraes, yes, he’s playing a pathetic, ridiculous role,
19:51   because he never removed a single social network for rapists, drug dealers,
19:57   people who work with internet pornography.
20:01   He never took a single profile from these people,
20:05   and now he wants to take the profile of people who have a YouTube channel
20:09   and who criticize the actions of the Supreme Court.
20:12   It is a pathetic role, it erodes democracy,
20:16   it clearly shows how it looks like the election is not over.
20:20   They are not satisfied that the president is Jair Messias Bolsonaro.
20:23   They want to deal with everything in order to prevent the victory that occurred in October 2018.
20:29   It’s getting pathetic, it’s getting ridiculous, and freedom of the press is at stake.
20:35   I would like to congratulate Pingo nos Is’s work in defending…
20:40   Augusto was even one of the first to speak publicly at the beginning of the investigation,
20:46   and the press is treating this with great naturalness,
20:49   as if we could now begin to close newspapers, large or small, in the name of one type of thinking.
20:56   I think this is absurd, ridiculous. You know what makes me the most angry
21:00   [is accusing me] that I defend AI-5 [military censorship].
21:04   How am I going to defend something that I criticize, day and night?
21:07   It seems like mental retardation, not even mental because it is a health problem.
21:13   It looks like a person who is crazy.
21:17   Alexandre de Moraes’ head does not work well.

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  1. Just be evil Goog and Fakebook think that they own the world just like esteemed party member comrade kommissar Billy Gates.
    Just say NO to techno monopolist oligarch control freaks or the China model will come to America and the rest of the West.
    A bland sterile world ruled by experts in white lab coats under politicized smoking mirrors faux science will be a hell on earth.

  2. Wow, it is a mirror image of the kind of censorship happening to Trump supporters and Trump here in the US. The fact that there is evidence to show North Korea and China are spying on President Bolsonaro should be investigated and exposed. Instead, we continue to hear about Russia, Russia, Russia propping up Trump in the US, with likely something comparable happening in Brazil. This man is right: He is being persecuted. And it does not bode well for free speech in Brazil, and yet this type of persecution is a global, phenomenon. Ergo, his persecution does not bode well for free speech in any of the majority Christian countries of the West.

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